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Rajasthan Festival

The second day of Rajasthan Diwas shall be observed on 28th March 2017.

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Here is the second day schedule of the Rajasthan Diwas.

Schedule for 28 march 2017:

7.00 AM to 9.00 AM 7.30 PM onwards Albert Hall to Jawahar Circle
7.00 AM to 9.00 AM Sabad Kirtan Gurudwara Rajapark
9.00 AM to 5.00 PM Children’s Film Festival – Gauru, Heda Hoda, Chutkan Ki Mahabharat, Lukka Chuppi Inox, Crystal Palm, Sahakar Marg
10.00 AM to 6.00 PM International Festival of Short Films on Culture & Tourism Indralok Auditorium, Bhattarak Ji Ki Nasian
11.00 AM to 7.00 PM Exhibition – The Theatre of E. Alkazi Jawahar Kala Kendra
4.00 PM to 6.00 PM Bhajan / Vedic Chanting Khole Ke Hanumanji Temple
4.30 PM to 6.30 PM Tattoo Show by BSF & Police JDA Polo Ground
7.30 PM onwards Jaipur Kathak Samaroh Kathak by Gitanjali Lal, Delhi Kathak by Pandit Rajendra Gangani, Delhi Central Park
Rajasthan Festival Schedule

28th March 2017

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On Thursday 19th November 2015, The first day of Resurgent Rajasthan partnership summit 2015, An amazing Light Show took place at Vidhan Sabha Jaipur. The Show represented the colourful culture of Rajasthan. Not only light show but there were many other Musical and Dance performances by artists from all over Rajasthan. “Made in Rajasthan” similar to “Make in India” was introduced at Resurgent Rajasthan summit and was promoted with the show.

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Watch the Special Laser and 3D show at Vidhan Sabha that is going to happen on 30th March during Rajasthan Festival 2017

A similar show is happening this year on the occasion of Rajasthan Diwas, A 4 day Rajasthan Festival that will have many different programs and events.

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Mohit Chauhan in Jaipur

Music lovers, take note! As part of the exciting Rajasthan Festival celebrations, Mohit Chauhan will be performing live on the 29th of March at 7:00 pm in Jaipur. Head to Albert Hall for a melodious, mesmerising evening.

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Mohit Chauhan in Jaipur on Wednesday 29 March 2017 at Albert Hall

Bollywood Singer, Mohit Chauhan’s Live performance in Jaipur on the occasion of Rajasthan Day Celebration on 29th march 2017 at Albert Hall, Jaipur.

The musical evening will be the part of the four day festival of Rajasthan Day Celebrations organised by the Rajasthan Tourism Department.

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Rajasthan Festival

The Land of Camels and Sand Dunes celebrates ‘Rajasthan Diwas’ on the 30th of March. To commemorate this epic day of the history, a celebration is organized in the capital city Jaipur from 27th of March to 30th March 2017.

The schedule of Programs on 27th March 2017

11.00 AM to 7.00 PM Exhibition – The Theatre of E. Alkazi Jawahar Kala Kendra
5.30 PM onwards Opening Ceremony with lighting of Rajasthan Diwas Torch & Finals of Rural Sports, Cultural Extravaganza by Bhanu Bharti. SMS Stadium
7.30 PM onwards Jaipur Kathak Samaroh Fusion of Kathak with Langa Manganiyar by Jaipur Kathak Kendra Kathak by Shri Ram Bhartiya Kala Kendra, Delhi Central Park

The Opening Ceremony would start on 27th of March 2017 at 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM by an Exhibition – “The Theatre of E. Alkazi” at the Jawahar Kala Kendra.

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Further, other programs would commence from 5:30 PM onwards and would have the enlisted:

  • Band Playing Show: By army, air force and Rajasthan police.
  • Conventional Rural Game Competition
  • Rajasthan Festival Torch Lighting
  • Cultural Program by renowned choreographer Shri Bhanu Bharti (Folk Inheritance- ‘Rang De Rajasthan’)
  • Grand firework show

The Venue for the above is Sawai Maan Singh (SMS) Stadium.

