Best Road Trips From Jaipur

Are you guys planning to go on a road trip with your friends? If not, then you should because we’ve found the best road trips from Jaipur that you guys can enjoy as hell and want to live every moment to it’s most. Jaipur being the heart of the state offers the most fun trip that the youth can take. As the NH8 opens up to different states and cities, it’s easier to locate where you have to head next. Let’s find out!

1. Jaipur to Pushkar, Ajmer-

Pushkar Ghat, near Sunset Cafe.

Pushkar, Ajmer being the nearest to Jaipur has the most memorable experience for you if you want to change your weekend from total dull to full of fun. The soothing ghat offers utmost peace to ones mind and soul. Also, you can enjoy the aura of amazing cafè like never before. The must trying dessert is maalpua.

Travel time- 145 kilometers, 3 hour

2. Jaipur To Ranthambore-

Ranthambore Safari.

Alas, who doesn’t want to experience jungle and safari once or hundreds of time in life. It’s always fun around animals and nature with friends and songs. The route from Jaipur to Ranthambore is so beautiful that you’ll fall in love with Rajasthan all over again. Ranthambore is a must visit for it’s fort that has the most famous Ganesh temple and jain temple. And obviously for safari that has to do with finding tigers behind the ‘jhaadis’.XD

Travel Time– 166 km, 4 hours.

3. Jaipur To Delhi-

Source: holidayiq

Hmmm…. the country’s capital has something interesting that every other person find the way to Delhi. Maybe because of the nightlife or to experience the pollution. xp Nevertheless, NH8, just like connecting other cities to jaipur, also connects jaipur to delhi. There’s a lot to do in Delhi, shopping isn’t just a thing. Plan a trip and find out. 😉

Travel time– 587 km, 6 hours.

4. Jaipur to Manali-

A long journey can bring out the best in you. So guys, there’s nothing to do with tiredness when you plan to go to Manali and that too on a Road trip. Jaipur to Manali is a long journey but with friends even tired days seem extraordinary. Manali has such an exciting route that you’ll not find any second to rest your eyes because of the so pretty nature. So grab your Rum and get set for this amazing trip.

Travel Time– 818 km, 16 hours.

5. Jaipur to Mount Abu-

Source: native planet

Mount Abu is the only hill station in the deserts of Rajasthan. It is nestled amongst the green forests on the state’s highest mountain at the Southwestern end of Aravallis, close to the Gujarat border. The must visits are Nakki Lake, Sunset Point and Peace Garden. You just have you pick your clothes, without forgetting the keys of your car and move towards the city. The roads and the environment is enchanting.

Travel time– 494 km, 8 hours.

Are you ready? Have you planned where you have to lead towards? Just get set and go, there’s nothing to worry about and all you’ll meet is fun all the way around. All the best for your next road trip. 🙂

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