5 different fun photoshoots to do at home in lockdown


It’s true that at some point in lockdown we all have felt like – “I am bored in a house, I am in a house bored” haha, well we are here to tell you that you aren’t alone. Almost every one of us has been in that phase of lockdown where every day looks the same and we feel so bored that we don’t know how to break this monotony, and then we go on social media and look at other people are doing so many amazing cool things. It’s true that one part of lockdown is boring but it’s also true that its other part is even more creative and inspiring. There are so many ways that you can shift from that first part to the other and today we are here to bring you one of those ways – Instagram Photoshoots.

Photoshoots are always fun and cool and they are always a very good way to enhance our creative sides. They make you feel good about yourself and also allow you to express yourself in more creative ways. They are also a great way to make memories. So take out your cameras and get ready for these amazing Instagram photoshoots –


A shoot with your laptop –

Instagram is filled with perfect, high-quality iPhone pictures. These pictures are no doubt very pretty and amazing but they also all look the same. Sometimes you need to get something different on your feed as well, something totally unique and lesser-known and to bring this uniqueness all you need is a laptop. You can take your pictures from your laptop camera for a change, you can be creative as your laptop camera has landscape dimensions, so you can put it into many different unique places and take some unique landscape shots. You can take some cool bedroom shots of you just chilling in your bedroom.  You can also take a mirror selfie in your laptop camera instead of a mirror, it will help you bring a very unique aesthetic to your pictures. This is a quite popular trend on Instagram these days and this will definitely make your pictures stand out.

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A shoot with food –

As the name suggests this is a pretty simple idea but it looks so pretty and unique on the feed that it’s worth a try. You can do this shoot in whatever you want to as there are so many different ways to do this. You can take pictures with your favorite snacks and your favorite food that you make at home. You can take some close-up shots of your face with fruits like grapes weirdly they gave a very chic style to the picture. You can take a picture with you eating your favorite snack or you drinking your favorite drink. There are literally so many fun ways when it comes to food photoshoots but one that uniquely stands out is the shoot with your fridge. It’s such an interesting shot and it’s so simple, you just need to fill your fridge with your favorite snack and then sit right next to it with gates open and that’s it. This whole shoot gives such a chill vibe that it looks straight out of a movie.

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A shoot with skincare –

Lockdown is the perfect time to take care of yourself. It’s even better when you decide to share the way you take care of yourself with the world on Instagram so that other people can also get inspired and try to practice self-care and self-love. Skincare is one of the best ways to practice both of those things. When you take care of your skin and try to nourish it, it loves you back with a natural glow that everyone wants and that’s why it’s even more important to share your skincare routine if you have cracked the code for your skin. This shoot is quite simple as well, you can just get in your comfy clothes, take a shower and take some pictures while you doing your skincare routine, for example, a picture with your favorite moisturizer, a picture with your favorite sheet mask or face mask, a picture with you putting on a lip balm. These pictures look so simple but they are so aesthetically pleasing that they will definitely make your feed look dope.

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A makeover shoot –

Sometimes we get a little bored looking the same way every single day and we just want a little change in our lives and what is a better change than a quick and fun makeover? There are so many different ways in which you can go for a makeover, you can dye your hair, you can cut your hair, you can try a different style of makeup or you can get your nails done, you can wear something totally different from your regular style, you can get your nails done. There are so many ways in which you can change up your look and get yourself a much-needed makeover. Then after you are done you can take some cool pictures of your new look. It’s the simplest way to make yourself look unique and cool on your feed.

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A flash photography shoot  –

Flash photography pictures are one of the most trending things right now on Instagram. It’s a simple shoot but it makes everything look so cool that you look straight out of a movie. For this shoot, you simply need to dim your lights and shoot with the flash of your camera on. You can also put a second flash from a different camera for more results. The white flashlights give the picture a very vintage effect which is also quite trendy on Instagram right now. This shoot should be done at night time and these pictures mostly give a polaroid effect. So if you love polaroid pictures but you don’t have the camera then you should try out this shoot. If you want some change from all the golden hour pictures on your feed and this is the perfect way to change it up.

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So these were our 5 creative photoshoot ideas for Instagram. We hope you have an amazing time clicking these pictures and making these amazing memories and we hope your lockdown gets better from all these fun activities.