5 Delightful Snacks That’ll Rainbow Up Your Monsoon in Jaipur

Monsoon in Jaipur is almost here we’ve readied our umbrellas, gumboots, buckets and wipers. But more often than not this list of monsoon must haves is overshadowed by the monsoon grocery list. What, like you’ve never sat down with a tray of Chai and Pakora at the first sight of rain! Well if you haven’t, now you will.

Here are 5 rain friendly grubs that you absolutely must cook up this rainy season in Jaipur


Garam-Garam adrakh wali kadak chai is the most suitable thing to have in rainy season.

Monsoon in Jaipur


Barish, pakora aur ek garam chai ki pyali is the best Monsoon cravings for Jaipurites 🙂

Monsoon in Jaipur

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At Monsoon time you will see many roadside carts selling Bhutta (Corn), they sell grilled Bhuttas and to spice it bit they lightly paste the mixture of Salt, Red Chille and Lemon on it.

Monsoon in Jaipur
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Chana Jor Garam

Chana Jor Garam is a mouthwatering Indian traditional snack made out of black gram.

Monsoon in Jaipur


We simply love our evening chai with samosa whether or not it rains

monsoon in jaipur

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