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18th century Tunnel at Amber Fort- A Secret

Tunnel at Amber Fort

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Amber fort (Amer) was named after Goddess Amba Ji and is situated on the peak of arrivali ranges in Amer town that is 11 km from Jaipur city.
Amer fort is famous for its magnificent architectural designs and mysterious history. But if I talk about one of the best kept secrets of Amber fort. Let’s have a look:

Tunnel at Amber Fort

Amer fort has a secret tunnel that connects it to the Jaigarh fort. 1.5 km tunnel has many stairs and ramps to make the way more easier and complex. This tunnel was previously not open for some reasons. In 2012, officials of City palace and tourism department of Rajasthan decided to open the tunnel with its mystery for the tourists.

The tunnel between Jaigarh fort and Amer Fort was made for Queens to escape the fort at the time of attack or war. But by grace of God, that never happened.
The fort was completely safe and secured. Before it’s discovery no one ever imagined that there can be such a tunnel connecting Amer and Jaigarh. If we go by road, the distance between the two forts is about 5-6 km.

When the tunnel was discovered, various small cells were found inside. It is believed that these cells were one of the most important elements of tunnel.
So this tunnel was one of the best kept secret of Amer fort.

Timings of Amer – Jaigarh Tunnel

The timings of Amer – Jaigarh tunnel is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Some archaeologists believes that there is another tunnel in the city of Jaipur that is from City palace to Nahargarh fort.


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