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Getting bored in summers or, just lying on the bed to avoid the furious afternoon!! Then, drag your brain to positive sides also as summers are not only about scorching heat but can be enjoyable too. And, to witness yourself as a truly Summerholic, you can look up for a variety of options at Heiwa Heaven in the outskirts of Jaipur.

Before a visit to this resort for a day-out kept us in a feel that we would get exhausted in the heat of summer. But, our experience with Heiwa Heaven resorts was quite overwhelming, when we came to know about some exciting things, which everyone can attend here.

Our stay and all round activities that you can also enjoy while being at Heiwa Heaven Resorts are here for your look through.  

A Weekend Getaway

camp-room at heiwa heaven

Imagine yourself under the beautiful sky gazing at stars and feeling the cool breeze in the summer nights. Feels good right! This apparently, you can only go through when you are for a weekend getaway at Heiwa Heaven. Because of its location in the outer range of Jaipur, it serves a part of the starry sky in the nights throughout the year. And, you can also get to spend quality time while camping in their Rainforest glam camps with your friends or family.

And, if you prefer to be in a cozy zone, then finest option is to stay in the rooms to revive in luxury during the summer weekends.


Rain Dance with Pool Party

heiwa heaven

What can be better than a pool party in the sunny day? Heat of summer always drags us to drench with the splash in swimming pool and enjoy the best of times. So far, when it is accompanied with a rain dance party, nothing can con it. For a fantastic time, you can have a nice pool party with your friends or family, and request for a rain dance accompanied with DJ sound can be more astonishing.


Adventurous Sports

adventure sports at heiwa heaven

Going gaga over the adventures like Zorba, Quad Biking, Zip Line, etc. in the time of summers is what you can enjoy with your loved ones. Relishing adventurous activities in summer season is mostly we avoid, but the property of Heiwa Heaven has a soothing arena in the lap of nature which abides more to the sports like this.


Indoor Gaming Buds

indoor games heiwa heaven

If you are an indoor gamer person and of course in the time of summers this is the first ever thing that everyone prefers, especially when it comes to kids. So, while enjoying a getaway at Heiwa Heaven Resorts, you can orchestrate in the game zone here by playing Pool, Billiards, Dart Games, electronic hockey, electric cars, bouncy, and much more. Playing unconventional games like tug of war, volleyball, is also the option that can be enjoyed in summers while being here in the garden area.


Romantic Dinner

Heiwa Heaven Jaipur

Being with your loved ones in the summer nights that too with a romantic dinner set-up can make your closer ones fall in love with the memories of your closeness back again in time. And, this is another option that you can make to surprise your partner in the beauty of Heiwa Heaven Resorts beside the pool or garden area maintained here.


Spa retreat

SPA in Heiwa Heaven

Unwinding yourself in the time of summers is the perfect thing to go for. And, Heiwa Heaven has this alternative within their luxurious facilities. Their Wood Laze Spa comprises of treatments that can go best with the rejuvenation process of body for the summer weekends. Either you are on a getaway or a day out, you can choose line it up in your to-do.


Diversified locations to capture

heiwa heaven

Moments can reveal off better when they are captured in photographs. But, when it’s the time of summer, probably we don’t find it pleasant to go for a day or sometimes evening as well. Therefore, Heiwa Heaven has a location with an abundant area in its indoors and outdoors, which can match well with the requirements of various photo sessions. Most importantly, the hilly range surrounds it. So, you don’t have to bother much while being there.


A day out with a lot of to-do stuff

Last but not least, blazing summers also give a plenty of time to have a day out with family or friends. And, for spending an entire day in Heiwa Heaven can leave engaging bliss into the memories that last forever. Most of all, you can lean into the rich culinary experience with the range of mocktails.

As a guest, you can sway around the whole day. Dine in the Nirwana Woods (Restaurant), embrace in a soothing rejuvenation at Wood Laze Spa, or have fun at Bliss puddle (Swimming Pool area), and have amazingly peppy summers in Heiwa Heaven resorts.

So, plan any of the fun time things and enjoy your summers in the luxurious resort property without going too caustic in holidays.

You know what’s fascinating and makes you feel complete? Sitting beside an old landscape of the city and sipping coffee in the breezy evening with your friend and loved ones. And, if the landmark is supposed to be Statue Circle, then cheer of excitement and splendour runs within the body. One of the most famous landmarks of Jaipur, Statue Circle is the busy spot that may seem like an ordinary traffic intersection but its far more than that.

So here you can catch some of the essences of the history, architecture, and best visit time of Statue circle that is worth to know.

