10 Dilly-Dallies You Can Try To Kill The Lockdown Boredom

As per the authorities’ order the state is under lockdown until 31st March and I am here for you to give you a bunch of creative ideas you can try at your home and kill the quarantine boredom.

Well reading, Netflix, prime-video, gaming and all are fine and you all must be doing that. But then let’s try something new and interesting as we all have a package of extra time to kill.

So here are some interests dilly-dallies you can do to kill the lockdown boredom: 

1. Eat ice-cream with a fork:

coz why not? Ice-creams are loved by everyone but have you ever eaten it with a fork? Well this is the time to get crazy and wear the most comfortable underpants and experiment with the food.

2. Try karaoke with your fam:

fam-jam is the trending hashtag used while putting up the fun and crazy memories upon the social networking apps. This is the time to truly implement the ‘fam-jam’ and relish a gala time with your homies. 

3. Explore the attic:

ah! Why not? Apart from the dusty boxes and spider-webs you may never know what’s hidden beneath the dust. So explore, dig and treasure some ancient family facts and stuff. Or maybe catch up on your childhood woobie.

4. Change the furniture positioning:

well, we often wish to have a change of backgrounds but since the outbreak of Coronavirus we are practicing house arrest. So why not be creative there? Try changing the furniture positions and change the entire look of the room that might kill a lot of boredom and you might end up finding a new look for the room without spending a penny. 

5. Paint the most-unnoticed wall: 

Eveyone is creative in their own ways, so put on your creative hats and take out the paint brushes. Paint the most boring and highly un-noticed wall and have your own free therapy. Doodle, draw, paint, and unload your tensions and create a whole new wall. 

6. It’s time to open the old albums:

Living under the social umbrella we are just uploading the everyday happenings for others to gaze, but it’s time we pause and gaze upon the memories we have created so far! Open the old-dusty albums and laugh, discuss the happy-sad incidents with your family. 

7. Open your cupboard and put on a different style: 

Put on a different style, use a different pair of clothing and make yourself a new interesting attire.

8. Experiment hairstyles:

this is the time to experiment new hairstyles, buns, braids, hair-ties and come up with a whole new look that you might use when the quarantine is over. 

9. It’s time you learn some new moves:

Well dance your stress out, watch YouTube videos, open different Instagram pages and try different moves.


 Yes we are supposed to stay inside our respective houses, but we need to understand the importance of exercise and body movements. Because of the lockdown our day is mostly over with the big screen in front of our eyes and body movement is more or less nil. So do not forget to exercise and tell your homies too.

Not just doing all these but let’s all spread positivity out in the universe, meditate, pray and thank the ones working day and night.