Checkout 5 Easy Mango Recipes To Try This Month!

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We cannot ignore the fact that the thing that excites us the most about the summers is the juicy mangoes. They are the most tempting escape in this season of heat. Eating the natural form of mango is just amazing, but have you tried other yummy mango recipes yet? They are just too wholesome and too satisfying. Try the listed below recipes and relish the season of mangoes at home, if you haven’t already.  

5 Yummy Mango Recipes 

Here are the recipes you must try while the mango season is here!  

1. Mango Lassi

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As the hot weather is all over us, creamy mango lassi us just what we all need. Prepared from fresh mangoes and served with ice cubes. In order to prepare this easy mango recipe, peel some mangoes, mash the pulp, add sugar and pop it into the blender with regular lassi. Blend it until all the ingredients are mixed well and serve with crushed almonds. Tastes best, check out the recipe here

2. Aam Panna

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Many people prepare this mango recipe to keep the body heat under control. And as the scorching waves are all over us this drink will definitely do wonders to your taste buds. Boil the mangoes, extract the pulp and blend it well with sugar, black salt, black pepper (crushed), and cumin. Post blending the mixture, keep it in the fridge for sometime. And go through the details here for a refreshing glass of aam panna. Check out the recipe here

3. Aamras

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This is a very popular mango dish from Gujarat and Maharashtra. For this mango recipe all that is needed is mango pulp, mixed sugar and some cardamom powder. Believe us, it’s a heavenly combination of chilled Aamras and hot pooris that’ll keep you coming back. If you haven’t tried this deliciously filling dish then you gotta do it ASAP. Here’s the recipe 

4. Mango Custard

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Oh you cannot keep this mango recipe off the list when you’re deciding what to make with all the mangoes. In order to make this tempting dessert, you need some fresh mangoes, fresh cream, milk, sugar and vanilla custard powder. Make sure you have all these items, and check out the recipe here 

5. Mango Kheer

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Well for this one all you need to do is prepare the mango pulp, take full cream milk and some basmati rice. Mango kheer is a fresh treat if you’re a dessert lover. The season of mangoes is here and don’t miss out the chance to have this delighting treat all by yourselves. Just make sure that the texture of kheer is thick and creamy. Relish once its the perfect form. Here’s the recipe 

So what are you waiting for? Try the above mentioned mango recipes and savour the tempting dishes. Meanwhile don’t forget to pay gratitude to the noble workers. Spread positivity and pray for better days.