Historical Crux

Situated in the mid of the busy intersecting road of the Pink City, Statue Circle is reminiscent of the rich history of Jaipur. Statue Circle was erected in the memory of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the founder of the city. And, as a tribute to him, this circle got its name from the statue that it comprises of. This place attracts a large number of both foreign as well natives. The tourists often see this place as they pass by while navigating throughout the city. Known for its historical significance, Statue Circle gives a glimpse of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II and his royalty.

Statue Circle Jaipur

PC: @abhinavsharma1595

Statue Circle – Architectural Flap

If you take a look at the sculpture of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, it is a life-size statue made of white marble. As the king was known as the ardent lover of astrology, the statue circle illustrates the Maharaja holding an astrological diagram. The memorial is adorned with the beautiful lighting and multi-colored fountains which come out even better in the evenings. The fountain at the statue circle is a delightful sight that gives an unforgettable impression on the souls of visitors and compels them to have a visit over and over again.

Best Time to visit Statue Circle

Statue Circle is open for all, and one can visit it anytime, anyday. But, an excellent time is in the evening as city personifies the warm feel in summers and scorching heat throughout the day in the months of March to June. And, for the best experience, if you are travelling during the months of October to January, then you will find the pleasant space and comfort of being here even better.

Located at a highly prime spot of Jai Singh Circle, Ashok Nagar, this place is also famous for spicy snacks and vibrant local delicacies, which are served by the street vendors over here. Ideal for evening walkers, morning joggers, and much more, statue circle has the charm to enliven the spirit of tourist during Jaipur tour.

So, don’t forget to visit Statue Circle and relive the perfect combination of Jaipur’s imperial past and its recent turn of events that are present in the gesture of this incredible landmark.

Places to see in jaipur

Chokhi Dhani

Intrigued with the magnificent architectures, temples, and several other tourists’ spots, Pink City carries a charm that never fails to fill the heart and soul of a traveler with a lot of memories.

And, when it comes to luxury, Jaipur is a synonym in Rajasthan that has royal counterparts in the form of varying Hotels and Resorts. Out of which, one of the famous resort is ‘Chokhi Dhani.’ A luxurious retreat with its roots in Jaipur extended to Jaisalmer, and Indore as well.

Chokhi Dhani Group owns heritage resorts and other ventures in it, which are synonymous with Rajasthani Village themed hospitality since 1990.

Brief to the Reef

Since 1994, the 5-star Chokhi Dhani Resort & Hotel has been serving international as well local travelers. Being the leading group of hotels, Chokhi Dhani has emerged as a unique hospitality chain, which is committed to provide guests with a unique experience of Rajasthani Culture. And, while looking to the pride of Rajasthan and India, Chokhi Dhani is a group that has been a preserver of traditional heritage hospitality with Rajasthani brilliance.

Comprised of other hotels, resorts, and ventures, Chokhi Dhani is located in various parts of Indian namely – 2 ethnic luxury resorts (Jaipur and Indore), 1 Palace hotel (Jaisalmer), 1 luxury desert camp resort (Jaisalmer), 9 ethnic villages fairs (Jaipur, Indore, Pune, Mumbai, Surat, Panchkula, Chennai, and Sonipat), Fine dining restaurant (Bengaluru), Chokhi Dhani foods, and 1 hotel including fun city (Jaipur).

Chokhi Dhani

Bond of Culture and Hospitality at Chokhi Dhani

Looking at its presence, Chokhi Dhani Group comprises several other properties within its name. Story and unit of this premium group started from Chokhi Dhani 5-Star Ethnic Resorts, Jaipur where one can identify Rajasthani village for dining i.e. Chokhi Dhani Village along with their retail counter Kalagram, which is meant for the purpose of crafts that showcases the incredible Indian courtesy.

Moving on to its section of Food, Chokhi Dhani oriented in ethnic village theme serves the concept of Indian cuisine in their strokes of Aavbhagat.

Chokhi Dhani Jaipur

Chokhi Dhani is Worth a Visit

With the glimpse of the royal culture of Rajasthan accompanied with traditional hospitality and beautiful palatial properties every part of the group of Chokhi Dhani is worthwhile to take a tour. Inescapable part is it is meant for all, either they are tourists or native people; Chokhi Dhani is accessible for all who desire to experience the Rajasthani culture. The village fairs, Bani Thani art, wall decorations, with the touch of Manuhar (a delicate request to eat till your heart’s wish).

Last but not least, the feelings to encourage and preserve the village art and culture, to introduce today’s generation with the roots and the globe trekkers to see Indian rural life.

Away from the hustle of the city center where nature is alive and natural scenic views leaves an impression of rustic Indian villages.

Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani jaipur

Heiwa Heaven Resort

Moving to and fro with the essence of going to an entirely new place always brings out a thought of excitement and a question, what’s going to be next? And, while exploring the outskirts area of Jaipur, we had our encounter with Heiwa Heaven Resort, a luxurious retreat that is enclosed in the lap of nature with unique ambience and design.

Located around 12kms from the main city, this 4-star luxurious resort has aesthetically pleasant surrounding to refresh the mind and soul of any visitor. Their words of pride “Feel the difference” actually make sense by their way of hospitality, environment, and courtesy of being one of the ideal resorts in Jaipur. It’s so far more than a luxury that can be felt even more when you are to visit Heiwa Heaven.

The tourist who love to stay away from the hustle and bustle of a city and wanted to experience excellent modern amenities, the property of Heiwa Heaven ascertains factor of harmony and hospitality all in one.

It is one of the leading resorts of India and upholds an environment that is perfect for all the occasions. Whether it’s a corporate one or personal event, its spacious accommodation, blissful hilly surrounding hosted in grandeur way leaves a delightful impression to return here over and over again.

Lodging Highlights

Our day outing at resort started with a welcome drink on arrival, which was offered at the reception counter. When we came up to the area of stay, we saw the rooms featured with vista windows that allow passing on abundant sunlight during the daytime while offering a serene view of swimming pool and landscape outside the hotel. And, categorised as Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Executive, and Suites with all the innovative features to give a feeling of highness.

Tremendous Facilities

For beating the scorching heat of daytime, we came to the poolside area, Bliss puddle for enjoying a fun time and relaxing in water with the refreshing mocktails that actually revived our cores in summer. Also, over the area of swimming pool, Rain Dance and DJ party were arranged for all the in-house guests in the resort to sprinkle up little more excitement.

Heiwa Heaven Resort

Pool side area

After a pool party, to relish our appetite, we reached their restaurant & bar, Nirwana Woods to dine in a hi-five place accompanied with a soothing ambience and a vegetarian lunch buffet. After treating stomach with a delicious meal, we made a stop at Banquet Hall namely Elysium, a wood hillside auditorium that is meant for wedding functions, professional gatherings, anniversary/birthday celebrations, parties, or any other special events.

Moving to the other zones, we came to play cricket in Fairyland Marriage Garden, a wild wood theme wedlock garden that offers vast area outside, which made us realized of a dream wedding that everyone wishes for.

cricket ground in jaipur

Huge garden for Sports and Weddings at Heiwa Heaven Resort

After cricket entertainment, walking towards the inner section, for pampering our senses, we discovered the wood laze spa, Paradise Woods that helps the guests to calm their body and soul while recreating the ecstasy from outside world.

As soon as the time passed by, we went to explore and pace up more with indoor as well outdoor activities. Therefore, we made our way towards Glory Woods Madness, which has a designed soft play area for all age groups with the impressive combination of music, adventure, movement, props, imaginary play, and custom-designed apparatus.

Over there, a playful round of pool and table tennis went pretty fantastic, and for complementing self with outdoor fun, we made a catch with Zorba and Zip Line.

Heiwa Heaven Resort

Indoor Games at Heiwa Heaven Resort

adventure sports in Jaipur

Adventure Activities at Heiwa Heaven Resort

And, so far we came to an end to our journey of Heiwa Heaven lastly at Pearly Gates Tents for an entirely different confrontation of camping site within the resort premises amidst the local surrounding of the forests.

All set to the top, we can enlighten Heiwa Heaven as a property which is an ideal getaway for the corporates, business travellers, families, couples, and much more. Wrapping up all the contemporary services for corporate events, meetings, conferences, wedding functions, and all types of parties, here is an option in the suburbs of Jaipur to explore.

Heiwa Heaven

A place of culture, royal hotels, beautiful forts, and delicious food, Jaipur is a treasure that upholds every churn of a living standard within it. And, when it comes to lifestyle, Shopping is the most preferred thing that no one can miss in Pink City.

For every shopaholic, Jaipur is a paradise that has diverse markets and shopping malls that are preferable by the locals as well tourists for shop, delight, and entertain self with many choices of national and international brands. Here we have some of the best shopping malls where you can shop, eat, and explore as much as you can:

  1. Elements Mall

Elements Mall is centrally located in the city offering a high rise shopping with several entertainment options. It consists food court with a variety of cuisines. It is one of the newest shopping malls in Jaipur and is the home of domestic as well as international brands.

Location: DCM, Ajmer Road, Jaipur

elements mall

  1. Crystal Palm

Project by the Mahima group, crystal palm is situated in a wholesome area of Jaipur. The mall provides the charm of Inox cinemas with upcoming international brands of accessories, cosmetics, clothes and food. The food brands like Costa Coffee; McDonalds and Pizza Hut are the part of the region.

