Cadbury Is Delivering: Stay Home & Avail The Essentials As The Delivery Is Free

We understand sitting at home in quarantine is tougher and challenging when the cravings hit you bad. And with this extended lockdown it is difficult to order the basic products like chocolates, biscuits and other delighting munchies. The spread of COVID-19 and the fear of it’s catch has locked us all inside the warmth and comfort of our houses. But we do understand the cravings to eat a chocolate cake or have a chocolate pudding or maybe a filling smoothie. The recipes are available with ease but the ingredients? Well that’s the rush. Here’s some good news that the munchies, dessert ingredients and soothing flavours can be availed and delivered from Cadbury! A majority of us are always facing the issue of deliveries either being delayed or the partner unavailable or the items being out of stock, but we just got to know about this amazing news wherein we discovered that Cadbury is now delivering the essentials!

Yes that’s true, Cadbury is at your service. Apart from its most prominent product i.e chocolate, Cadbury has its own set of some essential items and now you can order these within a click. In case you are wondering about these items; they include products like Oreo biscuits, Bournvita Biscuits, chocolate health drinks, and even Tang. You can add them into your cart and hey the delivery is absolutely free which is pretty much happy news and also this definitely saves us a trip to the grocery store!

Looking where to do from? 

Well click here to order the essentials from Cadbury.

So don’t step out for unnecessary stuff, stay home and avail all you need within clicks. It’s time we all understand that staying home is the biggest contribution we can do to save our people and ourselves.

Let’s stay home and relish the fabulous Cadbury products.