6 Soothing Homemade Face Packs To Retain Your Glow

Folks we are in the middle of the month of May and the summers are all over us. So lay out a number of homemade face packs and apply it one by one as you have ample of time to kill. Pamper and nourish your skin with the soothing ingredients. These homemade packs are just too easy to prepare and will give you the much needed shine. 

6 Nourishing Homemade Face Packs 

Scroll down for the amazing list of homemade packs for a healthier looking skin. 

1. Malai & Turmeric Face Pack
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This kind of pack will nourish and soften the chap portion of your skin. Not just this, the pack is also good for lightening the skin tone.  For this one, drop a pinch of turmeric in a spoon on malai and mix it well. Apply the mixture on the face after washing it with lukewarm water. Keep the pack until it’s dry and scrub it. Once you scrub it all, make sure to clean the face with cold water as it’ll close the skin pores. This homemade face pack is full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that will give you flawless skin and a shiny glow.

2. Curd & Gram Flour Face Pack
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The curd & gram face pack will feed your skin and make it more softer than you expect. It’s recommended especially for those with dry skin. In order to make this face pack all you need to do is, mix two tablespoons of gram flour, few drops of lemon,a pinch of turmeric, and a  spoon of curd. Make a paste and apply it on your face. The ingredients used in this pack act like a natural cleansing agent and softening moisturizer. Try this homemade mask and pamper your skin while you’re inside. 

3. Milk & Honey Face Pack
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This one is a sticky yet very mild combination of one of the easiest face packs at home. In order to prepare this simple homemade face pack you need to mix a spoon of milk and a tablespoon of honey. Make a paste and spread it all over your face until it’s dry. After it’s dry, wash it with lukewarm water and within a gap of a few minutes wash your face with cold water. Use this pack at least once in a week to experience a beautiful change in your skin.

4. Banana & Yoghurt Face Pack
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For this pack all you need to do is mash a banana and mix it in a tablespoon of yoghurt. As bananas are full of vitamin C and antioxidants while Yoghurt cools down the skin and it’ll reduce the redness this will do wonders to your skin. So once you mix both of these great ingredients altogether. Apply it on 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water to get away with the stickiness. It’s recommended for people with oily skin. 

5. Aloe Vera & Glycerin Pack
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If you’re looking for a refreshing homemade face pack then go for this one. This will treat your acnes with care and is good for oily skin. You can make this pack by using aloe vera leaves and pour 6-7 drops of glycerin in it. Mix them well and apply it twice a week for amazing results. 

6. Sandalwood & Rosewater Pack
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For this kind of face pack, all you need to do is mix a teaspoon of sandalwood with rosewater. Make a paste, apply it on your face and keep it for 10-15 minutes. It’s good for de-tanning and will shoot the dullness too. If you don’t believe us try it and witness it yourself. 

So what are you waiting for? Get rid of your tanning and chapped skin by applying the mentioned homemade face packs. While you’re home, treat your skin with care and nourishment. Meanwhile don’t forget to pay gratitude to the souls working hard for us and spread positivity.