Location: Bais Godam Circle, Opp. MGF Metropolitan

  1. Crystal Court

It is also a project by Mahima group; near to the Gaurav Tower, it involves every Indian clothes brand with some international brands as well. When talking about food, the internationals outlets like Pizza Hut and Baskin Robins are part of it.

Location: Near G.T. Malviya Nagar

  1. World Trade Park

A complete package for shopping, movies, entertainment, etc. in Pink City. World Trade Park is one of the famous and biggest malls serving leisure with all domestic as well as international brands like Shoppers Stop, Zara, Nike, etc. It also has a Cinepolis multiplex and a food court serving different types of cuisines.

Location: Near Gaurav Tower

world trade park

  1. MGF Metropolitan Mall

Close to the area of Crystal Palm, this mall was envisioned keeping in detail the discerning corporate travellers. MGF Metropolitan Mall provides conference rooms and multi-cuisine food court and has assisted a steady growth in the traffic of population coming to the same. Hypermarkets like big bazaar, lifestyle is the part of the same considered as the most attracted region in the mall.

Location: Bais Godam Circle, C-Scheme

shopping malls in jaipur

PC: @city.voyager

  1. Apex Mall

Apex Mall is a commercial centre with some good shopping stores of domestic as well as international brands. One can easily find outlets of all the leading clothing brands and business offices at Apex Mall. This mall also has some great eating food joints that serve the variety of dishes.

Location: Gandhi Nagar Mod, Tonk Road

  1. Triton Mall

Entitled with a convenient location and vast space of 4.5-lakh square feet. Triton Mall is a home to around more than 150 national and international brands and exclusive store. Entitled as the colossal mall in Pink City with a maximum number of brands and stores at one place meeting the standards of metro city Delhi and city of dreams Mumbai.

Location: Near Jhotwara Pulia, Sikar Road

  1. Gaurav Tower

Gaurav Tower is the most famous joint of people in Pink City. The mall is spread in the area of 200,000 sq. Feet by covering whole family shopping with entertainment and food court in the list. The mall includes an enormous variety of international brands to local brands of clothes, furniture, electronics, restaurants, jewellery and much more.

Location: Near Malviya Nagar Pulia

Gaurav Tower

PC: Drashant Gupta

  1. Silver Square Mall

At the center of Jaipur city, Silver Square is the top notch mall that attracts the people of all age groups. With easily accessible location it has been in the list of best place for the family and friends hangout. In the inner section, it offers an extended range of branded showrooms of clothing, accessories, and much more.

Location: Bhagwant Das Road, Panch Batti, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar

  1. City Pulse

One of the most amazing places to have fun and enrol in entertainment, City Pulse has a long list of all the major brands in it. It is also considered as the main venue to eat as many popular restaurant outlets one can find here.

Location: City Pulse Mall, Narayan Singh Road, Rambagh

  1. Jalsa Mall

A full-fledged destination for entertainment in Jaipur, Jalsa Mall provides a superior shopping experience along with entertainment. Spreads over 2.5 lakh sq. Ft., Jalsa houses snow world, underwater walk, multiplex, kids and fun zone with overall 300 retail outlets.

Location: Malviya Nagar Industrial Area, Malviya Nagar

  1. Saraogi Mansion

Located in Adarsh Nagar, Saraogi Mansion is the ideal place for family shopping. It offers various shops of clothing, boutiques, and footwears with some restaurants. A complete structure of shops makes it look like a mall from inside and mansion from outside.

Location: MI Road, Bapu Bazar, Biseswarji

Saraogi Mansion

  1. Sun N Moon

It is a major and famous shopping hub in Jaipur that features 133 shops and a food court inside. All the key shopping brands are available at Sun N Moon mall.

Location: Commercial Plot No. 1, Near S.K. Soni Hospital, Main Sikar Road, Sector 5, Vidyadhar Nagar

  1. Vaibhav Tower

One of the most visited destinations in Jaipur, Vaibhav Tower includes an INOX multiplex, which makes it an entire zone of entertainment. Major brands of clothing outlets, footwear’s and best eating joints restaurant with gaming, reliance web world is preferable for the visitors.

Location: Near Amrapali Circle, Vaishali Nagar

Vaibhav Tower

  1. Mall 21

An old shopping mall by Panchar group, Mall 21 is located opposite of Rajmandir famous movie theater. Serving quality entertainment that too with most occupied shops of clothes and unique fashion wears.

