8 Reasons You Must Attend Jaipur Literature Festival 2020

Every year in the month of January, Pink City hosts a 5 day stretched festival for all the literature enthusiasts and eminent authors to relish the diverse perspectives from all over the world. Since the last 12 years the city has been hosting the highly cherished Jaipur Literature Festival aka JLF The festival is a 5 day package of literature, art, fiction, creativity, debates and innumerable perspectives and philosophies. Encouraging the newbies to explore the unexplored and learn to unlearn the one-sided views and broaden the existing mentalities. A safe space to explore the work of various artists and listen to many authors speak about the on going topics. 

8 Reasons To Attend Jaipur Literature Festival 2020

If you still have no clue what’s JLF then here are a few things you must know about Jaipur Literature Festival 

1. You’ll Find The Trending Books

It has the largest and latest collection of World-Famous Books. The most appreciated feature of JLF is the availability of the rarest international books under a single roof. Step inside the hosting ground and dip yourself inside the world of words. 

2. Sessions By Eminent Personalities 

Jaipur Literature Festival is renowned for its impeccable sessions by the various literature enthusiasts, speakers, authors and eminent personalities from all over the world. Attending the sessions of various personalities shall pour you knowledge about different fields and give you a better insight about the happenings of the world. 

3. Unlearn the learned: listen to discussions and trending debates 

This year JLF has invited a wide array of renowned personalities, award winning novelists, editors, writers, artists, journalists, speakers, illustrators and publishers. Prominent among them include Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Shobha De, Namita Gokhale, Jeff Deutsch, Michael Dwyer, Ravish Kumar, and many more. Listening to these diverse sets of personalities coming from various backgrounds is a great way to learn and grab the better knowledge and perspectives for a lifetime. 

4. Meet Your Favourite Authors

To all the booklovers, your favorite authors and writers will be here so do not miss the chance to get your books signed and have a word with them. JLF gives you the moment where you can cherish some unforgettable memories and take back home some amazing gestures, conversations by the elite novelists. 

5. Jaipur Music Stage

Well JLF is not just about literature and discussions, it has more to look forward to. Once you step inside you’ll also get to witness the world-renowned bands and artists who’ll be showcasing their extensive talent at the world’s biggest literary festival. From jazz, ghazals, rock, blues you’ll witness the breathtakingly soothing performances and amazing voices. 

6. Impeccable Art in various forms

JLF is not just about literary art forms rather it takes pride in being a platform for almost all the different art forms. The five day long festival is a powerful package of information, better insights, knowledge, art forms, illustrations, fictions and latest happenings in a highly creative way. 

7. Poetry Durbar: A hub for poetry 

Poetry Durbar is a very special event at JLF where prominent poets like Ranjith Hoskote, Afra Atiq, Annie Finch and others will read excerpts from their exceptional works. The series of multi-vocal poetry readings of different moods and meters let’s you loosen up and enjoy the symbolism and essence of the beautifully woven string of words. 

8. The Jaipur Bookmark

Jaipur Bookmark brings together the various publishers, agencies, artists, writers, poets, publishers, translators basically all sorts of stakeholders of the industries under one roof. The amount of exposure available is highly beneficial for the budding artists, bloggers, poets and others. 

JLF 2020 commenced on the 23rd of January and it’ll be concluding on 27th of January. So if you haven’t step to your foot inside the world of wonders then it’s not too late. Go on delve into the exceptional sessions lined up and raise the bar of your knowledge.