Best Cafes in Jaipur.

Everyone of us has been to most of the cafes in Jaipur and every cafe is LIT in itself. Why wouldn’t people love to go to places to eat with family or friends? There’s absolutely no reason for love for food, right? But wait a minute, have you had a look on some of the best cafes of Jaipur that can make you amaze from it’s food and ofcourse interior. Come lets have a look.

1. Nibs Cafe and Chocolataria-

Source: TYW Jaipur

The most famous cafe of Jaipur. The aura and the ambience is a thing you should visit for in this cafe. The seating is of scooter and it is so cool that you’ll love to be here again and again. Also, the walls and ceilings are decorated with birds cages and etc. You guys would love to have the food they serve, its mesmerising. Also, the place is heaven for chocolate lovers.

Timings-  11 AM – 10:45 PM.

2. Skylights- 

Source: Zomato

The place is perfect for dinner with near and dear ones. The aura is so pleasent and calm and just like the name of the cafe, you can enjoy the skylights by have a seat outdoor too. The choice is upto you for the seating. The staff is so cooperative and the service is perfect. How can I forget mentioning about the food ? The food in there, is love. You’ll be licking your fingers after having your meal. Bon Appetite!!

Timings- 7 AM – 11 PM

3. Bag Your Rag- The Boutique Cafe-

Source: TYW

The cafe is really ‘cute’. Yes, it’s a cute cafe because of it’s detailed interior and  cosy atmosphere. The cafe is small but wonderful. As the side walls are covered with racks made for keeping clothes. The clothes are so pretty that your heart will scream to buy them. The food is delicious. Overall, the cafe is cosy, wonderful and of course ‘cute’ 😉

Timings- 11 Am – 11 PM

4. WTF – Watch Treat Freak.

Source: tripadvisor

WTF: The Sports Cafe!!!! Amazing name with amazing games. You’ll love to have a visit to this really adventurous cafe. The interior is sporty af! With the heavenly bar and a disc like feeling you will feel amazed to have a look on the neon room. Woah, what about food ? Its super duper delicious. The games are too good and the interior is full of games, fun and shoes on celing. Lol.

Timing: 11 AM – 1 AM.

5. Cafe Bae-

Source: las vegas hotel

Or we can even refer it as Baby cafe XD. Lemme get to the point, the cafe in town is such a pretty place to be in. The menu is kept in European form and obviously why wouldn’t we try new food. The interior is good with soothing music and good environment. Be here once and you’ll get to know all of it. 😉

Timings: 7 AM – 1 AM.

There is more to the cafes but as you all know are best. Have an experience in all these once and let your friends know about the cafes too. 🙂


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