Brahmani-Banas River linking project gets green light

The state government has given green light to the Brahmani and Banas linking project to supply additional water to the Bisalpur dam. According to the Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) and Water Resource Department (WRD) has started preparing a detailed project report (DPR) for the same. A survey to check for all the possibilities and time taken to implement the project will be conducted. The entire project is estimated to cost around Rs.6,000 crore and the DPR for the same will be completed in the next seven to eight months.

Brahmani- Banas Interlinking project.
Brahmani- Banas Interlinking project.

Chief Engineer, Islamuddin Khan explained, “After the completion of this project extra water will be supplied to Jaipur, Ajmer, Tonk, and Nagaur which is difficult due to the shortage of water in the Bisalpur dam right now. There will be an open channel constructed around Brahmani river and a tunnel will be dug in the mountain. As the river is located on a height, gravity will help water to flow into the tunnel and then supplied to the Banas river. After the completion of this project, Bisalpur is expected to never have any water shortage.”

After the submission of DPR, the entire project will take around three years to complete. Two weeks back, PHED also gave nod to increase the capacity of the pipeline from Bisalpur dam. The project is estimated to cost around Rs.288 crore and the tender will be invited in June. This project will take two years to get completed. After the completion of the project, it will supply an additional 170 MLD water to the city.

In the present scenario, rainwater flowing in the Brahmani River goes untapped. It gets mixed with the water of Chambal River, and it eventually meets Yamuna River flowing in Uttar Pradesh. According to an estimate, at least 355 million cubic meters of water can be utilized by interlinking the rivers every monsoon which otherwise gets wasted.