6 Fun things to do with your friends in lockdown which are not just video calls –

This is the second year in a row in which we have been locked down in our homes and if there is one thing that has been consistent in these two years, then it’s that feeling of living in a never-ending loop, with all of our days looking the same blending into each other, and it’s true that after a point of time it takes a toll on us. It’s true that with our months spent in lockdown, we feel alone with nothing much to do other than going on social media or spending time with our friends and that too on just video calls, and who would want to waste all the beautiful summer days like that, spending every day in front of their computer screens?

It’s important to break down the boredom of this time, So here are 6 things that you can do with your friends which are so much more than just video calls –

The Secret Snacker – Order secret snacks for each other.

This is a very fun yet very simple game. You can play this with a single person or a group, we suggest that it’s gonna be more fun when played in a group. As the name suggests it pretty much goes like the secret Santa, you can select any online delivery site for example Amazon or an Instagram store delivering snacks of your choice, then it goes as simply as ordering any snack online but the twist is that instead of ordering snacks for yourself you would be picking them out for each other while keeping the order a secret. Your friend will only get to know about their snacks when they will receive them. This is also a very fun way to know how much you know your friends and obviously, you would be getting some lip-smacking snacks at the end of the day, making your entire day so much happier.

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Workout Video Calls – Besties that move together, stay fit together.

We all have the same lockdown routine with spending all our days in the comfort of our beds, whether it’s assignments or work from home we do it all in our beds avoiding to move even a bit from its comfort. We agree that it’s very relaxing sometimes to spend your entire day in your bed like that, but it’s not healthy for our mind and body when it becomes a routine. We feel lethargic and negative, with the lack of physical movement there is also a lack of endorphins, chemicals in the brain that are the body’s natural painkillers and mood elevators. That’s why we need to exercise a little every day, it doesn’t have to be a very hard routine, just anything which makes our body move and feel fun, for example, jump rope, aerobics, dancing, 15-minute youtube workout routines. We understand that even if we start something it’s hard to stay consistent at it and to beat that you can make a friend your workout partner, you can workout together on video calls, this will help you in staying consistent with them encouraging and pulling you out of your laziness every day.


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Play Psych Together – How well you know your besties?

Psych is an extremely fun free online game that you can play with your best friends for hours. All you need to do is to get on a conference call with a group of friends and download the app. It’s very simple yet very fun. It asks some really interesting, funny, and bizarre questions about everyone who is playing the game one by one and everyone else has to answer the question except the person whom the question is about. Your goal is to give the funniest answers in return matching with the personality of your friend then everybody votes for the funniest answers, your answers are anonymous during the voting them, then in the end whoever gets the most votes wins and everyone’s answers get revealed. Sounds so fun and interesting right?

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Make playlists for each other – Music is a love language

If you are someone who can’t stay a day without listening to music, then this one is for you. Music has always been a way for people to express their emotions. It’s almost like a language that people use to express their feelings: instead of finding the right words, they like to find the right songs. So if you have a friend who likes to listen to the music with you, who shares the same interests in your type of songs, then you can make a little playlist of all the songs you would like them to listen, and gift it to them. It’s such a cute, old-school, and romantic idea that never fails to impress people. You can add songs that hold some memories for you, songs that remind you of them, it’s so fun and exciting and honestly such a great way to make memories. You can make these playlists on Spotify or any other music streaming apps. 

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Make Tie-Dye T-shirts Together – Matching tie-dye OOTD for the go

If you are someone who is interested in fashion and is missing to wear all of your cool outfits. You can pick out your fashion buddy and experiment some tie-dye together on your old clothes. There are so many easy step-by-step methods available online to help you do tie-dye at home.

The whole process is so simple and relaxing and the best part is that it will bring out your creativity in the most beautiful ways and of course the splash of those colorful tie-dye pastels will make your boring pajamas look so much more exciting. The best part is that you can look so cool without leaving your comfy clothes. Tie-dye is also very trending right now so you can ever wear these outfits outside someday. So what are you waiting for, go have fun making some matching Tie-Dye OOTDS with your bestie.

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