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Monday 1st May 2017 was not a usual one at the Jaipur police commissionerate. A group of over 50 brave women constables, seated on classy two-wheelers, were getting ready to take a ride of the capital city of Rajasthan.

The Pink City, Jaipur was marked by an important event when it obtained its first lady police patrol unit. The patrol unit consists of 52 women constables, who shall guard various locations of the city on 26 two wheelers.

The entire idea is to suppress sexual harassment to women who tend to go out and encounter physical exasperation. Each vehicle will have two lady-cops. These vehicles used by the patrolling unit have been donated by Hero Motocorps Ltd. These come with a range of facilities, including inbuilt mobile chargers in their carriers. Apart from this, the lady cops have also been equipped with first aid boxes, batons, wireless systems and flashlights.

Sanjay Agarwal, the commissioner of police, expressed confidence in the fact that the patrolling unit will bring down cases of sexual harassment in the city. He said, “The primary focus of this patrolling unit will be to effectively address the grievances of women in the city. We have identified several places with the varying magnitude of importance where these women will be deployed.

He further added, “The purpose of all women patrolling unit is to put women at ease which will make them more forthcoming and less hesitant in approaching the police if they face any problem.

Jaipur Policewomen

Words from the Lady-Cops:

“We won’t let those who harass women get away. For the last few months, we have been trained to deal with such situations,” says 25-year-old constable Neelam Choudhary.

“I didn’t know how to ride a two-wheeler but learnt it during the training. We have also been given lessons in martial arts, yoga, horse riding and other modes of combat,” said Sohan Kanwar, another member of the unit.

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A lady employee at a popular coffee outlet ‘Cafe Coffee Day’ at Hawa Mahal, Jaipur is seen slapping a customer. According to a post shared by Nikhil Anand Singh, law student Arpan Verma allegedly spotted cockroaches inside a refrigerator at a Cafe Coffee Day outlet. Mr Arpan Verma shot a video on his mobile phone, pointing towards the cockroaches and then an employee. The woman employee can then be seen walking up to Mr Verma and slapping him, after which the video abruptly ends. The coffee chain says it is aware of the incident and is investigating.

Jaipur: On 19th march 2017, A female leopard was sighted on JLN marg in the heart of the city on Sunday night.

The leopard strayed into the city from Jaipur’s Jhalana forests near Smriti Van, keeping forrest officials on their toes. Some commuters clicked photographs of the animal and send them to forrest department officials who launched a search for it.

The Leopard roamed across JLN marg, giving a nasty surprise to late night comuters.

Last year in December, a panther cub had made its way into the staff quarters of the University of Rajasthan, triggering a scare among staff and students. The panther had sneaked into the university campus from the adjoining Jhalana Forest. “The cub from same leopard entered the university campus after it jumped the wall. But, it couldn’t climb back,” said forest ranger Surendra Sharma.

Jaipur News

Four murders have been reported in the city since February 28, three of which remain unsolved.(Pic for representational purposes only)

The increasing number of murders in Jaipur has raised serious questions about the competence of the city’s law enforcing agencies.

Four murders have been reported in the city since February 28, three of which remain unsolved. The cases have also highlighted the increasing number of intra-familial crimes arising from disputes in the past.

A day after a man was arrested by Sodala authorities for killing his father-in-law’s brother, a woman was found murdered in an area falling under the jurisdiction of the same police station.

“Some residents were concerned after their domestic help, Sharbani Barman from Bengal, didn’t turn up for a couple of days. When they reached Barman’s house, they found her body. A preliminary investigation has revealed that she was strangled on Tuesday night,” said Sodala station house officer Sunil Prasad Sharma.

“Her husband – who is absconding – is a suspect, and it’s possible that he took their five-year-old daughter along with him,” Sharma added.

A watchman, identified as Kanaram, was also found murdered in Kardhani area on Thursday morning. The police, who are yet to arrest anybody in this connection, said he was guarding a warehouse at the time of his death.

The fourth case that remains to be cracked pertains to Manoj Monga, a property dealer who was shot in broad daylight near Sanganer on February 28. Many other murders – such as the killing of a woman in Muhana on February 18 – also await resolution.

“The entire legal framework of the state is in a very bad state, with murders and rapes occurring every day. There is an immediate need for the chief minister and home minister to chalk out a new roadmap for fighting crime,” said district Congress president Pratap Singh Khachariawas.

