5 Types of Public Transport in Jaipur to Travel around

Public transport has been understated since very long time in Pink city. However, you can witness people travelling by their personal vehicles, standing in long queues at fuel stations, and even wait in the traffic jams to cross the ways. But, sometimes skipping to all that things you can even enjoy vast public transport system and ditch your set of wheels for a change. Here, we bring to you few reasons for which you can be thankful for public transport in Jaipur city.

Here is a list of Public Transport in Jaipur

  1. Metro –

    Jaipur Metro
    PC : Dhiyavasu Bhadauria Photography

    A boon to Jaipurites, Jaipur Metro is no less than a fast pace mode facility. Jaipur is the 6th city in India to have the facility of the metro train. The traffic has eased a lot since the introduction of a metro. It has become quite easier for people to travel to the city. The first phase of Metro covers the route from Mansarovar to Chandpole Bazaar, which has made the transport on such a busy route, way fast and easy. And, this is a fact Metro has also added a lot to Jaipur’s infrastructure.

  2. Low Floor Buses
    World Trade Park
    PC : Dixit Chouhan

    This mode of public transport are another example of comfort and economic carriage in the city, with the fares that just starts from Rs. 7. Earlier, travelling in buses used to look like a pain to people however not much as if currently. Low floor buses in Pink City have changed the entire scenario. The comfortable seating and an extensive network both are a fantastic example of an excellent infrastructure.

  3. E-rickshaw –
    Public Transport in Jaipur

    With the crowd in the Old City none of the people desires to travel on their own vehicle; the reason behind is the slow moving traffic and no parking space. In such times e-rickshaws come to your rescue. On a very lower price, rickshaw can easily get you from the point of the old town to another in minutes. The view that you watch and feel while travelling in these mode of vehicle is a bonus.
  4. Cycle Rickshaw –

    Public Transportation in Jaipur
    PC – Vivek

    Well, Cycle rickshaws have been public transport partners since ages in many other cities too. One cannot forget that it is the easiest transportation that we can opt when we need to travel short distances.

  5. Auto Rickshaw –
    Public Transportation in JaipurPC : Tarun Tiwari
    Out of all the others, if we need to mention the most preferred and used public transport system in Jaipur, it will definitely be auto rickshaws. You can find these rickshaws anywhere in the city at any time of the day. They are your 24/7 travel companion.

We are sure that this piece of information is the biggest need for the ones who are new to Jaipur or solo traveller.