Fan of Asian Cuisine! Then, This Restaurant at Radisson Blu Jaipur is Meant For You

Smooth flavors accompanied with a pinch of choicest spices that releases a smoky feel on your taste buds… Sounds like foodies dream – isn’t it! But, this is not just to read or listen, it’s an experience that you can only behold at Atsui Restaurant, Radisson Blu Jaipur.

Indulging every food fanatic into the delicacies of Authentic Asian Cuisine, along with the joy of celebrating 1st Anniversary of amazing Atsui Restaurant, Radisson Blu is entertaining an open-invitation to rejoice delicacies and local favorites from all the regions of Pan-Asia.


From Founder’s View

According to the Founder of ATSUI and the Director of Radisson Blu Jaipur, Mr. Mukesh Gurnani, it is a self-customized concept that is enough to satisfy every food fanatic. His experience of B.Sc. from the Cardiff University UK and Diploma in Advertising & Media from EMDI Dubai spills out in every bit of the services at Atsui. Holding his post-graduation in International Hotel Management from Les Roches, Switzerland, he came up with his nurturing innovative ideas and zeal for modern culinary concepts, and as a result, ATSUI – The Pan Asian Kitchen evolved.

And, within the conversation, the tale of their incredible dessert came out “The Cheesecake Story”, a must try sweet treat which is full of cookies crunch and Choco chips crumbled into a thin layer topped with a mouth-watering mixture of cream and cheese garnished with crunchy fruits and berries and bottled in a designer jar with a chocolate lid. And the story behind it is worth to listen!!

He elaborated “The CheesecakeStory, took shape after 32 times of experiment to bring it to the perfection. Hence, it should not be overlooked, if you are in Jaipur especially in Atsui.

Apart from dessert, the food concepts are entirely conceived with the concoction of Asian flavours and handpicked professionals with the innovative service concepts whether it’s from deciding the crockery to the preparations of meals experts finalise every detail.”

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Inside the “Pan Asian Kitchen”

For reviving the sensation of “come home to Asia” by offering its wide range of cuisine, the Atsui Restaurant aims to fulfill palate of one and all as it makes you explore the luxury of authentic Asian Cuisine ranging from Chinese to Japanese, Korean to Thai, and so much more.

The word Atsui indicates the “Depth of Flavors” and this synergizes with its concept of live Teppanyaki Flair & interactive kitchen, which gives a chance to have a first-hand visual experience of your meal being cooked right in front of you by a specially trained Chefs who juggles with his culinary tools and flames the griddle while cooking the gastronomic delights for you.

Combining the extraordinary culinary art and culture of Asia, Atsui frames an exceptional dining experience for in-house as well as walk-in guests. The venue includes a classy lounge bar with indoor and outdoor seating, offering a menu that offers an array of beers, wines, whisky and cocktails to sip and enjoy your meal. The specially trained barman can also furnish Molecular Beverages on request.

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Quick Sneak Peak

When it’s about the ambience, you can imagine yourself being under the roof of any grand Asian house serving you delectable live dishes to satiate your hunger.

And, if you haven’t been so close to the Asian cooking style then you can unfasten your confusion by trying a Signature dish here, i.e. Prawn Tempuras. For both vegetarian and non-veg, Stuffed Mushroom and Tofu &Babycorn along with Vietnamese Five Spiced Grilled Sea-Bass Fish with Grilled Vegetables, which is a sure-shot recommendation by Master Chef Dhan. Also, you can complement it with signature drink – Atsui Delight followed by a specially curated dessert “The CheeseCake Story” embellished with a story for a complete dining experience.

Worth Specifications

Quick service and friendly staff add up elegance into the journey that is steered with selected music for a splendid dining experience with your near and dear ones.

In addition to this, if you plan to visit it tonight or maybe on some special occasion, you should keep a note that Teppanyaki food station here can accommodate groups of up to 9 people at a single time.

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Visiting Hours:

07:30 PM – 12:30 AM, (Monday to Friday)
07:30 Pm – 1:30 am, (Saturday & Sunday)

People! An added tip for which, you can thank us later on is, this place is ideal for both hardcore non-vegetarians and vegetarians, who like their tongue and stomach to engage with sauté top-quality food that seduces the strings of mind and soul as nothing else can.

For more information about Atsui Restaurant, you can visit here or Reserve a table by calling Aniruddh at +91-9928648262.

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