5 fun places we are looking forward to visit in Jaipur after lockdown


We know that these past few months have been very difficult for the city. We hope everyone is doing better now and finding new ways to cope with the lockdown. We all have our own ways to cope with it and making a whole list of things to do after lockdown is one of them. Jaipur has always been a great city of wonderful places and amazing activities and this time we are even more lucky to look forward to all the better things that are coming after lockdown for us. Some of us want to try new things and new experiences and some of us just want to relive all our sweet memories again. Good for you, this list is a perfect blend of the best of both worlds and we are you will feel excited and hopeful with this –

Reopening Of Fun Kingdom –

Before lockdown, this was the most discussed topic in Jaipur when the news came out that our most loved the Fun Kingdom was opening again. It was highly speculated as people could see the renovations and repairing work going on in the area and then the lockdown happened and now it looks like it will take some time for us to get back to that beautiful place. The Fun Kingdom was one of the biggest waterparks in Jaipur. Most of our childhood memories are deeply attached to this place. It used to be the perfect place for a Sunday adventure on a hot summer day. The aqua ride was so popular that people still have not forgotten about it. Sadly it was closed down due to a property scam. Though there is not any official news on the exact details of its reopening, we are still looking forward to living this amazing experience again in Jaipur once the lockdown ends.

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The arrival of Starbucks in Jaipur –

The official news of new Starbucks outlets opening in Jaipur came out in early April this year. We all know how much awaited this cafe has been in our city. Jaipur has a very popular coffee culture, there are so many different types of cafes that it’s not wrong to call it the city of cafes as well. Starbucks will definitely redefine the cafe culture of the city and we are sure that it’s going to be the new instagramable spot of the city. With its famous cappuccinos and frappuccinos, Starbucks is all set to bring a global taste of coffee to our city. The two speculated locations for these stores are Malviya Nagar and C scheme, we hope that they will be operational soon. Imagine going to the most popular of a cafe in the world right after the lockdown ends, sounds interesting right?

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Reliving the taste of Jaipur with its street food –

It’s true that we all are trying different recipes at home in the lockdown, we are also able to order in from our favorite restaurants of the city but it’s also true that sadly we are unable to order from any street food stalls of the city. Jaipur is famous for its lip-smacking and diverse street food. From pav bhaji to chole kulchey, from momos to samosa and kachoris, everything is amazing in the street food game of the city. We all have our favorite stalls and we are surely missing all of them right now. We seriously can’t wait to taste all those amazing flavors again. It would also be a great way of giving back to all street food vendors who are out of business right now. It’s seriously such a fun way to spend your first weekend outside after the lockdown ends.

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Morning walk around Patrik Gate –

Jaipurites know how to take care of themselves especially when it comes to their health. It was an everyday routine for people here to walk around the Patrik Gate and Jawahar Circle enjoying the beautiful sunrise over the city. Patrika Gate is also a famous spot for all the photographers and bloggers of the city and it’s quite frequent to spot them every morning around this area. This area used to be famous around bicycle riders of the city as well as the Jawahar Circle is quite a fun route to ride bicycles. This place is filled with positivity and fun. It united everybody from every age group to start a fun and healthy morning in the city. It’s said that if you start a day right then your whole day becomes amazing, this is the place to start your day rightly in the city. We can’t wait to start our mornings again with Patrika Gate and to start off our days with a lot of positivity and energy.

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Sunsets at Nahargarh –

This list would be incomplete without mentioning the most happening place of the city – Nahargarh. This place needs no introduction being the most loved location of Jaipur. Before lockdown, it used to be filled with both locals and tourists. It’s always been the most popular hub to get together and chill for the entire city. Located at a hilltop, Nahargarh has some of the most mesmerizing views of the whole city. The Padao restaurant gives an experience of dining with the stars with one of the most beautiful city light views of Jaipur. It also has the best sunset view of Jaipur, its true to say that earlier Jaipurites have spent many beautiful evenings just staring at the gorgeous sunset for hours. This place truly brings peace to your heart and we can’t wait to go back to this lovely location once the lockdown ends.

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So this is how our after lockdown plan looks like, it seriously would be a privilege to experience all of these things in Jaipur and we hope that everything gets better soon till then stay safe and stay at home.