Khachariawas said the police’s “morale was hit” after Narendra Meghwal, the husband of BJP MLA Chandrakanta Meghwal, allegedly assaulted a police officer for issuing a challan to a party worker in Kota a few months ago. “That is another reason for the increasing number of crimes here,” he added.

However, additional commissioner of police (crime) Prafulla Kumar told HT that the accused have been traced in most cases. “Most of the recent murders were a result of intra-familial rivalry. We have traced many of the accused and solved several cases. We are committed to better policing, and are taking strict measures to check such cases in the future,” he said.

Source – Hindustan Times

Jaipur Railway Station

Jaipur : जयपुर जंक्शन पर शनिवार को शंटिंग के दौरान जयपुर-सिकंदराबाद एक्सप्रेस पटरी छोड़कर सड़क पर आ गई। हादसे के समय ट्रेन को यार्ड से प्लेटफार्म पर प्लेस किया जा रहा था, इस कारण उसमें यात्री नहीं थे और ट्रेन का जो एक डिब्बा दीवार तोड़कर बाहर निकला, वहां भी लोग मौजूद नहीं थे, इस कारण कोई हताहत नहीं हुआ। तीन कर्मचारी सस्पेंड…
– इस ट्रेन में सामान्यतः 22 कोच होते हैं। शंटिंग करवा रहे पाॅइंट्समैन शिवनारायण को यह ध्यान नहीं रहा कि ट्रेन में 22 की जगह 25 कोच हैं।
– शंटिंग के दौरान ट्रेन का अंतिम डिब्बा रिवर्सिंग के दौरान दीवार तोड़कर रिजर्वेशन ऑफिस की तरफ सड़क पर आ गया।
– मामले में प्वाइंटमैन शिवनारायण, यार्ड मास्टर आरके मीणा व लोको शंटर शिवराज को सस्पेंड किया गया है।
शाम को हटे डिब्बे
– देर शाम तक क्रेन से डिब्बे को हटा दिया गया। हादसे से रेल यातायात बाधित नहीं हुआ।
– जयपुर रेलवे द्लारा मामले की जांच के आदेश दिए गए हैं।
आगे की स्लाइड्स में देखिए घटनास्थल की फोटोज।

Jaipur Railway Station


Jaipur Junction

Elevated Road in Jaipur

Elevated Road in Jaipur from LIC office to Sodala Junction

As a step for augmenting city transportation infrastructure, Jaipur Development Authority has undertaken a major project of construction of Elevated corridor on Hawa Sarak between Ambedkar Circle & Sodala junction. This corridor will provide a controlled assessed high capacity corridor in east-west direction of the city for which there are very few roads available presently. The corridor has been planned as sleek structure on single aesthetic piers taking only 2m width in median. People travelling on this from Ambedekar Circle side will get the up ramp near LIC building. This road will have a down ramp in front of hotel Hilton also. From Sodala side, the up ramp will start near Chambal power house. The superstructure has been designed as segmental construction with similarity of aesthetic design of JJ Flyover Mumbai.

The cost of the project is Rs. 250 crore. M/s L&T Infrastructure Engineering are design consultants of the Project. The proof checking of design has been entrusted to MNIT, Jaipur. M/s Simplex Infrastructure Ltd. is executing agency for the project. Work on the project has been started and efforts are being made to make it operational by October 2018.

Jaipur Elevated Road

At present, the piles initial load tests is in progress. The pile safe load capacity has been taken as 400 MT. The tests are being carried out at following locations:
1. Adjacent existing 22 Godam ROB towards east of Railway Line.
2. Adjacent Railway boundary near old HPCL land.
3. Opposite Hotel Hilton
4. Near old level crossing on west side of Railway line.
5. Near Chambal Power House

The first test has been conducted and as per test report the actual pile capacity is 350 MT as reflected by this isolated test. The final capacity will be decided after subsequent tests and comparisons thereof as per codal provisions. The working piles work is anticipated to be started by 15th Nov.2016.
M/s Simplax Infrastructure has mobilized heavy equipments required for in-situ works. The 8.5 acre land for casting yard for precast works has been taken on rent behind Kanchan Kesari resort on Ajmer Road nearly 12 kms from project site. It is proposed to set up 6 casting beds for superstructure segments along with supportive infrastructure in this yard. This Yard will become fully operational by January 2017.

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Jagatpura Flyover

Evening rush at Jagatpura Flyover, Jaipur.
PC : Rashmi Chaudhary

Rajasthan is one of the first states to be completely lit with LED lights.

