Be ready to flaunt this JLF from head to toe. Here are a few categories you can choose to upgrade your fashion sense.

Hey folks , feel like dressing up for this JLF , well we have made you a bunch of categories to pick your look from. So go ahead and doll up yourself .


Yes folks! That’s one cool things you can opt these winters for a hot look! Gone are those days when there used to be just one particular design for boots. You may find them in various colors and various lengths. High length boots are most in trend. You may pair them up with your dresses, skirts and even jeans.

Layering is cool 
Got a strappy dress but can’t wear it on a chilly day? Pair it up with a high neck sweater or a shirt and you’re ready to go!

Layering is out of one of the best trends of 2019 and it not just gives you a style statement but a new look every time you change a layer.  

Shimmer & Sequin

History repeats itself! Do you remember those looks from K3G and Kaho na pyaar hai , The shimmery skirts and the sequin tops? Shimmer & sequin are back in trend after almost two decades. So do not forget to leave your sparkle at JLF evenings and after parties!

Stylish Socks
Did you ever thought about a socks making a style statement? 2019 is going to be the year for stylish socks! Knee length, Ankle length; They all are in trend! Whether it be plain black ones or a cute quirky pair, It’s going to grab everyone’s eye for once.

Grandma maxi

The summer trend that is being carried forward in winter too. What can be more trendy than a comfortable grandma maxi for all your day. Pair them up with your trench coats or base them with your high neck sweaters for a stylish look.

High Necks
Remember the days when we used to run away from these neck choking sweaters? They are the most trendy thing one and have in their wardrobes right now!
When in doubt pair your high neck sweater with a skirt or jeans and yes, you’re good to go!

Indo western sarees
No matter how western we go, Saree always remain a classic. Give it a sexy look with a different style of drape, club it with your favourite crop top and some nice jewellery! You’ll find actual JLF vibes within yourselves.

Create your own attire this JLF and flaunt it from head to toe.
Happy 2019.