6 Easy Ways To Re-Decorate Your Terrace & Give It A New Look

Credits: The Spruce

It’s time we admit our favorite place in the house is always the terrace where we find the escape from the chaos of the city and bask under the captivating view of nature. The place that we call home and plays a crucial part in granting the much needed personal space. So well, now that we have more than too much time to spend at the terrace because of this pandemic situation why don’t we look for ways to decorate the terrace? There are plenty of ways to beautify your terrace so let’s indulge and take help from the ideas listed below and make our terrace prettier. 

6 Ways To Make Your Terrace Amazing 

Here is a list of ideas to make your terrace prettier. Try these ideas and make use of the extra time for something productive.

1. Put Planters Of Different Shapes & Sizes 

The utmost step to craft a terrace garden is to embellish it with plenty of varied planters.  Pick the seasonal flowers like marigold, hibiscus or Rose and the lush greens like ferns, snake palms, palm and bougainvilleas to add some beauty, colour and vibrance to your terrace. 

2. Hang colourful flower pots 

One of the ways to give an attractive look to your terrace is by hanging colorful flower pots at the boundary of your terrace. Paint the pots with vibrant colours, make patterns and various designs in order to give the colorful coating to the humdrum outer layer of the pots. And now that we have time to give our terrace a new look then why not we do utilise the time? 

3. Put Up Wind Charms

Oh one of the catchy accessories is the wind charms that you can put up at your terrace for a great look. If not wind charms then maybe butterfly shaped hangings or plant hangings around your terrace to give it a more prettier look. To give the accessories a much personalized look you can DIY them and make it more like your style. And don’t forget to keep little bowls of food and water for the birds to savour. 

4. Create A Small Seating Area

Put to use the small stools and tables that are kept aloof from your regular furniture. It’s time you use the stools and tables in your terrace garden. Pick the most suitable area of your terrace specifically the one that attains maximum sunlight and is environed by the plants that you put up. Keep the stools and tables there as the planty environment will soothe your mind and will give you a serene aura. 

5. Create An Authentic Setting By Using Natural Stones & Other Materials.

Stones are easily available anywhere and everywhere so why not use the natural stones, shells, the bricks to make an excellent decoration for your monotonous terrace. Maybe create a pathway with borders of stones if your terrace is large and if it’s a compact area then you can put a glass bowl or hang glass bottles and fill them with shells to give it a charming look.

6. Use Fairy Lights To Create A Magical Vibe

How can we not include fairy lights when it comes to thinking of new ideas to decorate your terrace. It might sound cliche or some of you might think putting fairy lights is a bit monotonous. But we all gotta agree once we switch them on the effect is new and bewitching. There are many ways to use these lights rather than just hanging them from one corner to another. Put them in glass bottles, or wrap these around the tables or maybe tape these down at the floor where you least walk around.

So readers, why the delay? Try these ways to decorate your terrace and make your terrace amazing by following these and adding a tinge of your creativity too!

Meanwhile don’t forget to pay gratitude to those working hard for all of us, pray for them and pray for the safe and secured surroundings. Stay home and spread positivity.