Location: Bhagwant Das Rd, C-Scheme, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar

City Palace Jaipur

Rajendra Pole at City Palace

The City Palace, Jaipur

The City Palace in Jaipur is spread out over a series of courtyards. It was founded in 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II as part of his ambitious city project, and his successors continued to ornament and add to the elegant buildings up until the 20th century. The palace has always been much more than the grand residence of a royal family. It was also, from the start, a centre of patronage of the arts and of learning, and with its many temples, it is also a place of ritual and worship. On important festival days such as Gangaur and Teej, the procession of the image of the Goddess through the streets unites the City Palace and the people of the city in shared celebrations. Today, the palace has thrown open its exclusive spaces to the public through the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum Trust, welcoming domestic and international visitors from far and wide.

The Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum Trust is responsible for one of the premier palace museums in India, with buildings and collections of national importance, collected and commissioned over the centuries by the Kachhwaha rulers of Amber and Jaipur.

The Museum began during the reign of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II in 1952, when the Silehkhana and an Art Gallery were opened to the public. At that time, a turban or pagri was a part of the entrance requirement for male visitors, as wearing one was the contemporary etiquette of the Palace. In 1959, a Textile and Costume gallery was added (in the Mubarak Mahal), and the Museum was formally named the Maharaja of Jaipur Museum. In 1972, after the death of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II, his son and successor Brigadier Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh reorganised the museum to expand the collections and buildings, and renamed both the Museum and its managing Trust in honour of his father.

Mubarak Mahal

Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh II commissioned the striking Mubarak Mahal, for use as a guesthouse to receive foreign visitors around 1900. As it was situated in the outermost courtyard of the palace, it allowed him to be a gracious host while maintaining his, and his family’s privacy.

mubarak mahal

mubarak mahal

Textile Gallery

Under the royal patronage, wondrous textiles and fabrics flourished. These are usually part of the personal collection and being relatively fragile, do not last long. Which is where the Jaipur City Palace is special – it has the largest group of historic royal textiles surviving in India today. This includes all textiles bought for or collected and used by the men and women of the royal family, irrespective of where they were made.

The Painting and Photography Gallery was added in 2015. There is a broad selection of pictures from the Museum’s reserve collections that have been displayed for the first time.Many new and interesting stories about the paintings have emerged as a result.The exhibition begins in the era of the founder, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, in the 18th century and concludes after Indian independence in 1947, when ruler of the time, Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II, was no longer the sovereign ruler of Jaipur, but the democratically appointed symbolic head or Rajpramukh of the Indian state of Rajasthan.This room contains paintings bought for and commissioned by the founder and his sons.

Sarvato Bhadra

The Sarvato Bhadra (where the famous silver urns are displayed) is built on a plinth or platform, with marble pillars that hold up the roof. Sarvato Bhadra means single-storeyed, square, open hall, with enclosed rooms at the four corners. The rest of this building and the courtyard around it is built with ordinary stone pieces, finished smoothly with plaster and then painted pink. One use of the Sarvato Bhadra was as the Divan-e-Khas, or the Hall of Private Audience, which meant the ruler, could hold court with the officials and nobles of the kingdom in a more private, intimate space than the grand spaces of the Sabha Niwas which was open to more people. But it’s also one of the most important ritual buildings in the complex, and continues to be so today, representing ‘living heritage’.

Jaipur City palace

Shobha Niwas – Gold Room

Pritam Niwas Chowk

The gate on the western side of the Sarvato Bhadra courtyard is called Riddhi-Siddhi Pol. Unlike most of the other gates, which are only plastered and painted, this gate is decorated with beautifully carved marble, giving us a hint about its importance – it was used by the Maharajas to enter their private residence! It leads into the Pritam Niwas Chowk, with the 7-storey Chandra Mahal on the right.

The courtyard is rectangular and has the famous painted and carved gateways. All four arched and painted gateways carry pictures of dancing peacocks and blossoming lotus flowers. They were built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, who lived about 200 years ago. This is the same Maharaja who built the Hawa Mahal. The courtyard was used for the Maharajas’ private gatherings and events, and the women could look down on them the same way they looked at functions in the Sabha Niwas.

Museum at Night with Sculpture Lumiére Show

The Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum Trust, under the patronage of the Royal Family of Jaipur, introduced new evening opening hours, with special tickets for visiting the City Palace Museum and for the first time in India, a Sculpture Lumière Show.

The Museum at Night offers an exclusive experience of the City Palace. The buildings are specially lit and magically transformed, and selected galleries are open for viewing. The highlight of the experience is the Sculpture Lumière, a spectacle of light and music (the state anthem which has been revived by the royal family of Jaipur and re-recorded by Rajasthan Roots). The show is both an art experience and informative: it covers the history of Jaipur and its rulers, using images from the Museum collection, video, and graphics, all projected onto the walls of the Sarvato Bhadra Chowk, and the Chandra Mahal. Guests can visit the illuminated palace buildings, courtyards and museum galleries before the Sculpture Lumiére Show.

