‘Choki Dhani ‘ a brimful stroke of Rajasthani culture…here is what a globetrotter needs to know about it.

Traversing the heritage of Rajasthan and adding a rich cultural experience of staying in magnificent accommodation, you have got yourself a dream come true. Reliving the memoirs of the popular folks and adding to your journals about this heritage of pink city is what your stay will count as memorable in  the renowned village hotel CHOKI DHANI.
It takes you on a journey of folklore that is unforgettable yet splendid. Offering you and your family an amazing and spectacular stay at this  famous hotel of jaipur. So book your ticket ASAP otherwise you really will miss something that much amazing which you must visit once in your lifetime.

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Since 1994 this phenomenal  village has been existing and serving its guest from all over the sphere with 5 star facility to avail. Though situated in the outskirts of the city yet attracts the tourist and even the residents to refresh their schedules by availing the rich 5 star treatment.

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Food to fabric, style of living, various artefacts etc. along with Rajasthani spirit in crafts, sculptures, dancing, folklore, singing all these come alive altogether at this beautiful village hotel.
Boat rides, camel rides, bullock cart riding, elephant riding, horseback riding are the popular sports which highly entertain the guests at the hotel.
Its architecture includes well planned, skillful architects, traditional Rajasthani designs bringing together the luxury and a feeling of serenity altogether in one.

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Other popular attractions at Chokhi Dhani in Jaipur include a Vaishno Devi Temple with an artificial waterfall, Jungle Devta temple, and Tejaji temple. These explore different beliefs of the folk people of Rajasthan.The National Museum at Chokhi Dhani displays the culture and heritage of every state in India, through which guests can go through the vibrant traditions of the country and even can go to the depth of the preserved culture.


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There is a puppet show, a bird fortune teller, an astrologer, henna artists, a magic show, a bioscope film showing the history of Rajasthan are other attractions at Chokhi Dhani that visitors must experience.

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Various music and dance performances take place regularly at Chokhi Dhani, the most popular being a folk dance of the Kalbeliya nomad tribe.
Other performances include Terah Tali Dance and Bamboo acrobatics, both of which are very interesting and daring folk dances of Rajasthan.

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There is a traditional fire act where the performer makes it look like he/she is eating fire is another tantalising activity. Adults there can take part in interesting games like ‘bhool bhulaiya’where the participants have to make their way through a complicated maze.

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Various games like jungle sair: a forest safari, gufa jharni: a trek through an artificial cave of waterfalls, dart games, archery, shooting etc. can also be taken part in. There is a dedicated children’s playground where kids can enjoy amazing games and activities. Purchase Rajasthani handicrafts, art, paintings, craft and sculptures at the famous Kalagram in Chokhi Dhani to take home some great souvenirs from your trip to Rajasthan.


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There is a sangri dining hall which serves food on the relishing leaf platter, upon which you can enjoy authentic Rajasthani cuisine.

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Indulge generously in the open-air dining at Gorbandh, which is popular for its Rajasthani snacks and delicacies.

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Designed in the shape of a game known as Chaupad, the Chaupad Dining Hall is known well for its unique design and delicious food.
One can truly experience the royal heritage and the activities once you enter this splendid village of dreams.

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The village open everyday from 6pm to 11pm. ₹750 for adults and ₹450 per child.

Package includes : 

1. Welcome drink.

2. Snacks.

3. Pure veg dinner.

4. Rides.

5. Games.

6. Cultural folk dances.

Staying at choki dhani you are bound to enjoy a true Rajasthani experience without having to go through any hustle bustle during the trip.

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Pinkcity promises you an amazing tour of its preserved cultures and Rajputs historic life, once you enter into this village you are sure to have a thumbprint of one of the magnificent journey you’ve ever had.

Have an amazing stay.