Chandpole Gate, Jaipur in 18th Century

Chandpole Gate, Jaipur in 1878

In 1878, Prince of Wales visited Jaipur, whole city was decorated and colored Pink to welcome and give honour to him in the capital of Rajasthan (Rajputana).
He was a great adviser for Jaipur city. Albert Hall museum was also the idea of Prince of wales.
As per his advise king constructed Albert Hall.

This is one of the picture from 18th century showing great welcome of prince of wales at chandpole gate, Jaipur

Chandpole Jaipur in 18th Century
Chandpole, Jaipur in 18th Century

Here is a Clear but smaller picture

Chandpole Gate Jaipur History
Chandpole Gate, Jaipur in 18th Century

Article By : Harish Satwani