Children’s Day Special ‘Kind To Kids’ Event

Children’s Day is not only the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru but also a day of celebration of the blessing that kids are in our lives. Webcontxt, a digital agency in the city, made it even more special this year by spreading the message of being ‘Kind To Kids’ via their event and campaign. The event was organized with The First Kick, an online maternity community of Webcontxt that aims to be a one-stop solution for everything related to motherhood and parenting.

Children’s Day in jaipur

There are so many kids out there that deserve our attention and compassion. This campaign was an attempt to send this message to everyone, to treat all kids with kindness and respect. In collaboration with two NGOs based in the city, Open for Smiles Always (OSA) and Children’s Educare Society Trust, The First Kick invited 60 of their kids for a fun-filled experience. Storytelling sessions by talented artists, a stand-up comedy that had everyone laughing out loud, art session where all the kids participated, and music by a professional drummer; Kind To Kids along with their sponsors gave the children a whole show brimming with entertainment and creative learning.

Children’s Day

The JDA community centre in Malviya Nagar rang with sounds of laughter and joy when the children arrived. With fun ice-breakers and introductions to kick off the event, soon everyone was having a great time. The animated storytelling sessions were a great hit with the kids, weaving tales about kings and queens to telling them about Gandhi and Nehru.

Children’s Day

The next interactive comedy session had the kids laughing gleefully, clapping, participating in the act and having a blast.

jaipur Children’s Day

Quieter yet no less fun art segment of the event was a welcome time for everyone. The kids were instructed to ‘draw their dream’, anything of their choice ranging from their future plans to what they want most.

Re-energised with the art session and chocolates distributed to them, the last music segment ended on a high note. Drum performance for kids turned into a full jamming session when they enthusiastically joined in singing and trying their hands at the instruments.

manu chandak

With their tummies filled with good food and hearts filled with enjoyment, Kind To Kids bid adieu to the children in the evening.

Children’s Day

This campaign is a small effort to bring to attention the larger message of kindness to people, and for kids to be loved and cherished every day. It is a message that we all could keep in our minds during our daily interactions with kids. After all, there are only a few things brighter than a child’s face lit up with joy.