8 Indoor Games To Woosh The Lockdown Boredom

We all are quarantined at our respective homes, so why not spend some quality time with your dear ones? What better way to rejuvenate and gather some amazing memories than replaying the nostalgic times? 

Here is a list of 9 indoor games you and your family can enjoy while you’re locked up at your home during the time of COVID-19! 

1. UNO

First and foremost game in the list is the iconic UNO that we grew up.playing and years later, we still can’t get over it! If you haven’t played with these colorful cards then here is what you need to know: UNO compromises 108 colored cards with 4 wild cards, 4 skips, 4 reverse and 4 draw 2+ we call them action cards too. Each player gets 7 cards and the first one to discards is the winner! 


Ah! Carrom is one of the most popular indoor games in most of our country’s houses. With it’s wooden noise, the game gathers everyone. Played with a disk of wood on a plywood board, it consists of a striker, and the one who has the maximum number of disks in the pocket grabs the title of ‘winner’. So what are you waiting for? Get that board out and don’t forget to aim for the pink one. 


A game of physical and mental skill, where players remove the blocks one by one from a tower that’s built of 54 blocks. Each block which is removed is then placed on the top of the tower strategically in such a manner that the tower keeps on getting taller. The taller it gets the more unstable it becomes, and that’s when the game opens room for the interest. 


Well there are a lot of things one can play with cards. So take out the cards and indulge with your family in the crazy game of cards, be it bluff or jackpot. This is prolly one of the most amazing and enjoyable pass-time for your family. 


Oh yes! The word-guessing game i.e usually played in a team. In this the player had to guess the word or the phrase drawn by their partner and the team that secures maximum guesses officially wins. So let’s get playing already, shall we. C’mon don’t delay any further, start playing already. 


Well the game will freshen all your childhood memories. Take the board out and roll the dice and well don’t forget to gather luck. The game is enjoyed by all age-groups so get your grandparents together and enjoy the game of Snake & Ladder! 


Connect four is a game for 2 players. It keeps the little ones busy and side by side help them dig the mathematical skills further. Play this game and rest your eyes from the technical rays. 

8. LUDO 

The classic family game, ideally suited for everyone. Not too slow, not too fast just goes perfectly. Take out the ludo board and play it with your family and spend the lockdown hours with utmost ease.

9 Name Place Animal Thing 

Oh oh oh, how can we forget this? The game that holds a whole another world of nostalgia, let’s bring them back. Get the pen and paper and count to 10 seconds and let’s see who gets all the four heads with the decided letter.

So folks, woosh your boredom with these fascinating and highly nostalgic games and make the most of your time at home.