Book Lovers One Of Your Favorite Jaipur Exhibition Is Here!

Good news books lovers! The number of events in Jaipur are increasing with utmost velocity so cheer up because we have got a very good deal for all.the book lovers. Load the box is back again in town with the win-win deal.

Go and hunt for as many books you can as after all you just have to pay for the price of the box and not the books. So don’t delay any further and visit this book exhibition held by the Kitab Lovers and lock in many books inside one big box.

About The Organization 

Based in Haryana, The brand Kitab Lovers is holding a book exhibition this month. The best thing about this exhibition is that you just have to purchase the box and then it’s up to you how you can fit in your required books. Yes yes, just do the one time payment for all the books you can lock in that box. There are three different types of boxes which are offered here and all possess their prices and capacity to load the particular number of books.

Prices Per Box 

Box 1: The Money Saver at Rs. 999 

In this box you can easily fit in about 10-13 books if you are creative enough to do that. 

Box 2: The Money Saver at Rs. 1499 

In this box you can fit in around 17-20 books 

Box 3: The Money Saver at Rs. 2499 

In this box you can try and fit in at least 30-33 books of you choice and requirement.

Please Note: These are just estimates so try and use your wit to fit in as many books as you can provided the box should close flat. 

Details About The Exhibition In Jaipur 

Dates: July 11 – July 14, 2019  

Timings: 9AM – 10PM 

Location: Rajput Sabha Bhawan

C-22-A-B, Bhagwandas Road, Panch Batti, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Cards are accepted here.

Please Take Note: This event in Jaipur has brought you not only the chance to take your favorite books back home with you but also you can come and sell you old books and relish the amazing offers and discounts.

Expect books like – Collected works of Shakespeare , autobiography of Adolf Hitler, Harry potter and the works of Authors such as: Sherlock Holmes , JK Rowling , Agatha Christie, Ruskin Bond, Jeffrey Archer, Ken Follett, Obama, Orhan Pamuk, Khaled Hosseini, S.Covey and many more.

So don’t wait any further to miss the chance of grabbing your favorite books. It’s a golden opportunity for all the bookworks so use it well. This mega book fair in Jaipur will leave you spellbound as this event manages to gather the attention of all age groups. From stick holders, to children to teenagers everyone.  Visit this exhibition in Jaipur as it is one of the crucial events in Jaipur 2019.