8 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Go For “Salon At Home Services”

With the World Health Organization claiming the outbreak of Coronavirus as a pandemic, people around the world are taking all the possible measures to not come in contact with the horrendous virus. In places like restaurants, offices, banks anyone with even the slightest symptom of the virus is being asked to maintain distance or is sent home. However, there’s an industry that is trying to resume its services but the adversity outside is keeping the customers’ feet off their premises.

Salon At Home Services

The beauty and salon industry works in close contact with customers, and now, these beauty parlors are taking measures to cut the slightest chances of the virus inside their premises, hence, proper sanitization is done every now and then. They’re even ensuring that the clients with a hint of cold or flu are not entertained. However, the customers, on the other hand, are choosing not to avail the parlour services unless absolute urgency.

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For that very concern and their dipping business, many beauty places have started giving at-home services. Because, well the bottom line is most of the people wish to avail the services but only in the comfort of home. They believe that post availing the salon at home services, the chances of catching the virus will be slim. Even though there might be less chances of catching the infection, there are other factors that can lead to other infectious problems.

Following are the reasons why you should never opt for salon at home services. Read on and then make an informed decision.

Why You Should Never Go For Salon At Home Services? – Reasons

Read on the following reasons why you should never opt for salon at home services over salon services.

1. Hygiene-
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The most pivotal of all the reasons why one should never opt for salon at home services, is Hygiene. You can never be fully sure about the person who is sent at your home to provide you with the opted services. With the world trying to combat the virus, hygiene is the next amongst the list of priorities after complete sanitization. Only avail the services when you are utterly sure about the personal hygiene of the person. 

2. Thermal checking not possible- 
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Not every house can ensure thermal checking. But at the recognized salons thermal checking tools are available that’ll ensure anyone entering the premises is free of the infection. Chances of thermal checking are near to none with the salon at home services. 

3. Authenticity of products- 
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With the opted salon at home services the authenticity of the products cannot be confirmed. There is a high possibility that the products brought in can be fake and you will only know once they are halfway applied on you. At the salons you can be sure about the genuineness of the products beforehand and the question of authenticity won’t bother.

4. Authenticity of man-power-

With the salon at home services there is a high chance of different man-power. You cannot be sure whether the person is a human resource of your salon or not. If you visit the salon and avail the services inside their premises the authenticity of the man-power can be confirmed without any doubt.

5. Hesitant if totally clean from corona-
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You can never be assured that the person entering your home is totally clean from corona or not. Although, this point is a concerning factor even at the salons too, but there at least every person undergoes a thermal check. In addition to that, the PPE kits can be worn by both the customer and the service provider. This can cut the slightest chances of catching the infection, but can only be done at the salons. 

6. No background checks-
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You can not have a background check about the person when you’re opting for salon at home services. You can certainly not have a background check of the service provider, but the availability of PPE kits, thermal checks, disinfectant sprays and hand sanitizers, you can always slim the chances of catching the virus. 

7. Rare access to desired equipment-
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Not every house is fully air-conditioned, even if your room is air conditioned there might not be a switchboard for plugging the straightener and the hair dryer simultaneously. Salons can offer you access to any desired equipment without any hassles or prior preparations. 

8. A stranger in the house-
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If you scale the risk of having a stranger inside your house and you, going to the salon, then it’s the former that’s more prone to harm. You only decide you want a stranger in your house, or have yourself enter a sanitized space with PPE kits, face shields and thermal checking tools.

9. It’s easier to disinfect yourself-
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once the service provider leaves the house you need to disinfect all the areas wherever he/she placed his stuff or even touched them. It is more easier and convenient to just clean yourself rather than cleaning the whole house and spraying disinfectants in all the places. At the salon you’ll be wearing a PPE kit and face shield so the chances will anyway be very rare and once outside you can spray disinfectant on yourself. Post reaching your house, you can take a hot shower and change into a different set of clothes. 

Why are salons better than salons at home services? 

  • They provide you with the essential safety measures 
  • You undergo thermal check and have access to PPE kits, due to which the chances of catching the infection are near to less.
  • You can make an appointment and be the first customer of the day if you’re too cautious. 
  • Salon at home services demand disinfectants in all the places where the service provider went. 

Post putting forth the basic reasons why you should never opt for salon at home services, we hope the picture is pretty clear in your head. So you must always opt for salons over salons at home services.