Allegedly Raped And Abducted A 7 Year Old Arrested!!

The accused

Jaipur’s serial rapist has been arrested by the police. The accused was hiding in Kota after raping a 7-year-old girl in Jaipur. He has been arrested earlier in 2014 and 2015 in the case of rape with younger girls. However, he was out on bail. On June 22 and July 1, it also raped 2 little girls in Jaipur city.

Due to Rapist , there was a tense atmosphere in the city of Jaipur for the last 5 days and the old city had to shut down till the internet service was closed. The accused was identified with CCTV footage, in which he had seen the baby carrying him on a motorcycle. When the police started exploring the list of culprits of Jaipur, then the identity of the accused was detected. In 2014, he also committed a rape with a young girl for which he was sentenced to life imprisonment, but he got bail in 2015. The 34-year serial rapist is nomadic and lives in a rented house in the barber’s bar in Jaipur.

As the police encountered him, he admitted that on July 1st, in Shastrinagar area of ​​Jaipur, he committed a rape of a 7 year and 4 year old girl. Even after being released from the bonds in 2015, he tampered with two children in Bhatta Basti area, then the police had apprehended but he escaped ultimately attacking the policemen. So far, 12 cases have been registered and 6 have been jailed.

Given the communal tension due to Sikandar in Jaipur, the police had made 20 teams of 400 policemen. Spreading the location of the Rapist mobile number, the police reached the quota. At 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, in the rapist Sikandar Kota, Babu was drinking tea on the tea wall of Bhai Ganj in Bhimganj, when the police arrested him.

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  • The accused was arrested from a tea stall in Kota
  • Police records showed that there were 10 cases registered against him
  • Rajasthan government on Tuesday gave a compensation of Rs 5 lakh to the family of the minor girl.

Further Details 

A person who had allegedly abducted and raped a seven-year-old girl in Shastri Nagar area here was arrested from Kota on Saturday, police said.

“In the last few days, two serious crimes of rape took place in Jaipur. The first one took place on June 22, when an unknown person took a four-year-old girl with him on a motorcycle and later left her near her house after around two years. Later it was found that the girl was raped,” Jaipur Police.

After that on July 1, in the same area, some unknown person took a seven-year-old girl on a motorcycle from a grocery store and later left her close to her house after two hours. According to the sources the girl later reached her home and it was found that she has been raped.

The police commissioner further added that the police got the first breakthrough when a head-constable from Bhatta Basti police station mentioned about a similar incident around 10 to 12 years ago in which a man had killed an 11-year-old child after performing unnatural sex with the child.