A spectacular combination of beauty, serenity and entertainment…’ THE BIRLA MANDIR’

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One of the most well planned and well constructed temple. Popular for its beauty, serenity and peace it reveals. Birla Mandir in Jaipur is a marvellous structure that speaks of beauty in every possible way.

The temple is a very blissful place that is known for its imperturbable ambience. It is visited by hundreds of devotees throughout the day. Be it anything the place is sure to help you calm your mind and could easily get you out of things which brought you much trouble.

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Mandir is one of the famous temples and a highly-regarded pilgrimage for the Hindus. Built of marble this beautiful temple is visited by thousands of devotees every day. This place is highly occupied by lush greenery on all sides and is a feast for the eyes to see such astonishing flowers all in one place. The temple has three domes and has beautiful drawings and carvings all around. Its walls are covered with quotes and sayings from well-known preachers and holy men. Well distinguished from other temples and believes in equality of all religions which is the real purpose and significance of the domes . It is a landmark in Jaipur and a must visit destination for every visitor. The walls of this temple have a lot to offer to the people who believe in mythology and the preaching of our wise ancestors.


The temple offers a lot more to all the tourists and visitors. One could simply lose oneself in the serenity of the place.

Check out the drawings on the walls and the quotes from the scripts from the holy books like Bhagvad Gita.

Experience the rhythm of the soulful aarti during the evenings or mornings make all your stress wash away.

Admire its beauty.


1. If you are a foodie you could go. And try   the famous pandit pav bhaji just parallel to the temple. Serving mouthwatering pav bhajis, bhel puri, chana chorgaram, pani puri, nimbu shikanji  all these yummy items you can find near the temple.

2. If you are a shopaholic and love to roam around in malls and bazaars you could end up to the famous malls of pinkcity i.e WORLD TRADE PARK or GT both are one of the popular places of the city.

3. If you are a camera lover you could end up in the Smriti Van, also famous for its greenery , animals, beautiful flora and a place which hikers would admire.

4. You could also end up in the nearest cafes, such as lazy mojo, goodtimes, coffeeculture etc.

This temple is a must visit in Jaipur and shouldn’t be missed at any cost. This place carries a legacy and one can certainly feel it here. Make sure you don’t miss this place during your visit to Jaipur.