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Jaipur Hyperlapse

2 Dreamers
12 Stays
35 Days
More than 100 hours of Rendering
220 Days of Post-Processing
47,786 Photographs
1 Incredible Journey

About The Creaticity Studio:

The Creaticity Studio is an independent Digital Production House based in New Delhi, India founded by Mr. Rahul Mahipal who brought together creative brains to give challenge to the Indian Market. Our policy is to offer our Clients an unbiased view of all aspects in production.

For this project Mr. Mahipal & his partner Mr.Girish Jain solely worked from the starting till end. This video is the output of 2 person’s zeal to irk the human brains with their visuals.

The Pink City:

Jaipur, Rajasthan being the “Royal Capital” of India with a lot of heritage, culture, colours & patterns to offer.

Jaipur is the epitome of diversity with So many people,
So many faces(mostly happy), So many flavours, So many designs with an ever-flourishing spirit for life.
It has been the major attraction for tourists from all over the world for its ultimate royal experience.

The Zeal: Since the starting of our career, we were dedicated to create stunning visuals, whether through graphic design, photography or motion graphics. The zeal to capture the grandeur of Jaipur was incepted from a long time, since one of us belongs to Rajasthan. So, we always had the inclination towards doing something for Jaipur. The will to push the boundaries of our medium to reveal locations in an unique & powerful manner was challenging for us. Through the amalgam of hyperlapse photography & mind-bending camera movements, we wanted to unleash the constraints of still & motion.

The Pickle: Before even picking up the camera for first shot, We had to go through the chronicles of getting permissions. For the first 10-12 days of our recce, we had to deal with all the government officials for shooting permissions. It was hectic to explain our motive in front of the officials. There was too much paper-work to go through with different assurances from different officials. Either there were too much charges for shooting permissions (Ranging from INR 10,000 -100,000 per day) or no permit to shoot at all. We juggled through many contacts of ours to get the permissions but all in vain. Although, we were allowed to shoot without any tripods, stands & our motorized timelapse rigs. But at that point, it was a far-fetched dream to even attempt that kind of project without any equipments. At last, we went on board with no permissions & no camera stabilizing equipments.

Venture to Adventure: We started shooting with just our cameras & hands, it was very exhausting at first to execute that kind of shoot. We got tired & achy too frequently from holding the cameras still & moving sometimes even for an hour to achieve the desired output. Locals & tourists were asking constantly about our work-process & why are we shooting like this: one step-one shot. It was very hard to explain the process to them but was exhilarating also to watch their interest. During 360 degree shots, it was very challenging to pause the process to let people pass through frame. Sometimes we had to attempt the same sequence for more than 10 times, just to get it right. Each day passing, we came back with a new learning. We faced great challenges in terms of accommodations, transport & our equipments getting misplaced from the hotel lobbies. But thankfully it was all worth it.

Check the Tech: No matter how ambitious you are with your vision & craft, no matter how far you are pushing your physical & mental limits to achieve something very distant. It all came to an end with the familiarity to the technical aspects. We were using high end cameras already (Nikon D810 & Panasonic Lumix GH4K) for the shots, but the challenge was to organise these enormous amount of data (1500-2000 shots per day). As we were not capable of carrying high-end PCs with us, we had to check & analyse the shoots on our macbooks. It was okay for the organisation purpose, but the big deal was to compile & check the shots. We were shooting almost 8K(resolution) stills & it was impossible to check the clarity & per pixel details after the compilation. So, we took a leap of faith & continued shooting without any compilation measures.

Framing the Pink City:

Jaipur is more than a plethora of beautiful heritage, lip-smacking street food, wonderful hospitality; rather it is a royal affair that you will reminisce your entire lifetime. The main focus of this venture was to capture Jaipur’s heritage as majestically dazzling as it feels in your nerves. We were obliged to surrender ourselves in front of the city’s grandeur. If this video will leave you with a craving to visit Pink City ASAP, then we will “Drop the Camera” for sure.
Gear Up: Although we were carrying a massive amount of tripods & motorized rigs with us, but as I had mentioned earlier we didn’t get to use them.

