Celebrating 131st foundation day of Albert Hall Museum

Today is the day when we got our first museum in Jaipur ‘Albert hall’, so being a writer, Here is a poem for all of you. Happy 131st foundation day of Albert Hall

Albert Hall Museum
PC : Jai Kumar

A small write up based on theme of Albert hall Museum, Jaipur:-

In 1880’s, when we got this,
From wales, we bought this,

Albert hall here history sails,
Imagination of prince of wales,

Any thing in front of it fails,
mesmerising view and amazing tales,

Old culture and mumy’s fear,
You can not miss it my dear,

Not only a museum, its a gift by kings,
mysteries are hidden and history sings,

Albert hall is journey to past,
second century is passing fast,

Sitauted at ramniwasbagh, proud of town,
Alurring scenario makes it  jaipur’s crown,

You can enjoy the shopping at mall,
but in it’s love you will also fall,
you can say it a history’s call,
Happy birthday Albert hall.

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