6 Tips To Keep Cool & Calm During This Difficult Phase

In these challenging times we all must remind each and everyone that my dear you are not alone in this. We all are together and we’ll rise again from this tough phase. As goes the saying “Tough times don’t last, Tough people do” in these challenging situations and with so much going on we must learn to extract the morale of these amazingly deep sayings. They help us divert our mind into thinking the best option and not fall under the painful depth of worry. With each passing day we hear something that lends shivers and goosebumps as the news related to the spread of COVID-19 unfolds. Therefore it is important to remain calm and positive throughout. So, here are some tips to keep cool, stay positive and maintain your sanity in this rough phase. So read and implement! 

6 Ways To Keep Cool & Calm During This Difficult Phase

The following ways will help you keep cool and sane if you implement them well

1. Take Up A Hobby & Get Lost Amidst Its Fascination 

When you sit idle, basically you are opening ways for worry to step in. You must realise that sitting idle will pester you to constantly worry about everything that is surrounding you and there’s hardly anything you can do to control them. So why don’t you stop sitting idle and pick up a hobby, be it painting, drawing or how about embroidery or crocheting? These activities will keep you occupied, and while you try these don’t forget to switch on your favorite music. Believe us it’ll soothe your mind and you’ll absorb into its fascination.

2. Hop On To Your Terrace & Treat Yourself With Fresh Air 

Well because of this you must not forget that as you are observing quarantine days, our dear friend Earth is healing. Less pollution, pure air, rivers are crystal clear. But how will you witness the tinge of freshness amidst this lockdown? Well there’s a way you can witness the freshness and that is through your own terrace of balconies. Spend some time at your terrace or balcony during the golden hour and feel the captivating sunshine on your skin and the melodious chirping of birds. 

3. Talk It Out 

In tough times like these we often feel the uneasiness and sulk beneath the layers of overthinking. So don’t bottle up your emotions, let them out and speak up. Call up your counselor, or your friend, sibling anyone and before pouring it all out be a little civil and ask do you have the mental capacity to take this? And then continue talking about whatever is troubling you. Because being anxious is very common and everyone around you will understand but you need to speak up and let it all out.

4. Check Up On Your Friends 

Count yourself as fortunate if you’re self-quarantined with your family. But hey, if you’re not then don’t sulk but keep a check on all you dear ones regularly during this challenging period. As everyone around you is anxious about what’s happening so try taking care and keeping everyone inside the loop of love and care. And remember it’s not necessary to call them, you can also send them a nice text or maybe share a meme.

5. Only Listen To The Reliable News! 

This should be the utmost priority as with so many news brimming all over our social media, we tend to receive the scams or fake news that causes imbalance and opens room for anxiety. So try to filter the news you are reading and only trust the reliable sources.

6. Memes and Standups! 

It’s okay we understand you are free and there’s more time left for you to pass during the cycle of 24 hours. So why not you follow some amazing meme pages, or tune into the standup comedies. Give ‘em a follow and see for yourself what we’re talking about. Also, you can binge watch comedy movies that’ll leave you in splits like Phir Hera Pheri, Welcome, The Hangover, Ted and more. Apart from these, watch some feel-good movies like The Pursuit Of Happiness, Shawshank Redemption, Little Women and more.

We sincerely hope that the above mentioned 6 follow-ups will help you stay sane during these challenging times, so shoo the negativity and make room for positivity. Meanwhile keep flowing the gratitude and appreciate those working day and night for us.

Stay home and don’t add more to their burden.