5 Prominent gardens of Jaipur… Must visit!!

Pink city is mostly known for its forts and spectacular palaces but hey the gardens here have their own beauty and charm.
some of them really deserve a visit.


1.  RAM NIWAS GARDEN : built by Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh in the 19th century and since then the exotic garden has been subjected to numerous new introductions, adding to its elegance and charm.Credits : adoak.com

Owns sprawling green scenery, the structures in the vicinity of the garden were built much later.

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The albert hall is the eye magnets of all the eyes that roams around the Bagh.
Ram Niwas Bagh also has the illustrious Zoological garden, which is a prime spot for the tourists interested in Botany. Easily commutable from all parts of Jaipur, Ram Niwas Bagh is surely a must visit.

OPENING HOURS : 9am – 5 pm

ENTRANCE FEES : ₹10 for Indians and ₹100 for foreigners.

2. SISODIA RANI KA BAGH : The Sisodia Rani ka Bagh is one of the most remarkable garden in Jaipur. One of the largest gardens in Jaipur, it was built by Sawi Jai Singh 2 to gift it to the Sisodia Queen.The tranquil beauty of the garden will surely provide you a perplexing experience. Located on Jaipur-Agra highway in the southeast corner of Jaipur, the Bagh boasts multi level gardens.

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It also has a number of other features like water courses, pained pavilions and fountains. All these sum of in making the garden even more prettier. The painted pavilions in the garden impart a refreshing look. The garden shows the actual Mughal style. The tranquil beauty of the garden has been catching a pretty huge number of tourists thus increasing the total tourist count to Jaipur and serving the purpose of Rajasthan tourism policy.

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The beautiful garden having a number of murals and paintings also bear great significance. These exhibits depict the legends of Radha –Krishna and hence are very attractive to ardent religion follower plus also very interesting for the foreigners to explore about the city.

OPENING HOURS : 8 am – 6 pm 

ENTRANCE FEES : ₹30 per person.

3. KANAK VRINDAVAN VALLEY : Situated at the footsteps of Nahargarh hills, the mythological Kanak Vrindavan garden is one of the famous attractions of the pinkcity.

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Kanak Vrindavan ‘s layout has a blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture. Divided into eight sections, the sprawling garden boasts of the intricate fountain of marble, Parikrama and the exquisite mirror work on the walls of Govind Deoji temple built in the premises. With ample greenery, series of fountains and archaic structures of the bygone era, the Vrindavan garden serves as an ideal tourist spot.

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OPENING HOURS : 8am – 7pm

ENTRANCE FEE : No fees yay.

4. VIDHYADHAR GARDEN – famous for the brilliant architect and lush green land attracting the nature lovers by offering them the very known feast for their eyes.

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Vidyadhar Garden is an ideal for watching the beautiful sunsets which seem to glisten its green tranquil cover in the evenings. The flowery garden blooms to its full zenith during the time of monsoons, highlighting the peacock dancing while the monsoon takes your mood to the next levels.

OPENING HOURS : 8am – 5:30pm

ENTRANCE FEE : no fees yay!

5. CENTRAL PARK – a huge land offering every human to enjoy the adorning themes the park portrays, open gym is there to gather most of the gentry, rest the whole park is filled with seasonal plants and in some areas you may find foreign varieties of bamboo plants.

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Open gym at the park. ( Credits : jaipur talks.) 

All these are eye catchy so treat your eyes with all the beauty and greenery the city offers you.