The last programs on 27th March are:

The Jaipur Kathak Samaroh Fusion of Kathak with Langa Manganiyar by Jaipur Kathak Kendra and Kathak by Shri Ram Bhartiya Kala Kendra, Delhi

The above mentioned would be held at the Central Park, Jaipur 7:30 PM onwards. The entire fest is going to be a memorable one indeed for all the spectators.

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Rajasthan Festival 2017 Full Schedule

Rajasthan Festival Venue

27th March 2017

Rajasthan Festival Schedule

28th March 2017

Rajasthan Festival Time

29th March 2017

Rajasthan Diwas

30th March 2017


Why you cannot miss having blindfolded conversations with strangers?

MYOLO Secret Talks is all about conversations minus judgements. How this works is we put blindfolds on a group of people that have never met before and then break them up into smaller groups. Now they don’t know whom they are talking and there’s no way to find out either. So it’s all about opening up about our desires or setbacks and letting others in without worrying about what others may think.

Here’s why you cannot miss it:

No judgements, talk freely

No one knows you around and you’ve got blindfolds on. So that leaves no scope for prejudices to creep in or for people to judge thereby giving you a license no one should ever require – to talk freely, the fear of judgement being thrown out of the window.

A date with nature

In our daily lives we are always so occupied with things and are always hooked to our phones or other devices. Do you remember when you visited a park last? What about spotting different trees and naming them? How bad have we become at that. So let’s connect with nature again too and perhaps, let’s take a break from our phones.

No better place

Central Park, the venue for Secret Talks Jaipur Edition, is apt for the occasion with the weather being caught in the transition from cold to hot. Oh, the lush green background would make for such a setting for conversations to be sparked and new connections to be forged.

Choose your alt-name, finally

Always wanted to choose an awesome name yourself, didn’t you? Well this is where that wish comes true as all participants choose a pseudonym for themselves and maybe build a persona around it as they interact with people with their eyes shut and identities hidden.

Strangers No More

And once the conversations begin flowing there’s always a kind of positivity and excitement in the air with people from different walks of life coming together and opening up to each other one conversation at a time. And by the end of it, some of you are friends already. Stranger who?

Heartaches to travel stories, this is for all

And there’s no limit on subjects you want to talk about. While some people talk about their professional triumphs others choose to tell jokes. Laugh together or maybe engage in philosophical and intimate conversations, it really it your call.

Because former participants loved it

Here’s what one of our participants, Ananya, had to share about her experience at the Secret Talks 3.0 in Delhi. “I have never been a part of a community like this before. This is my first experience of the Secret Talks. In fact, I even met the friend who invited me here for the first time. This is amazingly refreshing experience. I think everyone needs to be a part of at least once.”

The first round of auditions completed!


94.3 MY FM and Zaafari Paan Masala presents “Paiso ka Ped Season-3” completed its first round yesterday evening. During the last 2 days, auditions were held. More than 4000 people registered for the audition. During the audition, all the participants talked about their dreams and aspirations and revealed their passion about being lucrative.
After the first round of audition, the selected participants will be requested to be present at the MY FM Office for a personal interview. MY FM’s senior officers and RJ’s shall be a part of the interview panel. After the interview, the selected participants will have to go through a medical test, where their tests will be conducted by renowned doctors.

After the arrival of medical test reports, the final 30 participants would be a part of ‘Paiso ka Ped Season-3’

This time there will be challenges for the participants, which shall not be easy to accomplish. Hence only the ones, who are physically and mentally strong and have a will to win, would succeed. So get ready to watch radio’s first reality show, in which the participants have to compete for 72 hours to win 5 lac rupees.


The chief sponsor of ‘Paiso ka Ped Season-3’ is Zafri Paan Masala, Lounge Partner- Bhavyaa Green, Health Partner- Eternal Hospital, Knowledge Partner-JK Laxmipat University and Snacks Partner- Shri Ajab Sweets & Namkeen.

The event is supported by IIEMR


For more information about ‘Paiso ka Ped Season-3’ keep listening 94.3 MY FM, “Jahan Gaane Wahi Jo Aapka Dil Chahta Hai, Jio Dil Se!”