Baradari Restaurant

The restaurant, Baradari is the latest in a series of initiatives by the Jaipur royal family to improve the visitor experience to the City Palace. Recently renovated by Studio Lotus, one of India’s leading design practices, it wraps around the courtyard of what was once the historic service court of the City Palace. With cooling water cascades and an elegant bar that plays with the traditional form of baradari (a columned, open pavilion), it is the perfect place to conclude a visit to the Museum, or to host a meal. It serves sumptuous Indian and international cuisines in elegant surroundings and also runs a Snack Bar for the convenience of visitors who wish to grab a meal on-the-go.

baradari restaurant

Baradari Restaurant

Chandra Mahal

Chandra Mahal or the moon palace was the main residence of the Maharajas of Jaipur. It is seven storeys high, and was built in just seven years. The state flag of Jaipur, called the panchranga, or five-color flutters on the top. You may notice a smaller, quarter flag flying above it. That denotes that the Maharaja is in residence and is connected with the title ‘Sawai’ that is added to the names of the rulers of Jaipur. The founder of Jaipur, Maharaja Jai Singh the second, was honoured by the Emperor Aurangzeb with the title of ‘Sawai’ literally meaning ‘one and a quarter’.

The seven storied building, Chandra Mahal is built with such proportion that one can hardly realize its grand scale without going around its various apartments. The walls of the verandah of Chandra Mahal on the first floor are covered with life size portraits of Jaipur rulers painted by German Artist A.H. Muller during the reign of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II. The verandah faces Royal Jai Niwas gardens, Govind Devji temple and the scenic view of the tiger fort on the Aravali Mountains.

The second storey of Chandra Mahal is Sukh Niwas. The gilded room has walls decorated with gold work from over 200 years ago. The room is full of royal memorabilia, including the famous Lalique Peacock table, an incredible piece specially made for the Royal Family of Jaipur by the world renowned artist Marc Lalique.

Chandra Mahal’s third storey, called Rang Mandir is embellished with mirrors on the walls, pillars and ceilings.

The fourth storey is called Shobha Niwas. Created in 18th century, it is a room of mirrors embellished with decorations in colour and gold.

The fifth storey is the Chhavi Niwas, which is painted with floral pattern in blue & white to depict the reflection of clouds in the sky.

The Sixth storey of the palace is Sri Niwas, one of the finest examples of Mughal artwork decorated with mirror & gold during 18th century. The reflections of the intricate glass work in candlelight is a treat to the viewer’s eye.

The top of Chandra Mahal or seventh storey is known as Mukut Mandir. It is the crown of the royal Palace over which the flag of Jaipur flies relentlessly. One can have a panoramic view of the walled city of Jaipur from the Mukut Mandir.

chandra mahal

View of Chandra Mahal


Zolocrust is the 1st 24*7 live bakery in India ran by a team of 16 top notch chefs. The unique thing about this place is that, for the 1st time chefs came out of their shell and proved that there is nothing they cannot do. From cooking and presentation of food to taking orders, serving the customers, billing the transactions and assuring hygiene of the kitchen, everything is done by the chef’s. It is an extension of the chef’s skills which is not only limited to kitchen but comes out and reach you in its full glory.


Once a person enters the bakery, the 1st thing which is noticeable apart from their huge live kitchen is that they have no back area in the kitchen and even the dish washing area is kept visible for the customers. Thus, standards of hygiene are well-maintained by the chef’s. Further, the simple wooden tables and chairs, the glass walls, dim lights, comfortable couches and soothing music are just add-ons to the beautiful display of cakes, bakes and more.

When you enter and see their live kitchen, other things you do notice is the machine and tools they’re using for making food. There’s a huge cost involved in these machines, the whole idea is to serve a good meal with no compromise on the quality of the food. Though you might think for once why the prices are so high, but when you try their food and see their hospitality, the paid price would be too less in what you get in return.


Zolocrust is not just a live kitchen. It has a lot more to offer

  • A fully equipped poly-house is installed where most of the exotic vegetables (Cherry tomatoes, Rocket leaves and Broccoli) which are used in the restaurant are grown.
  • All the dishes are served in eco-friendly utensils made out of areca leaves by women of South India and the only cutlery used are spoon, fork and knives. Even wine is served in disposable cornstarch paper glasses giving customers an overall different experience. Everything is biodegradable so you are supporting nature as well. Don’t you think this is very rare to find? Yes indeed it is and we are proud that someone took this step towards in making biodegradable India. Well we are proud to see these steps, but when it comes to costing there’s a lot the team of Chef’s is spending on these items for a better cause.
  • A wall with painted disposable glasses adds color and beauty to the place. You must be thinking who did this? We’ll these are painted by valuable customers like you and the beautiful children at NGO “Disha”. Zolocrust not only works keeping in mind the nature, they do work towards the causes as well. The glass painted wall you see, these glasses are bought from NGO Disha to support the greatness they’re spreading.