Around 5 lakh conversational street light have been already replaced with LED street lights across the Rajasthan state under Central Government’s Street Lighting National Project.

The project has been funded by EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Limited), a public energy services company under the administration of Union ministry of power at no cost to the state.

“Udaipur and Ajmer lead the way to energy efficiency” Managing director of EESL Saurabh Kumar says. EESL has replaced over 35,000 conventional streetlights in Udaipur, with an investment of over Rs 25 crore which has resulted in reduction of peak load by 1,400 kwh, making them 51% more energy efficient. The project has resulted in energy savings of 6.36 million units per annum as well as monetary savings to the municipality of over Rs 4.4 crore.

Jaipur Elevated Road And Jaipur Metro
In Ajmer, over 33,000 lamps have been replaced, with an investment of over Rs 14 crore by EESL. The project here has benefited Ajmer with reduction in peak load of 58% which translates to over 4.6 million units of energy saved per annum and over 3.7 crore in monetary savings.

In the approach of the Smart Cities Mission, the objective is to promote cities that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment and application of ‘Smart’ Solutions.

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Srishti Vivek, a member of Jaipur Photography Club shared some really saddening images of deforestation near Kanota area in Jaipur.

Trees are being chopped off in bulk and are being carried in tractors.

These people are cutting grown up trees in huge volumes and till now, no action has been taken to stop this.

We need your help to spread awareness by sharing this, to stop the massive deforestation at Kanota Jaipur.

kanota dam
Kanota Jaipur

kanota dam
kanota agra road
kanota jaipur
deforestation in jaipur

kanota Jaipur

We urge you all to SHARE this and spread awareness to stop this Deforestation at Kanota Jaipur

Source – Srishti Vivek

Delhi To Jaipur

Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport, Highway and Shipping on Sunday 11th September 2016 announced that a new access controlled highway will be coming up between Jaipur and Delhi at an estimated cost of Rs. 16,000 crore.

Jaipur to delhi

Gadkari says that this will enable the frequent travelers to cover the distance of 270 km between Jaipur – Delhi in just two hours. Construction of this highway will start from January 2017.
The land acquisition for this new highway will soon begin and he also asked Chief Minister of Haryana, Mr Manohar Lal Khattar to start promoting the development along both sides of this highway so as to bring down the cost.

Jaipur Delhi highway

Delhi to Jaipur Highway more secure now

Mr Nitin Gadkari laid foundation for improvement of 3 junctions on NH-8 (National Highway 8) in Gurugram, costing Rs. 1,005 crore and give this work a deadline of 15 months time instead of 30 months.
He ensured that cctv camera’s will also be installed on the national highway 8 under intelligent transport system to keep watch on traffic rule violators.

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This incident in Jaipur is heartbreaking and disturbing on another level.

While people contemplate the safety of women in India and point the appropriate pros and cons, we still witness rape incidents on an almost daily basis. Maybe having stringent laws might be one solution, but we really need to work towards the mentality, because that’s the real cause.

While we sit and ponder over the gravity of the situation, here’s an incident that will make you wonder: Where can a woman be safe? 

Anjali Khandelwal is a resident of Bhilwara and was staying over at a hotel in Jaipur with her husband. She was there to get her son treated, but little did she know the harrowing ordeal that awaited her. 

Here’s her story and a blow-by-blow account of the incident:

I am a resident of Bhilwara.

On 12th of August, my husband and I came to Jaipur for my son’s treatment. My husband dropped me at a hotel near Gopalpura Bypass and headed to Delhi to receive our son who studies in a boarding school in Shimla.

The Park Classic

My brother had booked the hotel through Go-Ibibo (which stated it was a 4-star property) in the name of my husband.

Closer to the hotel was my chacha’s place, so, shortly after checking-in, I went to his house. At around 11:15 in the night, my cousin dropped me back to the hotel.

I went to my room, and about 15 minutes later, there was a loud knock at the door. When I called out for who it was, an over drunk voice answered back, “Humein *her brother’s name* ne bheja hai aapke pas kuch kaam se.”

I stood by the door and saw three unknown drunken boys through the peephole.

Needless to say, I panicked.

The first thought that came in my mind was to call my chacha and seek help. And so I did. I told him I was in trouble and that he must come running to the hotel.

Next, clueless what to do, I called my husband and narrated the entire situation. He called at the hotel’s reception and asked them to send someone to my room for help, but nobody came for the next 15 minutes. I was all alone. The three boys constantly kept knocking and forcing me to open the door.

