How To Choose The Best Salon In Jaipur For Your Wedding?

When it’s about the royal destination weddings, Jaipur attracts everyone to come over and experience the best of everything out here. From food to shopping and venues to salons, name the thing, and you will find it here. At the time of the wedding, preparations are to be done on a prior basis. Mostly, for every bride and groom, appearance is highly important to consider. So, to revamp your looks, here we have shared a few of the amazing tips that you can follow to identify and choose the best salon in Jaipur for your wedding.

Wedding Make up in jaipur , sizzlin scizzors

Testimonials check

A first tip to keep in mind is browsing over multiple reviews, checking up the client satisfaction and ratings about the salon. Going through the testimonials over the website as well, Google is something that you should follow before making the appointment or looking for long-term functions.

Roll the eyes on ambience and hospitality

Whenever you are on to visit, make sure to roll-up your eyeballs throughout the arena of the beauty salon. Noticing the treatment and hospitality of the employees can give you the idea of how salon works and is gentle etiquette their priority for the customers who arrive randomly.

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Take a look at the services you need

Before booking a salon for a wedding or any other grand function, do check out the beauty services, body spa’s, skin treatments, bridal make-up, groom makeover, and hairstyling they impart.

Wedding Make up in jaipur, sizzlin scizzors

Moreover, this can help you to determine what you require for your appearance to look best at your D-Day.

Mark up the experience and professionalism record of the salon

Salons website can provide you with a lot of information regarding their experience. It can also showcase professionals working there. This can give your research level extra brownie points while booking the salon for your destination.

Hygiene! Super essential

Who can forget this! So far, when you have booked the appointment or going just for a random visit to a beauty salon in Jaipur, inspect the hygienic aspects of the place. It is critical as without proper cleanliness; no salon can work so far.

Best spa in jaipur, sizzlin scizzors

Value for the Money

Being in the budget is not at all wrong right! Whatever you are paying for the services should be worth enough with good result.


For your wedding, round up the facilities you are going to take and make sure to work with the salon in examined cost.

Working knowledge and technicalities of the beauty

Coming to the central part, the professionals at the salon should have enough knowledge about the details as well as hi-end technicalities when it comes to dealing with anyone’s feature.
Especially when the sight is on bride and groom, beauty experts should be well-informed, quick in efforts, and groomed to handle the situation. This quality of the salon disclosed its reputation.

Best salon in jaipur - sizzlin scizzors

Brands Usage

Well! Believe it or not, beauty products and brands make a higher effect. This impression is one of the best points that can help you to bang on your research to find the best salon in Jaipur. International brands and their usage is a tough task and investing in them is way harder. The beauty salons who have this comprehension can steal the beat. And, this can come to your notice when you enter the salon and check out their accessory board.

Guys! While wrapping it up to our checklists finishes and reaches to the conclusion that you can consider once. All these points are covered in one of the best salons in Jaipur, Sizzlin Scizzors. There working, clientele, testimonials, environment, services, and much more says it all. And, if you are getting married in Jaipur, then take this suggestion as a treat from our side to choose the best and leave the rest. Meanwhile, if you are eager to know more and wanted to find around, you can simply book the appointment for Bridal makeover consultancy on their following outlets.

Vaishali Nagar (Jaipur): 0141-4917006
Maliviya Nagar (Jaipur): 0141-4028455
Raja Park (Jaipur): 0141-4008455

Or, if you are traveling all the way from outskirts for your or anyone else’s wedding in Jaipur, you can also mail them and have enquiry on:

For more details, you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and scroll their website for address details: 

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