5 Ways To Help The Homemaker & Divide The Workload

Help The Homemaker: this one should go without saying, but we do realise that the patriarchal junks are still stuffed inside most of the houses in Jaipur. We know it, despite we act unknown about the ongoing family traditions that oblige only the ladies aka the homemakers to handle all the chores from kitchen to the terrace everything is just her responsibility. With everyone at home, the workload of a homemaker has multiplied and while most of us enjoy the day doing nothing, no college, no school or no work there’s hardly any free time for the housewives who managed to save some free time before this lockdown. Keeping the extended lockdown in mind, most of the ladies are dreading the coming days not because of the threat of COVID-19 but due to all the extra work piled up just for her, so try to help the homemaker. All of you who have relished and soaked the benefits of filling lunches and dinners being served right on time, it’s time you step up and help the homemaker. Use this quarantine to divide the workload and understand that running the house is not just her responsibility.

How To Divide The Workload? 

Well here are some ways you can divide the workload and help the ladies to attain some free time for herself too. 

1. Help Them With Cleaning

Cleaning is a task especially when everyone is at home all the time piling up the mess and adding to the dirt. The members of the house must divide duties to clean the house and avoid planting the unnecessary mess around them. Lessen the burden of the housemaker and try to take a particular room and minimize the mess. Remember to take your assigned work with sincerity and seriousness. 

2. Divide The Kitchen Work 

Ah the utensils are just too much and it’s like the sink is never empty since the lockdown has extended. Help your moms, sisters, wives to clean the kitchen work and if you know some recipes then make a particular meal. But remember while you make that do clear the mess and keep the utensils at their respective places. The task is to help reduce the burden not add more to it. 

3. Give Them Some Time To Relax 

It’s not fair that you all have plenty of hours to relax and binge your favorite shows but the homemaker is left with merely any time for themselves. So make sure that they too get some free time and share the extra work amongst the rest of the house members. It is crucial that they do not feel stressed or frustrated at this rough phase, so don’t open room for that kind of mental sorrow.

4. Encourage Them To Explore Their Interests

It’s time you encourage them to explore their areas of interests and hobbies too. Quarantine is a period where each and everyone has enough time to do what they love, explore their hobbies and muster their areas of interests. Support them into finding their hobbies and encourage them once they tell you their favorite ones. Give them space, time and ideas to express their interests and make use of these quarantine days that are theirs too. 

5. Have Some Healthy Conversations 

We understand that the type of schedules we have made for ourselves don’t buy us much time to.even work for ourselves but this is the time you must spend some family time, have conversations and share the mental load. Talk through the problems, share the worries and go through the solutions as it is important to make the housemaker feel comforted and satisfied too. Reduce the stress and make room for pleasant chats. 

To everyone reading this, kindly realise that the homemaker too needs rest and some time to absorb the energy surrounding her. So help her and pay gratitude to all the noble souls working day-night for our safety. 

Stay home and stay safe