New Talk of The Town : Atsui – The Pan Asian Kitchen at Radisson Blu Jaipur

“Do you know that Asian food is far better and simple on our digestive system?”

If you were still unaware of it, then you should probably give a hit to Pan-Asian cuisine that is simply irresistible and ready to go for your taste buds to discover something beyond delicious.

And, to satisfy this notion, Radisson Blu Jaipur has come up with the new hue. Yes! There is this latest buzz in the town about Teppanyaki Grills, a Japanese cooking style. The Atsui Restaurant of Radisson Blu Jaipur is serving one of the best cuisines from Japan China, Korea, Thai and Burmese.

And, when we made our way to discover them; we found some things that are often desirable by many – when it comes to Asian culinary and cuisine.

Radisson Blu Jaipur
Atsui – The Pan Asian Kitchen at Radisson Blu Jaipur

Concept Behind: Atsui – The Pan Asian Kitchen

Atsui is basically an Asian word, which means ‘Depth’ and this indicates merely to the flavours of the food that are provided here in this newest restaurant of Radisson Blu Jaipur.

Being into the discovery of the cuisines served here, we also got to know how Japanese food is way light on the palate and is suitable for every age group.

And, when it’s about the USP of this Restaurant – The Teppanyaki, it represents the authentic essence of Japanese cuisine by offering a more profound understanding of culture, history, people and places there. The origin of Teppanyaki Food serves as a natural getaway with a unique experience. The inclusion of Gohan Rice, Shichimi Powder, Togarashi, Wakame, Seaweed, Mustard, Naturedly Brewed Soya Sauce, Sushi Vinegar, Udon Noodle, Tempura flour, Garlic, Butter, all types of Exotic Vegetable Meat and Poultry makes it tempting and nutritious at the same time. Ingredients and forms of food presentation vary widely in all the cuisines available here, but the Ingredient, which it has in Common are Rice and Noodles in the Teppanyaki culinary.

First made in Southeast Asia, the term Teppanyaki Food literally means ‘Hibachi’, which is a Japanese style of cooking in front of the guests.

Outstanding Traits of Teppanyaki Food

According to the skilled Teppanyaki Chefs, to savour the culinary spectacle and bringing it to the table to treat guests with an evening of delectable Japanese cuisine bestows an immense entertaining theatrical taste to it.

That’s why this extraordinary culinary art takes the stage every evening at Atsui. A live cooking station seduces the taste buds with the freshest and top-quality ingredients to frame an exceptional dining experience.

The finest cooking style and crisp ingredients complement each other with extensive menu choice. And, undoubtedly, it is elegantly presented without any complications.

All you just need to do is, sit around the Teppanyaki station and watch the specially trained Teppanyaki chefs cook delicious food in front of your eyes, topping off their culinary expertise with superb flipping, tossing, juggling and flair in the live kitchen.

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Don’t forget the Ambience

The environment is a critical factor right! And, what one can look for when a five-star property lets you enjoy Teppanyaki Food in the soothing vibes of their restaurant.

Having a sip of sparkling wine of your choice with the enhanced live kitchen that speculates charm of chefs serving in an oriental lay out is worth an encounter.

With the standard style of service that is quick, efficient, and non-complicated also adds up elegance into the Teppanyaki Food that is steered with music so you can relish everything one set for all.

Specifications To Take A Look

The Teppanyaki station can accommodate groups of up to 9 people and here are some of the tips while booking your session.

Visit Time:

07:00 PM – 01:00 AM, (Sunday to Saturday)
07:00 Pm – 1:00 am, (Friday – Sunday)

Plate Price:

1399/- AI for Non-Vegetarian
999/- AI for Vegetarian

And, for hardcore non-vegetarians, add New Zealand Lamb chops @ INR 550/- AI (Mains)

So, fellas! Are you still thinking where to go for authentic Asian cuisine? Participate in the theatre of gastronomy at Hotel Radisson Blu Jaipur to enjoy the mouth-watering food, wine, mock tail and the ambience at Atsui. Remember, a visit to the Teppanyaki station is bound to spark off a fantastic evening ahead for you and your loved ones.

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