3 Exciting Upcoming Events in the City of Jaipur

India is truly an incredible place to live in, or visit. One cannot help but stare in awe and truly appreciate the natural beauty of various landscapes of the country. Right from the horizon-touching, breath-taking, soaring mountain peaks, to the pacifying and gorgeous grasslands, right up to the serene beaches—India has it all. As the saying goes—India, incredible India!

Among them is the Pink City of Jaipur—with its dazzling nature and overall hospitability of the general crowd, Jaipur is one of the first Indian cities that you must visit. As a backpacker, the idea of exploring a city as humongous as Jaipur should ideally fascinate you—the impressive forts and architectural pieces, the Western-India sense of art and appreciation for literature, the luscious local delicacies in and around the city, and of course, the inexpensive costs of living—all  should add up to be a fairly memorable experience. Keeping the average travelogue aside, here are a few additional events that are supposed to take place in the city of Jaipur, to add to your bucket list—if this does not prove to be the icing on the cake, then what will?

Dunes Music Festival

The uninitiated might be dubious about your choice to visit Rajasthan, considering that the uninitiated thinks of Rajasthan as a land plagued with camels, sand dunes, and religious fanatics. Whilst finding any of the above three is as slim as getting a jackpot at cricket betting odds, poker, or any casino games for that matter, what you will find in Jaipur, though, is the annual yet ever-pompous Dunes Music Festival.

The Dunes Music Festival is a delight for the appropriate audience, a bonanza that is riddled with SFX-rich décor and tremendous show of lights. The event generally takes place at the Dunes Arena (hence the nomenclature), generally in the first week of March. While the performances might not be as revolutionary as that of Skrillex, but the EDM scenario at Dunes is certainly a one-of-a-kind experience. Dunes Festival is known for living up to their idea of having an event where there is complete oneness in terms of enjoyment, fun, and amusement.

“Let’s live it together”—quite the appropriate motto, and a good enough reason for you to visit Jaipur during the month of March.

Elephant Festival 2020

Quite possibly one of the most sought-after events in Jaipur, the elephant festival is as exciting as it sounds. If architectural beauties like the Sheesh Mahal are majestic attributes of Rajasthan, then so is the elephant festival an analogous aspect of the natural beauty of Rajasthan.

The elephant festival ideally takes place sometime during Holi, so expect it to commence in the first or second week of March this year as well. The festival receives audience and appreciation from all around the globe—people flocking from all parts of the earth to come see the gargantuan, yet beautiful elephants on a parade. While this might not sound appealing to the aesthetic eye but seeing the majestic elephants with colourful rucks is a delight to watch. Not only does it provide an insight into the early lives of the Rajasthani Royalties, but also help one to delve deep into the cultural roots of Rajasthan as well. If you are visiting Jaipur during the time of Holi, this is an event you would not want to miss out on.

Jaipur Evening Walk

Who does not like to go for a brisk evening walk after a heavy, king-size (quite euphemistically) lunch?

Keeping rhetorical questions aside, visiting Jaipur and going for their evening walk is synonymous. A casual walk around local markets, common places of interest, or even fascinating sites such as the Hawa Mahal not only provides a mesmerising experience, but also brings forth into light the core cultural aspects of Rajasthan in general and Jaipur in specific. While this can be done anytime throughout the year, the season of spring or fall is the most appropriate time to do so. We can assure you that you will go back home with a smile as well as a bag full of experiences (and of course, local delicacies).

To Conclude

Rajasthan is truly a land of beauty—with its scenic magnificence, cultural richness, and welcoming nature of locals, you are bound to have a wonderful experience, and are sure to return home with a grin, contemplating how your trip ended so soon, and why you haven’t been to Jaipur before.

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