Let’s celebrate! Here’s an Invite For You All At O2 – The Plant Café

The festive season has begun with lots of surprises, we guess! Because in the bucket of enjoyment, you all are welcomed on the 1st Anniversary of O2 – The Plant Café. And, on their happiness of turning one, they have invited everyone to a celebration dating from 17th to 19th November.

And, following all the ground rules of entertainment, O2 – The Plant Café has so many crazy plans lined up for everyone out there.

Let’s take a look at their schedule for the fun time:

Day 1: 17th November

Today on their anniversary of Turning 1, on the very first by keeping their concept in mind, there is a Garden Exhibition at the café.

And, to praise the beauty of nature, the event will showcase beautiful bonsais from the world of seasonal plants & evergreens, figurines, a variety of planters, and splendid ceramic pots.

o2-the plant-cafe

So, the one who is in love with nature or wants to give a treat of greenery to their eyes can visit or book right away at O2 – The Plants Café.

Timings: 11 am – 10 pm

Day 2: 18th November

If you are a big fan of creativity, or want to tell a story or just want to make your way to listen to wonderful stories. Then, the second day has something good to go for you. That’s right, Storytelling – क़िस्साग़ोई! As there has never been a shortage of stories in life.

o2 storytelling session first anniversary

So, for your love of dreams, faith, hope, achievements, and multiple things wrapped in stories to listen and think, you can be here on Day 2 as well.

Timings: 6 pm onwards

Day 3: 19th November

Lastly, on the final call day, there is the mellow vibe that you should not miss on any condition. A musical night with Dino Banjara’s Fusion Band is all set to rock your veins deep into their soulful music. Sunday evening, live music performance, great food, and a sweet refreshment. Looks sorted, isn’t it!

o2 the plant cafe ceremony

So, if you are willing to watch out live performers in their amazing gesture, O2 – The Plant Cafe has this on the list for you all.

Timings: 7 pm onwards

We all are going! Are you ready to join them and us to have a blast of memories with loads of happiness and cheer? Then, don’t let it out of your mind…See you all there!

For more information about the event, you can simply click and visit here.   

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