So, these were the equipments that contributed in this venture:
Cameras: Nikon D810 & Panasonic Lumix GH4K
Lenses: Tamron 15-30 mm & Panasonic 12-35 mm
Softwares: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, LRTimelapse

For other business related queries mail on :

Website: www.thecreaticity.com
Mail: info@thecreaticity.com, girish2jain@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thecreaticity
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/TheCreaticity
Behance: https://www.behance.net/thecreaticity

500px: www.500px.com/girish2jain

Contact No:
Rahul Mahipal: +919873739740
Girish Jain: +918860757004

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali. After the amazing response of photoblog of Diwali 2015, we are back with a photo blog of Jaipur Diwali 2016, Lighting and Celebrating in the beautiful Pink City! So Jaipur has started decorating itself to welcome Goddess Lakshmi & God Ganesha with lights everywhere.

Places to visit in Jaipur at Diwali time

Prominent places to visit during Diwali inside walls of Pink City (famously called as Old Jaipur) are all the markets including Chaura Rasta, Heart of Jaipur Johari Bazar, biggest market of Saris Lalji Sand ka Rasta, badi chaupar and choti chaupar. If you want to visit New Jaipur, there are even more options in form of markets of Vaishali Nagar, Malviya Nagar, Mansarovar, Rajapark and several small markets.

Diwali Shopping in Jaipur

Markets have been fully decorated, lights have been put over almost all houses and shops in every street. People have already started started Shopping in Jaipur to celebrate the lighting festival that is just about to come in a short span of time.

Click here for detailed coverage of Shopping in Jaipur at Diwali time.

Jaipur Diwali Celeration 2016 Picture

World Trade Park

World Trade Park, Jaipur. PC : Dixit Chouhan

Jaipur Diwali

Panch Batti, Jaipur. PC : Navneet Singh Kalsi

Diwali in Jaipur

Jaipur View from Nahargarh on Diwali. PC : @shubtripathi

Diwali in Jaipur

New Gate, Jaipur. PC : ‎Kamal Meena

Jaipur Diwali

Statue Circle, Jaipur. PC : Akshay Sharma

Jaleb Chowk Amer Fort

Jaleb Chowk Amer Fort. PC : Tanmay Singh

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People with great passion make the impossible happen

The quote holds true for Shobhit Tiwari, a 23-year old  Jaipur-based who, led by his passion created history by making a Guinness World Record for Most Number of Light Orbs i.e. 900 in a Single Photographic Image. Shobhit & his team broke the record of an American team by a massive difference of 700 orbs thus becoming the first Indians to do so. This World Record holder marked Jaipur at global front & gave it an identity written in golden words & which will inspire the future generations to contribute something to their city.

JCB: Throw some light on how you made it to the Guinness World Records ?

ST: It took six months of  hard work , planning & years of practice along-with designing our own tool which was first of its own kind. Since we were not happy with the results of our first attempt & wanted to break the previous record phenomenally, we reinvented our idea & its execution. It worked in our best interest & we established a new benchmark for photographers aspiring to break the record.

JCB: What is LPP ? When & how did you develop an interest in it ?

ST: Light painting is a technique of  long exposure photography where you capture the motion of light to create different images. Analogically speaking, it is similar to painting where Darkness becomes the canvas & the light source becomes the brush.

It was in late 2013, when I was left awestruck by a stunning LPP on Internet that my curiosity took me over & I started researching on this technique. I was so mesmerized that I couldn’t believe such an image could be produced without using Photoshop.

But, once when I started doing LPP & got the desired results, I was convinced that this is what I want to do & the fact that a great painter, Picasso was also associated with technique & incorporated it in his paintings inspired me to do something extraordinary.

JCB. What are the Real World implementations of LPP ?

ST: Light Painting has quickly gained recognition on an International level & is being used by world’s biggest corporate houses like Microsoft, Apple, Nike, Red Bull, Honda etc. In India too, we are trying to promote it on many levels & I am happy to say that now, people as well as different stakeholders are trying to incorporate it in their ventures.

