10 Rajasthan Railway Stations Installing Surveillance and Safety Measures!

RailTel, A PSU under the ministry of railways has installed advanced video surveillance system at the 10 running railway stations of North Western Railway in Rajasthan. This high-resolution observation is basically focussing to ensure better safety and security of people on platforms, parking areas and even in coaches of trains. 

These advanced video surveillance systems are installed in Gandhinagar Jaipur railway station, Alwar, Falna, Marwar Junction, Rewari, Abu Road, Pali, Bhilwara, Phulera and Suratgarh junction. All the successful implementation of this has been accomplished and based through the Nirbhaya fund.

What does the surveillance cover?  

The surveillance done covers the railway stations, the premium and EMU coaches of premium trains and suburban EMU coaches. 

Puneet Chawla, the chairman and managing director of RailTel said that they have completed work nearly at 125 stations across the country. The video surveillance system will soon be extended to other stations and coaches soon. 

Why surveillance? 

The ideal focus is to ensure safety, especially for women and children. Through the surveillance the 

  • Pickpocketing shall decrease, 
  • Cases of molestation will decline, 
  • Crime rate shall differ
  • People will be aware 
  • Less suffering 
  • Smooth functioning 

The focus is to have a better coverage and clearer images with four types of full HD camera where there’ll be bukket-type coverage for the indoor spaces, for the platforms it’ll be ultra HD cameras. 

All the CCTV cameras will be networked on optical cable and the videos of these CCTV cameras will then be brought to a centralized control room where the filling feed will be observed and fully monitored by the RPF.

Chawla also added that the video feed from CCTV cameras will be saved for 30 days for further playback, post event analysis and even for the investigation procedure. The crucial ones will be stored for longer duration. Important videos will be stored for a longer duration.

Through this video surveillance a better security and safety for the passengers is expected to level up a pace.