City based jeweller, Motisons celebrates the legacy of Jaipur Jewellery this Diwali

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Jaipur? The Pink Colour, of course the city is known as Pink City of India. The next thing that comes to mind are the beautiful monuments and Historical palaces. Yes we are the city of the Royals – Grand Palaces, Royal clothes, and breath-taking jewellery.

    Jaipur is synonymous to its Jewellery, it’s a place where every single piece tells a story and have a history. The city built its very own legacy of traditions and values, which it gets from its talented karigars – the jewellery makers.

    The Jaipur jewellery industry has set standards for high quality, set unanimously by all Jewellers of the city. With Diwali, comes the grand Decor put up by the Joharis of the city. On this festival, Motisons brings an untold story of Jaipur.

    Beautifully conceptualized and shot by the creative minds behind Universal Selective. Indulge in the story of Jaipur, its people and its JEWELLERY!

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