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People with great passion make the impossible happen

The quote holds true for Shobhit Tiwari, a 23-year old  Jaipur-based who, led by his passion created history by making a Guinness World Record for Most Number of Light Orbs i.e. 900 in a Single Photographic Image. Shobhit & his team broke the record of an American team by a massive difference of 700 orbs thus becoming the first Indians to do so. This World Record holder marked Jaipur at global front & gave it an identity written in golden words & which will inspire the future generations to contribute something to their city.

JCB: Throw some light on how you made it to the Guinness World Records ?

ST: It took six months of  hard work , planning & years of practice along-with designing our own tool which was first of its own kind. Since we were not happy with the results of our first attempt & wanted to break the previous record phenomenally, we reinvented our idea & its execution. It worked in our best interest & we established a new benchmark for photographers aspiring to break the record.

JCB: What is LPP ? When & how did you develop an interest in it ?

ST: Light painting is a technique of  long exposure photography where you capture the motion of light to create different images. Analogically speaking, it is similar to painting where Darkness becomes the canvas & the light source becomes the brush.

It was in late 2013, when I was left awestruck by a stunning LPP on Internet that my curiosity took me over & I started researching on this technique. I was so mesmerized that I couldn’t believe such an image could be produced without using Photoshop.

But, once when I started doing LPP & got the desired results, I was convinced that this is what I want to do & the fact that a great painter, Picasso was also associated with technique & incorporated it in his paintings inspired me to do something extraordinary.

JCB. What are the Real World implementations of LPP ?

ST: Light Painting has quickly gained recognition on an International level & is being used by world’s biggest corporate houses like Microsoft, Apple, Nike, Red Bull, Honda etc. In India too, we are trying to promote it on many levels & I am happy to say that now, people as well as different stakeholders are trying to incorporate it in their ventures.

JCB. What was the reaction of your folks when you told them about your passion ? Were they supportive ?

ST: There is a funny story behind that. Initially, my family was unaware of the fact that I was secretly practicing Light Painting in the basement of our house but once they got to know what I was doing, they were greatly excited & extremely supportive especially my elder sister, who gifted me my first camera & always encouraged me to do something great. Even my friends got fascinated by this entirely  new dimension of photography I introduced them to.

JCB. What are the equipments required for creating an LPP? How did you arrange the tools for creating different images ?

ST: Tripod is a must. Then comes the shutter release, flashlights, different colored LEDs etc. Lately, I have been designing my own tools to create desired shapes. These include Dome tool, Light Wand, Flexi-glass made by soldering LEDs.

JCB. Are you into teaching light painting as well ?

ST: Yes, I have been conducting workshops to educate people about Light Painting techniques, the most recent & successful being the one at Jodhpur InstaMeet where the amazing response of audience, the perfect synchronization of members, inspired me to hold many more workshops for beginners as well as Light Painters who wish to learn at an advanced level. The goal is to make LPP familiar to everyone who loves Light, Art & Photography as this is an exceptional skill to possess.

JCB. Can you suggest a few Camera Settings & simple techniques for our readers trying to do LPP at home ?

ST: You can start with very simple tools such as keychain LEDs, mobile torch, toy lights etc. Usually, the camera is in Manual Mode & the settings are:

f -7.1, shutter-BULB, ISO-100

Once you get to know the technique, you can vary these values as per the light source.

You can connect with with Shobhit Tiwari on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shobhittiwari3.0

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shobhit3.0

Photographer from Jaipur

Certificate of Guinness World Records

Photography by Guinness World Record holder Shobhit Tiwari

light painting

Gurjar ki thadi

Jawahar Circle

light painting photography

light painting photography

tunnel jaipurlight painting


Dost Arora is a very talented self-taught multi instrumentalist, beat boxer and composer from Jaipur who performs on more than 35 instruments, by the name Dost Arora One Man Orchestra. He is an ex topper of the commerce division of APS Jaipur, he also holds a masters degree in economics and is also php web developer, though now he is a professional musician.

His musicial achievements: Performed at Dubai Yoga Festival, Abu Dhabi festival, performed in Poland at a private wedding of one of admirers of his music.
Even nationally he has performed at: Art Of Living function where Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was also invited, Iskcon temple Jaipur, Iskcon Bhajan Sandhya in Dubai. He also performed at many NGOs for fund raising events like Aashray working for animal rights at Hotel Clarks Amer in Jaipur.
He has been appreciated by BBC music journalist Ashanti Omkar based in London and best selling author and artist Amulya Malladi based in Denmark. Nationally he has been appreciated by Santoor legend Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma, lyricist Prasoon Joshi and popular journalists like Arnab Goswami and Rajat Sharma.

In the end of December 2015 he released video where we can see not only talent and unbelievable skills of this artist on different instruments (both Indian and western) but also beautiful places and views of Jaipur.

After completing his economics hons and masters in economics, He was placed and he worked at KPMG it has been only three years since he decided to get into music professionally, so this is just beginning!

We are writing this blog to appreciate his talent on the occasion of his Birthday.. Wish you a very Happy Birthday Dost Arora from Team JaipurCityBlog and Agnieszka Ważna.

Here is a video of Dost Arora – One Man Orchestra performing at Jaipur

12 different instruments and music styles of the world in one video played by 1 musician !!!

Share if you also believe we can spread love and unity through music and culture.

