8 Indulging Coffee Recipes You Must Try During Lockdown

Missing those regular old days when you used to chill in cafes and relish the different coffee dates with your beloved ones? We know it’s hard for you to miss dressing up and capture the aesthetics to serve it on your gram handles. Well we can’t promise you for the exact experience but here are some coffee recipes you can try during this period of quarantine and lockdown. Try these awesome coffee recipes at home to get your caffeine fix and relish it all.

8 Indulging Coffee Recipes

Here are some amazing coffee recipes which you can enjoy while you’re observing the self quarantine.  

1. Dalgona Coffee

This has to be on the list of different coffee recipes, as it’s officially the quarantine coffee. Now that we have too much time whisk just three ingredients that are coffee, sugar and milk in a cup. Do try this and remember to serve it on gram first before you take the first sip.

2. Greek Frappe

As the summers are here, it’s the best time to sip a Greek Frappe inside the comfort of your house. All you need is instant coffee powder, some sugar and one teaspoon of water in an airtight container, and shake it until it’s foamy. Serve it with chilled milk and you’ll experience Greece right in this period of lockdown.

3. Nutella Coffee

Oh Nutella lovers, this one’s for you. Also if you like your coffee sweet then this is just the right recipe you must try. What you need is a cup of cold milk, a tablespoon of instant coffee, some sugar and Nutella as per your preference. Blend all the ingredients and serve when you see the froth. 

4. Iced Latte

It’s suitable for summers! A damn easy recipe, your task is to fill a glass with about two teaspoons of boiling water, put the needed amount of instant coffee and sugar. Mix it up well, and let it cool for a bit before adding some milk and ice. Take this to your terrace or balconies and sip it while you cherish the scenic beauty

5. Cinnamon Coffee

This wintery coffee is a great combination of the sweet, woody taste of cinnamon and the freshly brewed instant coffee. Keep on stirring the cinnamon powder, instant coffee and sugar in a teaspoon of hot water until it becomes frothy, then mix a cup of milk and slurp on this warm drink while you’re wrapped inside the comfort of your home!

6. Irish Coffee

The Irish coffee is precisely what you need if you wish to indulge. What you need to do is pour some hot water in a mug, pop on some instant coffee and sugar then stir it until you see the coffee is dissolved. Then add some Irish whiskey and some whipped cream. Serve it hot! It’s a great drink to sip on in a while as these quarantine days are too monotonous, aren’t they? 

7. Spiced Latte 

In order to make this you need to have cocoa powder, nutmeg powder, a pinch of cinnamon and the mandatories i.e instant coffee and sugar. Whisk these ingredients well with some milk and once you see it turns into a paste, pour some hot milk and stir it until it releases the delicious aroma. Spiced latte is generally a warm drink that is too refreshing, so try it.

8. Filter Coffee

This one’s a special one, it’s the Indian version of coffee guys! To make this one all you need to.do.is mix a cup of hot milk with the concentrated coffee brew that’s filtered in a traditional Indian coffee filter. Pour it in a traditional tumbler and this strong coffee is an ideal one to rejuvenate your senses. So don’t forget to try this one. 

So which of these coffee recipes are you gonna try first?