The Best Farmhouse you’ve ever seen, and to our surprise it will be in Jaipur!

As the summers are taking a leap and monsoons are just around the corner, everyone desires to escape to a peaceful place for a quick vacation to get rejuvenated and refreshed. And, who doesn’t wish to have a flourished lodging by the countryside!

People usually associate farmhouses with rustic design and log cabins while contemporary design is thought of as modern, metal and glass construction; it is erroneous to believe that contemporary and rustic elements can’t be harmonizing. On the contrary, combining the two types of design elements can give a brilliant personality to a space.

As we were on a treasure hunt for the ultimate monsoon getaway, we stumbled upon a few of these images and we instantly knew that it had to be a Madhur Bumb design!

This perfect blend of a ‘contemporary-meets-country’ mashup is sure to set itself as your goals!

farmhouses in jaipur - 1

The Farm house can turn into your major weekend getaway. It accommodates a swimming pool,  grand landscaped gardens, spacious bedrooms, an open to sky hot tub and all other things that one can dream of.

Whether you are 18 or 80, you would unquestionably love everything about this modern day farmhouse.

The visage of this home away from home is like a reverie. Designed to reciprocate your energies, it’s a place of comfort and relaxation that you can cherish with your family and friends.

farmhouses in jaipur - 2

As you enter you are welcomed by a magnificent tree and a piano, and the gorgeous Morocco inspired flooring which indeed lightens up the eyes. The fine picked upholstery too has the Marrakech vibe, which is stunning in its simplicity. From the furniture to the decor each piece makes a subtle statement.

farmhouses in jaipur - 3

Most people only look at a staircase from a functional perspective. However, this Architect utilised the design potential in the same and the sculptural staircase here would simply take your breath away.

Passing through the indoors and outdoors, the beautiful blend of architectural marvel and sanguinity separates one from the hustle-bustle of the city and helps reconnect with oneself.

farmhouses in jaipur - 4

Keeping the beauty quotient aside, the abode is sustainable in nature and environment friendly. The dwelling is to employ environmentally conscious design techniques.

To name a few, most of the woodwork conceptualised in this haven is well-treated reclaimed wood and the existing tall trees at the location are to be preserved. All materials are to be locally sourced and local workmen are to be employed. The house perfectly portrays ‘beauty with a purpose’.

farmhouses in jaipur - 7

There is also an informal indoor lounge and a semi-open outdoor lounge with pod swings to enjoy the monsoons or soak up the sun in winters. An unmatched dining area makes an integral part of any home; the open plan dining here looks up onto the swimming pool deck.

farmhouses in jaipur - 5

To speak from an architecture point of view, the space planning is immaculately free and open. You might try to spot but won’t be able to find any mundane architectural point. Also, it follows Vastu shastra to a T.

Indeed the entire design stands unique in every stance, a work of art, meticulously and thoughtfully created to meet everyone’s need and greed!

farmhouses in jaipur - 8

Definitely, a design spectacle to look out for!


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