8 Ideas To Keep Your Kids Engaged At Home

Hi readers, its astonishing that you are staying indoors for the betterment and good health of your and your dear ones. Each and everyone of us are going through a rough batch, but it’s more rough for the little ones. They can’t go out to play or attend school and they don’t fully understand why? However there are many ways you can keep your kids engaged and entertained during this hard time! Check the following and try them out. 

8 Ideas To Keep Your Kids Engaged  

Try out the following when you run out of ideas to keep your kids engaged at home.

1. Try Teaching Them A New Recipe 

Little ones are always keen on knowing all the answers to their deep and amazing questions. They find fascination even in the smallest things like sand castles, so let’s divert their mind into making something delicious and equally tempting to make. Take your little one to the kitchen and ask them to help you in preparing their favorite meals and teach them to clean up the mess and do the dishes once they’re done! 

2. Read To Them

Reading is a must for everyone, and what better time than now to infiltrate this great habit in your little ones? This will benefit them in the long run and also keep their mind occupied into something during these quarantine days. So read to them whenever you get time or make it a habit for them to read, instead of sitting around and doing nothing. To gain attraction and boost interest start with a pictorial book and gradually shift to the less pictorial ones. But don’t forget to extract the morale from every hour of reading and pour on to them.

3. Garnish Your Garden With Them 

Quarantine doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t connect with nature. You must step out in your garden and have a nice bask under the sun around the lush greenery. This is the right time to take up some gardening and keep the little ones occupied in garnishing it at it’s best.

4. Enroll Some Pampering Sessions 

Pampering yourself and your little ones will always give better results and keep your kids occupied during the whole process. So try those amazing facial spas, pamper yourself and your little ones with some homemade masks and scrubs at home. Enroll the DIYs as the salons are closed, make your own skin care routine and teach your little ones the same too.

5. Call Them Up While Handling The House Chores 

We get it that during this lockdown the house work is keeping you all busy and consuming most of the parenting time, until and unless you have full-time help available. But if you don’t have one, then ask the little ones to come up and help you with the minimal household chores, that will ease your work and keep them engaged throughout. And they’ll even learn to help you whenever you need a break so it’s not a bad idea after all. Is it? 

6. Try Some Painting 

Indulge your kids into playing with colours, sketches and plain papers. Paint with them and they’ll relish the best time with you. Make memories and don’t forget to capture the special moments only to relive it later sometime in the coming years.

7. Play The Dress Up Game

This is a classic game and you must pass on the classics and continue the amazing tradition. Ask your child to choose funky characters and give them a great makeover with the resources at home. While you do this don’t forget to click and capture the amazing shots.

8. Introduce ‘Dear Diary’

Introduce your children to start writing diaries, that’ll keep them occupied and they’ll nurture their writing skills. Not just this by the time the quarantine is over they’ll have their days recorded and moments captured in their diaries to read later as they grow awesome and amazing. 

There are many more creative ways you can use to keep your kids engaged and occupied. The above mentioned were some of our recommendations. Try them and stay safe.