Behind The Scenes – Meet Rajasthani Swag Guy Bhavesh Manglani

Living in the world where a comic sense is the only way to make people happy and gaining maximum laughter moments. And, by following this trend, Bhavesh Manglani, a guy behind the shots of a famous page and YouTube channel “Rajasthani Swag“, is not just a Viner but an enthusiastic soul raising the name of Rajasthan even more amongst the people.
By knowing about him while having the tons of conversations about his personal life, career, choices, etc. We also got to know the story of an emerging star in the world of comedy. Check out what Rajasthani boy told us in his gesture of innocence.

Why the name “Rajasthani Swag” only? From where are you influenced?

rajasthani swag

“Behind the name Rajasthani Swag, there are two reasons. Firstly, I am the first Viner from Rajasthan, and I always wanted to take the name of my state even better when it comes to the part of talent. And, when I started all this, I saw no one was involved or made an attempt in this field of comedy, especially from Rajasthan.

After I begin with Vine making, I saw on a regular basis that competition got into a pace and there were 1000+ content creators who were making their trials.

Second, core reason is that I am born and brought up in Jaipur, Rajasthan. So, for me, it’s proud to hear the name of our state when it comes to any field.”

How are you different from other Viners of India?

“Every Viner fit into their style. I keep my haircut unique to look different in vines. Also, I make relatable and realistic content like for example, I get a lot of beatings in my own videos to entertain and present a natural sense of humour.

viner from rajasthan

Apart from all, I cover the topics that are more of youth-oriented.”

Where did you get ideas for your vines and content to bring it in action?

“The stories and scripts I prepare are always related to my daily life. I just revive all the funny incidents that happened to me ever.

Mostly, when I am alone at night, it is the time when I get a lot of ideas and at that is the time I work on scripts.”

What are the challenges that you face as a Viner?

“After covering so many topics, to introduce something unique and new to the public is always a tough one to beat up. Many of the times, after the shooting of 4-5 hours, a video doesn’t turn out to be the good one or presentable enough. So, it also leads to wastage of time and energy.

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And, Yeah! Editing part is quite hard. Because not getting appropriate cuts and topics to act for our audience is not that easy to mark. For a greater response and maintaining freshness in content is a niche to survive in short videos or vines.”

Being a YouTuber is not an easy task! But, what keeps you going with it?

“The journey till now was quite tough, but love from the audience, motivation by the close ones, and support from my parents encouraged me to move forward and never look back.

No wonder, there were a lot of criticizers like neighbours, relatives, and some random as well who used to say it’s not a sensible job or passion to follow. It’s purely a waste of time. But my mom dad supported me for whatever I was doing.”

What was the response by your family when they got to know about your talent and artistic abilities?

bhavesh rajasthani swag jaipur

I am not just lucky. I am blessed!! My parents were quite supportive, especially Dad.
Initially, mom was against it but later on when I went to Delhi, slowly and gradually she also accepted my focus point. Now, she did not deny to my choices in concern to talent and skills.

Except Vine making what other interests you follow on a regular basis?

I just passed my 12th this year, and except vine making, as such, I don’t have any other specific interest. For building myself into the Viner, I left my school in 12th standard and from an open school passed on my examinations.

Right now, I’m pursuing my 1st year from a private college.

What’s the best thing about your vines that you are often complimented for?

rajasthan viner

“Most of the people compliment me about my expressions and my different scripts. Some people also say that my characters are relatable and show a visual appearance of their daily life.”

From 1-10, where do you rank yourself in the sense of humour and capabilities to make people laugh?

“Well, 8-9 maybe!! But I’m trying to improve my humorous concepts so that I can make it not just up to 10 but far better and more entertaining when it comes to ranking.”

Are you planning to see yourself as a full-time standup comedian in future?

“Not really! I don’t want to be a comedian. I wanted to be an actor. My prime goal is to be in Bollywood.

Your views for our readers, who are willing to be Viners!!

“For readers, all I need to say is try to make original content and relate them to your life. And, an obvious thing quality matters, so use a good camera and best of editing software. Focus on the sound quality of short videos to make them more engaging and interactive for the audience.”

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Bhavesh! You are incredible that at your early 18, you are indeed making so many efforts to influence people of Rajasthan with your sense of humour. Because maintaining an interest of the audience towards entertainment through little doses of laughter is appreciable so far.

We wish you all the best for your future. Keep entertaining the way you do!!

To know more about Bhavesh Manglani, you can follow him at his official page of Rajasthani Swag on Facebook. Even, you can simply take a look at Instagram or subscribe his YouTube channel for his latest and happening vines to laugh out loud. 

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