Right from growing their own vegetables to association with various NGO’s, they are playing their part well in terms of environment friendly café and what’s more is that you can enjoy these scrumptious delicacies 24*7. From our experience and what we have heard from the known ones is that, Zolocrust treats all its customers as their family. We have heard Chef’s always looks good behind the kitchen, but to be frank this is a different experience and Chef’s look much better when they’re right in front of you showing their best of work.

Clarks amer

Home grown vegetables at their Poly House

As said good content can make the readers happy, they very same way food at Zolocrust makes you feels special.

Confused, what all to try? We will make it easier for you:

  1. Pizza AL Caprino or The Roasted Veggie
  2. Apple Beetroot Juice
  3. Expresso Shake
  4. Ciabatta Toast with Mushroom and Garlic
  5. Blueberry Cheesecake
  6. Ravioli in White Sauce
  7. Croissant Sandwich
  8. Gianduja Chocolate Marquise
  9. Tiramisu
  10. Chocolate Pizza

We would highly recommend this place. Thinking of when should we visit it? Anytime I would say, 24 hours of service and everything is available, right from the chefs to the delicious food.

Deserts and Food at Zolocrust:


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Tunnel at Amber Fort

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Amber fort (Amer) was named after Goddess Amba Ji and is situated on the peak of arrivali ranges in Amer town that is 11 km from Jaipur city.
Amer fort is famous for its magnificent architectural designs and mysterious history. But if I talk about one of the best kept secrets of Amber fort. Let’s have a look:

Tunnel at Amber Fort

Amer fort has a secret tunnel that connects it to the Jaigarh fort. 1.5 km tunnel has many stairs and ramps to make the way more easier and complex. This tunnel was previously not open for some reasons. In 2012, officials of City palace and tourism department of Rajasthan decided to open the tunnel with its mystery for the tourists.

The tunnel between Jaigarh fort and Amer Fort was made for Queens to escape the fort at the time of attack or war. But by grace of God, that never happened.
The fort was completely safe and secured. Before it’s discovery no one ever imagined that there can be such a tunnel connecting Amer and Jaigarh. If we go by road, the distance between the two forts is about 5-6 km.

When the tunnel was discovered, various small cells were found inside. It is believed that these cells were one of the most important elements of tunnel.
So this tunnel was one of the best kept secret of Amer fort.

Timings of Amer – Jaigarh Tunnel

The timings of Amer – Jaigarh tunnel is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Some archaeologists believes that there is another tunnel in the city of Jaipur that is from City palace to Nahargarh fort.


Galta Temple

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Divine and filled with positive vibes, Jaipur have some of the major tourist destinations like Rajput Palaces, Forts, Cultural ethnicity, Princely Ambience, and temples that are worthwhile to visit.

Looking on close to the holy structures, an ancient Hindu pilgrimage appears into the minds of natives of Jaipur ‘Galta Ji Temple’. Surrounded by Aravalli Hills, Galta Ji is located at a distance of 11km away from the Pink City. The temple is one of the oldest holy places among the district of Jaipur. The pilgrimage from centuries gives dedication to Lord Hanuman Ji as well as to Surya Dev.

The Galtaji water tank is fed by pure water from a perennial spring. This temple is also known as Sun temple and this is the only temple of sun, this makes Galta ji as one of the important religious places.

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History of Galta Temple 

Since the 16th century, Galta Ji Temple has been a retreat for the Hindu ascetics belonging to Vaishnavite Ramanandi sect. Diwan Rao Kriparam, a companion of Sawai Jai Singh II, built Galta Ji in the 18th Century. Galta Ji is named after the Saint Galav who spent his whole life in search of truth and performed his Tapasya for 100 years over here. Pleased with his penance, gods appeared before him and blessed his place of worship with abundant water. That’s why to honour great Saint Galav; the temple was named after him. And, taking a dip in the natural springs of Galta Ji is considered quite auspicious and is said to cleanse the sins of a person.

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Galta Ji  Temple Architecture and Insights

Galta Ji temple has a brilliant layout and is counted as one of the jewels of Jaipur. The temple complex confines natural fresh water springs and seven holy ‘kunds’ or water pools. Out of which, pilgrims use upper and lower kunds for bathing. Among these water tanks, the ‘Galta Kund’, is the holiest one and is believed never to get dry.