I tried to deal with the situation somehow by telling them that I am coming and opening the door soon. Meanwhile, praying for my chacha to arrive. I was so frightened that I even went and opened the window of the room. In case the boys tried to forcefully enter the room, I would have had no option but to leap out the window.

Approximately 20 minutes later, my chacha arrived and while coming up to my room, he saw the hotel’s bell boy chatting with those three boys, which clearly indicated that the bell boy knew them.

Seeing my chacha, the three boys went and hid in the elevator. Chacha called out to me and I opened the door. Both of us chased them, and I slapped one of the boys. Meanwhile, we saw the bell boy hinting those drunken boys to run through the stairs.

Chacha was holding one of the boys’ shirts and that guy pushed chacha on the stairs. His back and head got severely injured. In the mean time, the boys ran away, and the hotel manager, the receptionist, the bell boys, and the guard simply stood there and watched. Nobody came forward to help.

Jaipur hotel

Representational image

We called the police who arrived after some 15-20 minutes. They inquired but their attitude was extremely casual.

I wasn’t the only one who went through this situation. It was then that I found out that a similar incident had happened in the hotel in the day time with two Delhi-based girls. These girls came up to me and offered support.

I demanded the CCTV footage but somehow the hoteliers had managed to tamper with it. My chacha needed to be taken to the hospital, but he didn’t want to leave me alone. So, I called my jijaji who came along with his cousin. Luckily, this cousin was good on the technical front and managed to retrieve the CCTV recording.

The footage showed the guard winking at those drunken boys who were then present in the parking area when I had entered the hotel. Similarly, clear communication of those boys with the receptionist and bell boys could be seen.

It became crystal clear that this was a planned harassment case by the management of the hotel along with those three boys who seemed to come from very sound financial background as they were carrying iPhone 6 and wore gold chains. Even when outside my room, the boys were very relaxed and at ease.

Were they not afraid? Of being caught? Of facing punishment?

I don’t think so. It seemed as if they had done this before. It seemed as if they were sure of getting out of the situation cleanly.

We yelled and demanded the owner be called. But in spite of the presence of police in the hotel, the owner did not turn up. He sent someone else in his place who didn’t know a thing about hotel management. This person did not even bother to ask the staff or the employees as to what was going on. It seemed like he already knew about the illegal activities that were happening in the hotel.

We then lodged a FIR against the hotel and its management but surprisingly enough, even the police did not handle the case with seriousness. Later, we found out that the owner of the hotel has very close relations in the Rajasthan police circle.

Many of the officials told me to drop the case because nothing would happen, given the hotel owner’s influential position.

The owner turned out to be my chacha’s friend’s tauji. Seeing that I was not ready to give up,and that I was taking the case to the Home Minister, chacha’s friend tried talking him into settling the case saying that, “ladki bhi ache ghar ki hai aur vo ladke bhi. Ladki se tarah tarah ke sawaal puche jayenge. Kyun dono ki badnaami kara rahe ho? Yahin khatam kar do baat ko.”

My chacha refused any attempt at letting this go. Rather, he helped me seek justice. We approached the head of Mahila Aayog, Mrs. Suman Sharma, who very well co-operated with us and requested the D.C.P. South to look into the matter seriously and to take immediate action.

It has been ten days since the incident. I have put in my best approaches and efforts to put the criminals behind the bars but everything seems waste due to so many efforts being made from the other side to suppress and delay the case. I am still under a deep trauma because of what I faced that night in the hotel.

I was lucky enough to get out of the situation safely. But it scares me to think that there are so many women in the country who go through such incidents and never raise a voice.

I was lucky that I had relatives close by who came and rescued me. But what about the girls who live by themselves?

What’s worse is the fact that in such situations even the police officials are not extending support. This case could have been resolved the very same day but due to the negligence of police, it couldn’t. They could have acted strictly that very night and gotten the hotel staff including that bell boy to speak the truth. But they didn’t. Rather, they keep on telling me with a much laid back attitude that they are enquiring.

With so much gap and time, it wouldn’t be a surprise if those boys or the management itself may have bribed the bellboy to keep his mouth shut. The CCTV evidence is clear in front of them, yet there is no justice.

My purpose if to fight, not just for my justice, but also for all the women who go through such things. That feeling of helplessness and fear is terrible! I wouldn’t want any girl to feel so. At least not when and where her safety is concerned.

Well, as Anjali points out the loopholes in our system, we just wonder how audacious it must have been for hotel boys to go inside the room and knock at someone’s door.

Will justice be brought to the table? 


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