7 Recipes To Satisfy The Foodie In You!

Hello readers! Well thanks to the extended lockdown we all are having those days when we don’t feel like cooking but we need to quench our cravings to eat something delicious right? So if you’re up for some sumptuous home-cooked meals, the following list has been prepared for you. And the best portion? You’ll need just three ingredients for these which can be easily availed in your respective houses. So here you go, here’s the list!

Here’s A List Of 7 Recipes To Satisfy The Foodie In You! 

1 Biscuit Cake

Craving for that sponge cake? Well baking that sponge cake could be a tedious task if you don’t have the proper idea of the recipe. But with the recipe here baking it could not look any more easier. All you need is the leftover biscuits, milk and Eno. Blend all three ingredients together, take a hollow pan and grease over a frying-pan on low medium flame for about 35-40 minutes. And yay, your cake is ready to eat. 

2 Virgin Mojito 

Well as the lockdown stretched further summers too unfolded its heat and higher temperatures. So ya it’s the best time to relish a refreshing minty drink. All you need to make a cool virgin mojito is some crushed ice, mint leaves, lemon wedges with Sprite. And your virgin mojito is ready to be relished! Yay

3 Souffle Omelette 

This is very simple to make yet too wholesome. All you require is eggs, butter and salt! In order to prepare the souffle omelette you just need to whisk the eggs till they are fluffy then add salt to taste and finally put butter in the pan. Once the pan is hot, put this mix on the pan and let it cool for several minutes and as you wait you souffle omelette is ready to be eaten wohoo! 

4 Mac And Cheese 

Ah! We all are craving the sumptuous pastas and cheesy lasagnas aren’t we? Well here is a recipe to savour the delicious Mac and Cheese at home in quarantine. So all you need is milk, elbow macaroni and cheddar cheese. Now dump the macaroni (add some salt for better taste) in boiling milk, add butter and cheddar cheese. Your macaroni and done and you can top it with oreganos and chilli flakes! 

5 Vanilla Ice cream 

Ah! With the summer season out in the open it definitely calls for Ice cream! And during this lockdown you can make a creamy vanilla ice cream at home. So what you require is  chilled full-fat cream, condensed milk and vanilla essence to make it more yummy. Whip up the chilled full-fat cream in the utensil places on top of ice-cubes, fold condensed milk and add the vanilla essence over it. Post adding it all, keep it to absorb the chill and wait till it’s cold! 

6 Cheesy Mashed Potatoes 

In order to make the delicious mashed potatoes, the first thing you need to do is get a container and fill it with water, put some potatoes in it and boil it. Post boiling it, use a masher to mash the potatoes and add some butter, cheese and oregano. The wholesome potatoes are ready to be savoured. 

7 Dalgona Coffee 

How can we not add this? The most viral recipes that we have on the internet is the recipe of Dalgona coffee. The coffee has grabbed the web world by storm and now that we have too much time to whisk it then why not? So you need three ingredients i.e coffee, sugar and milk. All you’ve got to do is whip up the sugar, coffee and a teaspoon of water until it’s fluffy and then pour it on the chilled milk. Your Dalgona coffee is ready to be relished. Oh wait, don’t forget it to serve your Instagram followers!

Try these easy to make and satisfy your cravings during this heavy lockdown. We understand the situation is pretty intense out there but the mental health too is crucial. So be happy, keep yourself occupied and don’t forget to pay gratitude to the noble souls out there, while you relish the sumptuous meals.