JCB. What was the reaction of your folks when you told them about your passion ? Were they supportive ?

ST: There is a funny story behind that. Initially, my family was unaware of the fact that I was secretly practicing Light Painting in the basement of our house but once they got to know what I was doing, they were greatly excited & extremely supportive especially my elder sister, who gifted me my first camera & always encouraged me to do something great. Even my friends got fascinated by this entirely  new dimension of photography I introduced them to.

JCB. What are the equipments required for creating an LPP? How did you arrange the tools for creating different images ?

ST: Tripod is a must. Then comes the shutter release, flashlights, different colored LEDs etc. Lately, I have been designing my own tools to create desired shapes. These include Dome tool, Light Wand, Flexi-glass made by soldering LEDs.

JCB. Are you into teaching light painting as well ?

ST: Yes, I have been conducting workshops to educate people about Light Painting techniques, the most recent & successful being the one at Jodhpur InstaMeet where the amazing response of audience, the perfect synchronization of members, inspired me to hold many more workshops for beginners as well as Light Painters who wish to learn at an advanced level. The goal is to make LPP familiar to everyone who loves Light, Art & Photography as this is an exceptional skill to possess.

JCB. Can you suggest a few Camera Settings & simple techniques for our readers trying to do LPP at home ?

ST: You can start with very simple tools such as keychain LEDs, mobile torch, toy lights etc. Usually, the camera is in Manual Mode & the settings are:

f -7.1, shutter-BULB, ISO-100

Once you get to know the technique, you can vary these values as per the light source.

You can connect with with Shobhit Tiwari on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shobhittiwari3.0

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shobhit3.0

Photographer from Jaipur

Certificate of Guinness World Records

Photography by Guinness World Record holder Shobhit Tiwari

light painting

Gurjar ki thadi

Jawahar Circle

light painting photography

light painting photography

tunnel jaipurlight painting

It has been more than one year since ‘Go Delhi Go | Hyperlapse‘ and Ayush Dinker and team felt like producing a second one from India. Just when he was thinking about which Indian city should they gun for, Jaipur came into the picture. Well, that’s because last year he got to see a just a bit of this city, when he attended the wedding of his friends. So he read a bit about the city and tried to understand what makes it what it is today and it only made him take the journey sooner. I hope to take you into past with this film.

Let us know your feedback in the comments section below.

For licensing footage and other business related queries mail on : contact@etherealcolours.com

Instagram: @ayushdinker
Facebook: etherealcolours
Twitter: @AyushDinker

Dussehra in Jaipur

PC : Vikash Agarwal

Hey friends, Myself Harish, being a writer I always wanted to reveal the stories of unknown places and forts but this time i am writing about stories of some unappreciated workers and artists of Jaipur, yes friends in this article you will read about the problems and efforts of these workers.

Ravan mandi, Jaipur is famous market of colorful ravan puppets, the main market is situated at mansarovar. I always wanted to have a chat with them regarding their problems, so i personally visited them and took an interview of a person named Suresh (representative from basti). All these workers lives in a basti in mansarovar.

Dussehra in Jaipur

Q1. What are the major problems you face ?

Suresh – The major problem is
1. If the rain persists, it ruins all the puppets and our business stops as rain starts.
2. We have to take permissions from the municipality for covering the half way of the roads as puppets increase day by day.

Dussehra in Jaipur

Q2. How do you make such beautiful puppets in such short period of time?

Suresh –  This is our art that is given by our four-fathers as blessing to us because we have to make earning of full year in just navratri days, so we are thankful to them.

Dussehra in Jaipur

Q3. Usually what are the rates of ravan puppets?

Suresh – If Customer wants a structure of puppet then the rates are cheap and economic. But when we talk about complete puppets it starts with 7k – 20k or more.

Artists of Jaipur

Q4. What you do if rain persists?

Suresh – When rain persist, our full basti starts to hide the puppets under the metro bridge but its impossible to hide all the puppets, it ruins our business.