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Story of Ankahi – The Band

Ankahi, the band started it’s journey in 2011. Akash was already  playing  guitar in Jaipur with other music bands by that time.
It is then, when Aditya ( Vocalist ) realized his inclination towards singing and started jamming sessions with Akash, who happened to be aditya’s neighbour.
They were looking for musicians with same taste and eventually got in touch with somesh (Aditya’s classmate) and shaino ( Drummer) , thus, the band was formed.

The band started participating in band competitions happening across Jaipur . They had been winners for consecutively two years at clash of bands at SKIT, Jaipur.

Ankahi – the band, have been winners in band competitions happening at GIT, Maharshi Arvind, IIMET to name a few.
They also did an opening act for the pakistani band “Raeth” at BITS jaipur.
Meanwhile they did a cover of “Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin ” on youtube and got noticed by people at HP India and was selected along with 11 other youtubers all over india, which gave them a chance to be mentored by the biggies of youtube including AIB , TVF and Kurt Hugo Schneider to name a few. They were the finalists of HP Bend the Rules contest. Also, they were the winners of motorola motospotlight contest and got the chance to share the stage with “The Local Train”.


The members of the band are not full time musicians and are committed to other priorities due to which they don’t prefer doing live shows . But it is the love for music which holds them together and despite all the odds they don’t miss the chance to practice and play music because they believe that it is that one extra percent effort which matters.
The band has been releasing youtube covers lately and plans to release it’s first original “Ankahi Ye Kahani ” by the end of this year.

GENRE : Hindi rock , punk , folk punk , pop

Members of Ankahi – The Band

Aditya Khandelwal – Vocalist of the band . A software engineer and currently going for mba at KJ somaiya , mumbai.
Akash Manghnani – Lead/Rhythm Guitarist of the band . An MBA and a music tutor.
Somesh Srivastava – Lead/Rhythm Guitarist of the band. A software engineer and running his own startup.
Shaino Thomas – Drummer of the band .  An MBA and working in HDFC bank.

Click here to check out their more videos

Connect with Ankahi :

Facebook : www.facebook.com/ankahiband
Instagram : @ankahibandofficialMusic In Jaipur

Welcome to jaipur

PC : syed sabeeh

Welcome to Jaipur, the Pink City! The land of literature, forts, lakes and an amazing tourist destination.

This rhyming poem ‘Welcome to Jaipur’ was written for JaipurCityBlog by Harish Satwani.


Jaipur, founded in 1727
Its cultural, it is heaven..

Land of literature , land of past
No discrimination on races and cast

Here is heritage, here is history
Forts , ponds , lakes and mystery

Nahargarh is situated at heights
Seems Mesmerising in late nights

Technically jaipur is quite good…
We live happily with brotherhood..

In terms of tourism , jaipur is nice

Kingdom was brilliant, kings were wise…

Designed the city according the needs…
They were trees and we were seeds..

Flower show at jal mahal mesmerise the looks..
Jlf promotes writing and books

Metro specifies jaipur developing..
Here fort speaks and nature sings..


Poem by Harish Satwani from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

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Its not just Photography that defines Jaipur, even Artists have their own way to express their love towards Pinkcity.

Elephants at Amer Fort Jaipur

Meet Mr. Anurag Mehta a self taught watercolor artist from Udaipur, Rajasthan (India) expressing his love towards Jaipur in Paintings.
Lets read what he have to say about his work and passion!

Few words about Myself

I am a self taught watercolor artist from Udaipur, Rajasthan (India).Watercolor is my passion from early childhood and I do paint from my surroundings.

I have started painting long back when I was in school. Despite of lack of facilities and guidance (since those days internet was not there), I kept on trying my hands in painting various subjects and themes. Due to some circumstances I couldn’t take drawing and painting as a subject in my schooling but the fire within me for painting remained alive and simultaneously with studies in Science stream, I kept painting in watercolors. After introduction with internet this passion got multiplied and I started learning techniques of watercolors seriously.

My Work and Projects

Indian monuments and sculpture has always attracted me and these figures are like feast for my artwork. I have frequently worked on subjects like Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort, The City Palace of Jaipur, Mehrangarh Fort (Jodhpur) and different location of my home city, Udaipur.

  1. I have got appreciation from Maharana Mewar Cheritable Foundation (MMCF), for my work done on The City palace of Udaipur and my work has been promoted on official portal of Mewar, i.e. eternalmewar.in
  2. I am a member of an art project in Bilbao, SPAIN, i.e. Beta Pectoris and in present year I have participated in a group show in SPAIN.
  3. In 2012 my work on The City palace, Udaipur has been exhibited in CAMEL ART FOUNDATION EXHIBITION at New Delhi.

Why Watercolors?

I have selected watercolor as the medium of work because it’s a challenging medium being toughest in nature. Despite it the spontaneity, freshness and liveliness of this medium always attracted me.

Since last 7 years I am actively working in watercolors and still learning the techniques …it’s a long, rather unending journey.

At last… through my paintings I want to deliver a request to the citizens of India that we should protect our heritage buildings and monuments, since these are our identity, and keep our cities clean.



30, Kanchan Vihar (Opp.Savitri Vatika) Hiran Magri Sec.4, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Contact– cell no : +91 9414163915, +91 8003038915

                     E-mail  :  anurag_guitar@rediff.com

                      Blog : anuragwatercolor.blogspot.com

Amer Fort Jaipur

Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

Morning Light at Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur


Jaipur in Paintings


Amer Fort Jaipur Painting


Painting of Amer Fort Jaipur

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