कितनी अनोखी है जयपुर के सिटी पैलेस की होली

holi in city palace

जयपुर की होली अपने आप में अनोखी होती है। यहां की होली में परम्पराओं का निर्वाह सतत रूप से किया जाता रहा है। पूर्व राजपरिवार के सिटी पैलेस में सबसे पहले होलिका दहन होता है। फिर वहां से लेकर होली की आंच पुराने जयपुर शहर में फैलती है। इसके अलावा भी कई परम्पराएं होती हैं, जो पर्यटकों को लुभाती हैं।

holi city palace jaipur

Princess Diya Kumari

इस त्यौहार  पर पूर्व राजपरिवार के सदस्य भी लोगों के साथ रंग गुलाल से होली खेलते हैं। वे जहां रंगारंग प्रस्तुतियों को देखते हैं, सराहते हैं, वहीं पर्यटकों के साथ ही होली भी खेलते हैं।

holi in city palace

holi in jaipur

इन सभी प्रस्तुतियों के बाद पर्यटक रंग और गुलाल से एक दूसरे को सराबोर करते हैं। इस दौरान उनकी आवभगत भी की जाती है। उनके खाने पीने के इंतजाम भी यहां किए जाते हैं।

Jaipur City Palace

इस त्यौहार पर पूर्व राजपरिवार के लोगों के साथ ही आम लोग भी शामिल होते हैं। इनमें हर उम्र हर तबके के लोग शामिल होते हैं। वे एक दूसरे गुलाल लगाकर होली के त्यौहार की बधाई देते हैं।

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Foster Smiles

Foster Smiles ­‐ A makeover event for the kids of NGO Naya Sawera was organized at the F Salon, Jaipur on 7th March 2017. A total of 10 kids including 5 girls and 5 boys were the lucky ones to get this makeover.

The event began at 11 AM in the morning with an ice-­breaker session where in the kids posed for their ‘Before’ the makeover pictures while they treated themselves on some snacks. It was followed by makeover where they got new haircuts and styles. Meanwhile, a number of bloggers from the city attending the event recieved a special Nail Art Session where they were briefed with the Know Hows of Nail Art which was put on application as they painted the nails of the young kids.

Naya Sawera kids were accompanied by the owner of this NGO, Akhil Maheshwari who enthusiastically raised the morale of the kids. Directors of F Salon, Pranjal Sharma and Dushyant Beel and Vikas Joshi were also present to ensure a flawless makeover.

A mannequin challenge was done up for the fun element as everybody posed ‘freeze’ and breaking it with cheers of Foster Smiles. The event went on for a few hours until the kids recieved their new look and posed for another ‘After’ pictures. The highlight was the Ramp Walk of the New Look Stars where in the kids enjoyed their moment of glamour at the F Salon.

F Salon, Jaipur

F Salon Jaipur

fashion salon jaipur

F Salon Jaipur

Mody University

CORDINAZO is the culture cum technical festival of college of engineering and technology, Mody University, Sikar, Rajasthan.

A utopia for budding engineers and students by providing a platform to interact and exchange their ideas with each other from different professional studies. This year it will have a plethora of events and recreation including campus princess, beat the battle, dancing wars, fashion shows, nukkad natak ,interactive lectures by influential personalities to make young minds sway in the flow of new ideas. Truly justifying its motto  “A Canvas to Your Imagination” a platform to your creativity.



The Event is a painting competition where WITH YOUR ART we can come together and share an experience even if you see the world in radically different ways. Artists can aim to break all rules and find unorthodox ways of approaching contemporary issues; sketch that out so that we can engage with a good work of art and can connect to our senses, body, and mind. It can make the world felt. And this felt feeling may spur thinking, engagement, and even action.


The event can have a charcoal work, a painting or just a sketch. You will be provided with an quote (English lines) or a shayari (Hindi lines), where picking up English or Hindi linesWould completely be your choice. Then you will be converting the given phrases into your art work. We aim to see your power of imagination and what you can do with that talent.



