6 Wholesome Smoothie Recipes You Can Try Without Any Ado!

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Hello Jaipurites, as the city of Jaipur is about to enter the phase of first Unlock, staying home is still the best precaution for coronavirus. While we urge you to stay home as much as you can, we understand the cravings to eat something yummy and nutritious are always humming around. But worry not, we’ve got you some amazing smoothie recipes that are just too wholesome and layered with nutrition. So have a look at them below to slurp the creamy and super healthy smoothies as you stay home. 

6 Smoothie Recipes You Must Try 

Here are some easy smoothie ideas you can try at home.

1. Strawberry & Banana Smoothie

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In order to prepare this flavorous smoothie, all you require is 8-10 ripe strawberries, 1-2 bananas, some yogurt, milk, and honey as per the need. Blend it together until you get the smooth, creamy consistency. Keep the mixture in the freezer for some time to grasp some coolness. Relish this filling smoothie for breakfast and give your day a healthy start. 

2. Apple Pie Breakfast Smoothie

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This is one of the most savored smoothie recipes. What you need to do, chop some apple slices, some milk, curd, honey, and cinnamon powder. Once you have all the ingredients, mix them up in a blender until the texture becomes thick. Pour the mixture into a glass and sprinkle some cinnamon and nutmeg powder. Stir it well and slurp this decadent apple pie breakfast smoothie. Apart from taste, it is rich in protein and nutrients. So start your morning with this wholesome smoothie recipe. 

3. Berry & Moringa Smoothie

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This is a highly nutritious smoothie recipe. You just need some berries, yogurt, and moringa powder. Blend these three ingredients together and relish the flavourous smoothie once the mixture is thick and all chilled. Don’t forget that smoothies taste better when served chilled. Keep this one in the freezer and savor it once it is all cool. This recipe of smoothie cures stomach ailments, maintains a healthy cholesterol level, and also improves blood glucose level.  

4. Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie

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This is one of the healthiest smoothie recipes so far. Rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium the smoothie is highly recommended. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties, so don’t delay any further muster all the ingredients and prepare this great smoothie. In order to prepare this smoothie, all you need is fresh pineapple, yogurt, chia seeds, turmeric powder, ginger root, bananas, and some strawberries. Blend the components altogether and keep it in the freezer and serve chilled.

5. Strawberry & Orange Smoothie

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If you’re wishing to make the juiciest smoothie recipes then go for this one. You just need to have these three ingredients i.e strawberries, fresh orange juice, and bananas for thickness. Blend them all till you feel the consistency and garnish the top with some mint leaves. Filled with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. This smoothie is great for the taste and for the health. 

6. Banana, Mango & Cocoa Smoothie

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This smoothie is anti-inflammatory that you can prepare with mixing some bananas, cocoa powder, mangoes, cinnamon, avocado, and dates. Mix them all together once you feel the consistency, sprinkle some chocolate chips, both white and chocolate on the top. You’re all set to indulge!

Don’t delay any further Jaipurites. Give your taste buds something healthy and tasty and equally yummy by trying the above-mentioned smoothie recipes. Meanwhile, as we are about to enter the phase of Unlock in Jaipur we must not forget that staying inside is still the best precaution. 

Leave your houses only for essential purposes. Spread positivity and pray for better days. Take care!