A fount of pure water flows from a rock shaped like a cow’s head, which is known as ‘Gaumukh’ into the Jal kunds. A magnificent structure that is built in pink sandstone, amidst low hills, and is designed to look more like a palace or ‘haveli’ than a traditional temple. The Ramgopalji Temple informally known as Galta Monkey Temple has a backdrop of lush green vegetation with gorgeous landscapes and offers a fascinating view of the Jaipur city.

It is also famous for the various tribes of monkeys that dwell in this area. Galta Ji also has other temples in complex i.e. the temple of Balaji, Diwan Kriparam, and Sun Temple that is dedicated to Surya, the sun god. Religious chants combined with the natural lookout, provide a peaceful ambience for the visitors who come over here.

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Best time to visit Galta Mandir

Galta Ji Temple is famous amongst the photo fanatics and opens on all days of the week from 5:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. One can take approximately 1-2 hours to visit the entire place. Every year in mid-January, on Makar Sankranti, large crowds of visitors gather to take a bath in the holy kund, which is considered as favourable by the people of Jaipur. And, since it’s a religious place it is open to all.

Galta ji

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How to reach Galta Temple Jaipur?

The Galta Temple is located at a distance of 11 km away from Jaipur, Rajasthan. To reach Galta Temple, You can take the bus up yo Vidyadharji ka bagh and from here you can hire an auto rickshaws or cabs according to your suitability for going to this temple.

Things to Do in Jaipur, GaltaJi

Way to Galta Ji

Opening timings for Galta ji Temple

The timings of Galta Temple are 5:00 AM – 9:00 PM All days of the week

Galta Ji
Galta Ji Documentary by Past Pages | Harish Satwani

Shila Mata Temple

Shila Mata Temple

Shila Devi Mandir was built in Amber fort, which is 11 kilometers away from the center of Jaipur. Maharaja Mansingh, who was a devotee of Goddess Kali, erected the Shila Devi in the 16th century A.D. A temple is an eye-catching place for every visitor. The temple is not only famous for its history but also because of stunning interiors that consist of beautifully carved pillars and walls.

Location: Amber Fort , Jaipur, Rajasthan
Built by: Maharaja Man Singh I
Dedicated to: Goddess Durga

History of Shila Devi Mandir

The Shila Mata Temple also known as the Kali Temple was built by Maharaja Man Singh, a great devotee of goddess Kali in the 16th century. It is said that he used to worship the goddess for victory during battles. This temple is located in the Amber Palace complex. Legends say that Maharaja Man Singh I worshiped the Goddess for victory over the rulers of Bengal during his battle.  The temple is named after Shila Devi. Shila meaning stone slab from where the statue has been polished. It has an image of Lord Ganesha on the doorway that is wonderfully carved from a single piece of coral.

Significance of Shila Devi Temple

The nine incarnations of Shakti or Maa Durga i.e. Shail Putri, Brahmcharini, Chandra Ghanta, Kooshmanda, Skand Mata, Katyayani, Kaal Ratri, Maha Gauri, and Siddhi Daatri along with the ten Mahavidyas namely Kali, Tara, Shodashi (Tripur Sundari), Bhuvneshwari, Bhairvi, Chinnmasta, Dhumawati, Baglamukhi, Maatangi, and Kamla are beautifully engraved on the silver doors of the temple.

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Timings for Darshan in Shila Mata Temple Jaipur

There are different timings for worship, aarti and bhog in the temple.

6:00 a.m.


Darshan, Bal Bhog (10 min.).

7:00 a.m.


Jal Bhog (Dahi and Patasha).

8:00 a.m.


Poojan, Bhog of Gunji (name of a sweet dish) and seasonal fruits.

10:00 a.m. : Aarti (5 minutes).
10:30 – 11:00 a.m. : Rajbhog (visitors are not allowed during Rajbhog).
12:00 noon – 4:00 p.m. : Shayan (Rest or sleeping hours of deity, so temple get closed).
4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. : Darshan (Temple opened for visitors).
At the time of sunset : Sandhya Aarti and Bhog (schedule keep changes seasonally according to the change in time of sunset).
8:00 p.m. : Shayan Aarti.

8:00 p.m. – 5:00 a.m.


Shayan (Rest).

Festivals and Fairs celebrated in Shila Devi Mandir

Navratras are celebrated with great prom in the temple.  It falls in the Ashwin and Chaitra months of the Hindu calendar. Millions of people in and out of Jaipur come for Darshan of Maa Shila Devi. The surrounded hills reverberate with loud drums and other instruments. Period of those nine days are special for international tourists as they get to witness the prayer service held with great significance.


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