Scrapheap Challenge is an engineering game. This is the event you have been waiting for. If you are an hardcore engineer then just pull your socks up ,show your spontaneity by establishing a working model on available junk within the restricted time.


Embedded world is all we want. Lets step forward towards it and put up our engineering skills with innovation. Contestants need to design a miniaturized home automation system. They need to create a two way communication between the centralized unit and the user interface using Wi-F. Finally the display should show the Current Time, state of the devices and the last action taken by the user.


We all have a warrior attitude in us. So, here is a platform to outcase the warrior trait of all the technoheads. Design an autonomous vehicle capable of navigating efficiently through guided black lines on a white floor. The vehicle must be able to effectively follow the guided black path.


For all the amateur and as well as experienced photographer, can showcase their talent through the competition “Snap Quest”. There will be two rounds under it. In first round all pictures will be selected and uploaded on the Facebook (www.facebook.com/picturesque.cet). Top 10 pictures with the maximum likes will get selected for the next round. Pictures can be based on any theme. The size of the picture should not exceed more than 10MB.In second round: The qualified participants will be given many themes, they have to select one and send picture on that. The best photograph would be selected. . Cash prize will be rewarded to the winner, worth 3000 INR.

NIIT University, Neemrana, an oasis of learning nestled amongst the ancient Aravalli hills is home to positivity, brilliance, and incredibility, all of which is being personified in this edition of ingeNUity’17 – The Rocambolesque Fest, the annual techno-cultural fest of NU! With the belief in the concept of seamlessness and it is forever the university’s endeavor to excel across all horizons. This pursuit of excellence has allowed ingeNUityto become one of the fastest-growing youth fests in and around Delhi-NCR and Jaipur region, having hosted big names like Nucleya, Candice Redding, Superfuzz, NDS and Blue(Sunburn Campus), VIP and many more, in our nascent years itself. This year's going to be no different. ingeNUity’17 promises to be a ride that speeds on the wheels of colour, fuels on dreams and designs. Its spirit rushes through the streets of every imagination. It dances on every laugh and chuckle. It defines who we are.

We are everything, and yet we are nothing.
We are what humankind has done to lead to what we are right now and what we
will make of our coming days.
We are a combination and yet we are disintegrated.
We are the best of all worlds, the ancient, now and the distant future.
Because we are

The fest will be a continuous 72 hour journey starting from 3 rd March 2017 with a performance from “Recreating Nirvana”, and the hottest DJ duo, Nina and Malika will set fire to the stage on 4 th March 2017 and finish off with a hilarious performance from the funniest guy in the country, Zakir Khan.

With prizes worth 10 lakhs over 30+ events and food from all around the world, this fest is promising and you can avail the passes at insider.in


Everything You Should Know about ingeNUity’17- “The Rocambolesque Fest”

1. The theme Rocambolesque is a superlative for everything positive and an amalgamation of all the incredible, brilliant and amazing things in the world!

2. The fest is a 72 hour continuous journey beginning from 3 rd March 2017 and ending on the morning of 6 th March 2017, with 30+ events and prizes worth 10 lakh rupees!!

3. “Recreating Nirvana” will start off the fest with a bang by headlining and continuing the tradition of Battle of Bands which has hosted great bands like Superfuzz, Ved, The Limited Edition.

4. Nina and Malika, the hottest DJ duo in the country will set the stage on fire with their groovy music on 4 th March 2017 after a fantastic Fashion show from the collections of W for Women.

5. The last day ends with a show from the funniest guy in the nation, Zakir Khan!

6. We bring to you the chance to zoom away on Hoverboards, eat your fill at the Hogathon, tackle your friends in the Sumo Wrestling rings and other many exciting activities with our informal events.

7. Let’s not forget about the most important part of a fest, that’s right, THE FOOD. Food ranging from Kebabs to Kulfis, pizzas to burgers and shakes and a lot lot more.


Jal Mahal

Today, Here we are with some Gorgeous never seen pictures of Jaipur. If you like them, Hit the Share Button! Photo Credits : Dixit Chouhan ...