Ravana in Jaipur

Q5. What do you do when its off season for you “unlike navaratri”?

Suresh – We make chairs, tables and baskets of some material and sell them but the core business runs in navratri as Vijaya dashmi arrives.

Artists of Jaipur

Picture Credits : Shobhit Tiwari

Several patriots laid down their lives and many more made us proud. We salute the known, unknown and the unsung heroes. It’s been 70 glorious years of Independence. Here’s to being a proud Indian – may our tricolour always fly high.

Here is a glimpse of Independence Day Celebration in Jaipur

Amber Fort Jaipur

Amber Fort or Amer Fort Jaipur is decorated with Tri-color lighting on the occasion of Independence Day celebration 2016 in Jaipur.

Independence Day Celebration in Jaipur

Picture Credits : Rajasthan Tourism

Albert Hall Jaipur

Albert Hall looks gorgeous as always with the beautiful picturesque lighing on it.

Central Park Jaipur

Indian National Flag at the Central Park. View from ‘Tapri – the tea cafe’.

Central Park Jaipur

Sargasuli Jaipur

Sargasuli is located near Tripolia gate near the City Palace in Jaipur.

Amar Jawan Jyoti Jaipur

The picture of Amar jawan jyoti in Jaipur was captured while it was raining.

Have a look at the newspaper ‘The Hindustan Times’ dated 15th August 1947, Indian Independence Day.


Independence day

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Teej Festival 2016

Teej Festival was celebrated with immense fun and fanfare in the capital city of Jaipur on 5th and 6th August 2016. Thousands of women and young girls wearing their best colorful clothes and adorn themselves with fine jewelry. They gathered at a nearby temple or a common place and offered prayers to Goddess Parvati for well-being of their husband.
Teej procession of Jaipur attracted visitors from India but also lured a large number of international tourists. Thousands of devotees throng the procession, which was carried out for two consecutive days. Hundreds of foreign tourists gathered at the Tripoliya Gate to witness the Teej procession. This was just spectacular! National and foreign tourists were trying their best to capture everything in their cameras, most of them were awestruck at the grandeur of the procession, which began from the Zanani Deorhi at City Palace.

Organised by the Department of Tourism, Jaipur Municipal Corporation and City Palace, the event saw scores of folk artistes putting up a colourful show. High point of Teej procession was the magnificently decorated idol of Goddess Parvati which was kept on a palanquin and carried through the Pink City of Jaipur. Animals were also decorated with jewellery and finery. Antique gilt palanquins, bullock carts pulling cannons, chariots, caparisoned elephants, camels, bands, and dance groups form a part of the grand Teej procession. The palanquin of Goddess Parvati was carried by eight men dressed in red color. Teej procession was a very huge affair, which moved through various places in Jaipur. Lot of Teej songs were sung when the procession moved further. Folk artists and performers enchanted the crowd with their splendid performance. Some people even dressed up like Gods and Goddesses and played various musical instruments. Teej prasad was distributed among the crowd of devotees.

Teej Festival celebration

On Teej, Jaipur city was immersed in the colors of the festival. There were number of stalls displaying the culture of Rajasthan. Handicrafts, traditional Rajasthani dresses, and junk jewelry were some of the major attractions for tourists visiting the teej procession and fair. Other attractions of the Jaipur Teej fair were the traditional Rajasthani mehndi.
Markets in Jaipur were stocked with trendiest women accessories and clothes. Most of the fabric clothes display laheria (tie and dye) prints. Sweetshops kept different Teej sweets but ghewar is the main sweet of the season. At some shops, malpuas were also prepared in great quantities.
All over Rajasthan, swings are hung from trees and decorated with fragrant flowers. Women both married and unmarried love to swing on these swings to celebrate the ‘sawan festival’.

Teej Fetival Celebration in Rajasthan

Teej Festival Celebration in Rajasthan

Teej is one of the most widely celebrated festivals of Rajasthan. Swings, traditional songs, and dancing are the unique features of Teej celebrations in Rajasthan. Women perform traditional folk dance dressed in green colored clothes and sing beautiful Teej songs while enjoying their sway on swings bedecked with flowers.

