All the Art lovers , The Banganga Festival is here to gift you the best time of the month.

Banganga Festival, Jaipur India

Rajasthan, the largest state in India comes with a diverse population and rich cultures , surrounded with topography nurturing the natives of Rajasthan and helping them form and follow their own unique culture is all set to celebrate The very happening Banganga Festival.

The state is known for its larger than life forts and colorful cities. The cities and towns all have a distinct characteristic to them, there are certain cities famously associated with a colour since they are coloured with these particular colours, like the city of Jaipur is known as the pink city for having houses painted pink while there are certain cities known for being a home to abundance of lakes, like the city of Udaipur, which is also known as the city of lakes.Banganga Festival, Jaipur City

The numerous palaces of the state make the state seem very royal and the people of Rajasthan do live royally, with big havelis dominating most of the cities. If one wants to experience Indian Royalty, then one must visit Rajasthan for it has a rich history and huge palaces with wonderful welcoming people. The deserts although painted ochre with the colour of the sands still give a home to men and women wearing bright colours with mirror on their outfits.

Rajasthanis know how to celebrate and are very devoted and religious in nature. One such occasion for them to celebrate is the Banganaga festival which takes place in the Jaipur district. It is famously known as the BanganagaMela which takes place in the months of April to May every year. The festival happens in Bairath, a town in the Jaipur District. The festival started around 200 years ago with the inauguration of the Radhe-Krishna temple on the banks of the small river of Banganga. Now the river has great significance to many Hindus for it has a myth and legend attached to it.

History of Banganga Festival

Historical Significance of Banganga Festival, Jaipiur The legend goes by that in Mahabharata, when BhishmaPitamah was severely injured in the midst of the war, he felt really thirsty, that’s whenever Arjuna, the famous Pandava renowned for his archery, released his arrow and as it hit the ground water came out of the ground and this river was created in the middle of the deserted state. The river earned its name from the collation of the words arrow which is Baan in Hindi and Ganga which is the holy river of Ganga. The place is visited by many pilgrims every year as they come to take a dip into the holy waters of Ganga. It is believed in Hinduism that Ganga is the purest river and cleanses one from their sins, hence taking a dip into the waters of Ganga is considered very holy in the religion.

Religious significance of Banganga Festival

History of Sonepur Mela, The Banganga fair is the time when all these pilgrims come to Bairath and take a dip into the water of Banganga and enjoy in the fair that takes place besides the Radhe-Krishna temple.

The center attraction of the fair is the Radhe-Krishna temple although there are other shrines and small temples along the river banks which are visited by the people followed by taking a dip in the water. Pilgrims visit all these temples and make their prayers and get their blessings. Once you enter the place you will find yourself in mental peace as the worshippers make the whole area a holy place during the time of festival. Spreading positivity and purifying the environment around.

The festival is more about connecting one’s self and moving ahead in life irrespective of you are a Hindu or a follower of any other religion. Banganga  Festival will help you nourish your inner self, it equally encourage your beliefs and faith in the almighty.  The aura there will pour energy , hope and passion for your future endeavors. Prime focus of the festival is to strengthen your inner believes and empowering yourself . It will help you cleanse your thoughts and move ahead for your own betterment.

More about Banganga Festival

History of Sonepur Mela

  • Festival is more about colours , vibrancy , music , dance and merriment.
  • Rathasthanis Folk music will be resonating on the banks of Banganga.
  • Women will be dressed in beautiful traditional Rajasthani outfits whereas men will be seen in Dhotis and Pagdis.
  • You will see magic shows , cattles shows , kids playing and women dancing around.
  • Heads up to all the shopaholics , there will be multiple local sellers coming from nearby towns and villages making the place a big market.
  • Jewelry, clothes, paintings, handicrafts, artefacts even puppets will be available in abundance.
  • From miniatures to artistically crafted pots will be available for sale here.
  • Even Rajasthani ghagra and choli will be seen in huge numbers for sale. Handicrafts From Jaipur Rajasthan

About the food and place 

The area is filled with the smell of food with ghee dominating the smell. Food like rotla, daalbhaati, pakoras, kachoris, and the sweets which include halvas, laddus, malpuhas, balushahi, etc is always the prime attraction for all the foodies.

All these finger licking food items will make you fall in love with the culture of the state. Considering the food here is mostly veg but the touch of love in anything and everything is what makes you fall for it. All made with love and rich flavours.Puppet & Handicrafts from Jaipur

Apart from the food, the place is dominated by multiple rides like the merry-go-round, ferris wheel and small rides attracting children is a  great way for adults to let go and just enjoy. The artists and traders around get a lot of income from this one festival as they prepare throughout the year for the days of the Banganga mela.

DATES : 21 / 04 / 2019 – 21 / 05 / 2019

Yes the festival will be stretched for a month and the natives and tourist will have loads of cherishing memories to save and delicious food to taste. The art lovers will have the most amazing time. So be ready.