Apprise all the art lovers that Doodlerack Hostel presents paint The Amber Fort Live !!

Heads up to all the art lovers, painters, illustrators , sketchers there is a huge opportunity waiting for you all to paint the spectacular and the very popular fort of the town , The Amber Fort.

As Doodle Rack invites each and every one to contribute and make the best use of the opportunity to paint the major tourist attraction. The number of seats are finite so get you and your cronies registered for some fun and frolic activity. It could be the once in a lifetime opportunity for all those who wish to contribute for the betterment of the city.


A pet friendly place to accommodate in Jaipur , featuring free wifi throughout the property. 2.1 Km from sindhi camp. A place proffering utter comfort to relax and chill with your mates. The place offers you the with all the basic amenities and some not very basic amenities like PS 2 and PS 3 and so much more.

So they have come up with an opportunity to paint The Amber Fort live.  Following are the details you must know.

How to register ?

Well you all can DM the doodlerack and book yourself a place amidst the crowd. You can also contact the person associated with it at – 9971090029 .

Registration charges – 1200/- ( includes the mandatory supplies and full filling lunch )

When – 11th May

For further details contact the Doodlerack or 9971090029.  

The seats are limited and the registration follows the first come first serve basis. So hurry up you all ! Get set to dip your brushes for something that counts. Use your creativity for not just beautifying your room but your town. Pair your sources of knowledge , imagination and creativity for a chance like this. Create memoirs for you and your art.  

Pull up your socks and hush to register. The opportunity like this comes with prime. So apprise all your art lover dearies about this amazing opportunity to paint the Amber Fort Live.

Hurry you all and get yourself boasted to drip your ideas of creativity and perfection to paint the town’s splendour fort holding a major place in the history of the Pinkcity. It’s a chance to leave your imprints of work. So what are you waiting for ?