7 Thoughts Every Introvert Had Since The News Of Lockdown Came Through

Hello readers! As we all heard that it was ordered to shut down the bars, nightclubs, restaurants in Jaipur and other parts of the country. Post gulping the news there were several thoughts that passed through our minds. With a meme flood spreading all over our social walls about the Coronavirus and it’s consequences, here is a list of a few thoughts that might have crossed through the mind of an introvert.

1. “Ah Finally I Can Cancel The Party I’d Been Dreading For” 

If you’re an introvert then there are chances that you end up dreading about upcoming plans to hang around with your squad at the crazy nightclub in the town which you resented for. But having heard the news of nightclubs, bars and restaurants been shut, there ain’t any need to make an excuse anymore. Guess, that get-together at Playboy can wait for a few days! 

2. “Now I Can Have My Type Of Chill With Any Guilt”

For each one of us who end up giving in to our extrovert mate’s pesters and land up at a party. But when we frame the definition of our ideal Saturday night, it is generally with a big tub of buttered popcorn and, continue our long saved Netflix list. Since you won’t have to worry about going out, you can now watch the trending shows like Money Heist, Made In Heaven and more through the quarantine. 

3. “What’s With the Cribbing?”

If we need to come up with one thing that an introvert must have wondered, it’s probably the fact that why is everyone complaining and cribbing about having to stay inside for a few days? 

Due to the lockdown and the outbreak of Coronavirus social distancing is the one thing that is requested and should be adhered to. Staying home for some days is really not a bad idea, you can utilise it to learn a new skill, read the books that you have been longing to or maybe clean up the dusty corners, the list is so long, but again you need to be patient. Are you? 

4. “Yay! More Time To Doze Off”

Prolly a thought of a sleepy introvert, well some of them absolutely love to sleep. And if there is something that the introverts would totally appreciate it’s majorly the longer duration to sleep and not having to attend the parties. 

5. “No More #FOMO, Wohoo” 

This is something that most of the introverts have felt at one point or the other. Did you hear about the recent case at Flying Saucer? But skimmed it cause you really just didn’t wanna? Well, after the multiple stories, the feeling of #FOMO does settle it. But hey good news, now you don’t need to pay heed to about it for a while.

6. “Don’t Really Care About The Shut Down As The Social Charts Are Nearly Non-existent” 

Since the news of lockdown most of the folks must have seen the countless memes that truly show there are many of us out there who think alike! 

Well, the shutting of the nightclubs and restaurants didn’t really bother us much because of the fact that our social calendars are nearly empty. What nearly gave a shock and planted a concern was the reason which is nothing but worrisome. Apart from that, there is no change in our daily patterns, maybe the sleeping time? Oops.

7. “It’s Time I Pester The Extrovert Buddies To Be Socially Distant” 

The irony of most of the introverts is that everyone has a totally extrovert friend that doesn’t stay put and most of the time end up dragging us to a nightclub or a social event. Well it’s time for the introverts to do their bit for society by pestering the extroverts to stay inside. So now it’s up to us to motivate them to stay put and not venture out of the house until a necessity shows up. Go pester!

Brushing these aside, we introverts totally rule our nature and we know we’re cool the way we are, so just put on some positivity and spread the beads of your nature to the extroverts. 

Social distancing is the need of the hour, each and everyone needs to understand this. It’s time we break the increasing chain and do not add up to the already piled up burden of the ones working in white coats! Also don’t forget to pray, meditate, or chant.