A look on the amazing Murals in Jaipur!!

Hii to all!! I guess all of us have been to historical places and have seen the most of it. People nowadays get bore of the same old style and ethnicities involving the rush of the city, old monuments and art. Just like their own massive style and creativity they need new pages of life everyday with a blend of old creations and other things. Well, nothing can stop this youth to achieve whatever they want and just like that The Pink City has been painted into different colours but the base is same. The base of old custom and history, old tradition and attires, there has come something new by mixing the old gold and new minds. I’m sure nobody wants to miss this sight even when most of us have seen these beautiful murals.

source: Khushboo Bharti (tracingartinpublic)

These paintings on the roadside, forts, railway stations and main city gates have some or the other thing to say. Each and every shade of the colour describe the diversity of Jaipur in such a way that even the smallest wall speak of heaven on earth. The most important part of these murals are the different ideas and feeling of the city and people,that are shown through the art. These wall arts shows how cultural heritage is being preserved with a perfect blend of modern technology and local culture. The culture of Maharajas and their lives and also the symbol of prosperity and peace that lies in this creativity. Speaking in more historical context, these murals have a high range of attraction if one sees them from a sight of traditions being painted rather than just a mere modern wall art.

source: Khushboo Bharti (tracingartinpublic)

The Painting at Ramnagar Metro Station by Shrikant Ranga has all the colours and diversity shown on one wall. The strokes of the Folk Culture of Rajasthan depicting the Rich Heritage and Culture. The graffiti also shows the famous Hawa Mahal of Jaipur. These murals have also been one of the most loved tourist attractions because of the splash of colours on the same base they used to adore. As painted outside the metro stations, people get to see and appreciate all the hard work of the artists.

source: Khushboo Bharti (tracingartinpublic)

Just like the ‘meri id mera pehchaan’, every mural have a meaning or some kind of message for the citizens. The above graffiti took a stand for the transgender community. Created by Poonima Sukumar at Vivek Vihar Metro Station, this art has the biggest tagline for the community that everyone wants to ignore at some or the other point of life. The mural speak much more than just what it mean. After all, the strongest amongst all are the Transgenders and the artist gave a stand to them by the idea of such a great motive.

source: jaipurbeat

The Painting on Gandhi Nagar Railway Station depicting the Mother Nature with the traditions and cultures of the historical state has the most vibrant and attractive colours that one will stand to observe the painting. The elephants and camel has all the royalties of Rajasthan and through them the artist has conveyed the royal melancholy and mélange of Jaipur and its history.

The Murals in Jaipur has been added to the tourist attractions because of it’s historical meaning, cultures and traditions. The city has been highlighted by the happy and vibrant colours of art. One more thing is added to the developed Jaipur and all of us is waiting for more and more things that may highlight or make Jaipur more beautiful than it already is. All thanks to the artists for making the city everyone’s happy place to be in.

I don't want people to weep for me in my eulogy but remember me as a great art of writing. :)