More Pictures of Teej Festival Celebration in Jaipur

Teej Festival
Teej procession
Teej procession
Artists at Teej procession 2016 in Jaipur
Tripolia Gate

Click here to watch LIVE Webcasting of Teej Festival in Jaipur by JaipurCityBlog for Rajasthan Tourism

Tourist Places of Jaipur And The Architectural Beauty

The splendid monuments of Jaipur deserve a visit. Those huge fortresses of Mughal and Rajput reigns, The Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, Jal Mahal aptly describe the architecture of the city. Jantar Mantar of Jaipur, the largest of all five similar monuments is an observatory basically, which is indeed an architectural spectacle.
Arriving from Jaipur through the narrow pass in the hills, you are presented with a view of the honey coloured Amber fort-palace that  conforms to every expectation of how a romantic Rajput fort should appear. This adds to the glory of Jaipur and my pride.
The spectacular Hawa Mahal was constructed near Badi Chaupar so the women of the royal household could observe street festivals  while unseen from the outside. Besides this the Royal Family constructed a lot more buildings which all demand a visit. The recently constructed World Trade Park is an elegant piece of architecture.
Apart from this Jaipur is now developing into a ‘Metro City’ with its safe culture and traditions. This is the fourth metro project in India. A lot more things awaits to be mentioned as we proceed to the close, Mansarovar in Jaipur is the Asia’s biggest locality.
Jawahar Circle is the biggest circular park in Asia developed on a highway traffic circle near the Sanganer Airport. Everyday a musical fountain show is held here which extraordinarily alluring.

Included on the Golden Triangle tourist circuit, along with Delhi and Agra, Jaipur is an extremely popular tourist destination in Rajasthan and India. The Royal Architecture lures the tourists along with a tinge of sound culture and tradition.

Here we have 360° Aerial Panoramas, 3D Virtual Tours of Various Tourist Places of Jaipur:

  1. In front of Sun Gate of Amer Fort
  2. Ganesh Gate
  3. Above the Maota Lake View of Amer Fort
  4.  Mughal Garden on the territory of the Amer Palace
  5. Above the Jantar Mantar Observatory
  6. Jantar Mantar
  7. Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds)
  8. Facade of the Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds)
  9. Kesar Kyari Island on Maota Lake
  10. Amer Fort / Amer Palace
  11. Above the Amber Fort
  12. Amer Fort from an altitude of 160 meters
  13. Jaipur from an altitude of 140 meters
  14. Watch More

Must Watch : 3.3 Gigapixel image of Amer Fort Jaipur


Jawahar Circle

Jawahar Circle becomes part of the Heritage Path North-South Corridor

Jaipur City was built on the principles of Vaastu Shastra and had a wall surrounding the city with seven gates.
Later Sawai Man Singh built a new gate (eighth) gate. The Patrika Gate has now become the ninth gate of Jaipur.


Patrika Gate

Number Nine

Patrika Gate

The number nine holds great significance in our traditions and beliefs such as the Nine Gates, Nine Planets, Navratra (Nine Nights) etc. It is considered an auspicious number. It also has a very important place in Vaastu Shastra. The planner of Pink City, Vidyadhar Ji, paid special attention to the number 9 in the city’s architecture. Jaipur was founded on Nine square lets. One cannot even imagine Jaipur without the number nine. The city has been planned on the basis of this number only.

Jawahar Circle

Sketches of structure of The Patrika Gate

Hundreds of sketches were tried to get the proper traditional architectural look of Jaipur.

Patrika Gate

…And the Patrika Gate is the Ninth Gate of Jaipur !

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Pictures of Patrika Gate located on Jawahar Circle Jaipur

The Patrika Gate
jawahar circle jaipur
places to visit in Jaipur


vidhan sabha jaipur

Made in Rajasthan   On Thursday 19th November 2015, The first day of Resurgent Rajasthan partnership summit 2015 An amazing Light Show took place at Vidhan Sabha...
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